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Mediumship for a Different Kind of Entity

Renee Abbott has been a Spiritual Coach for four decades. Now she is the Medium for the Artistic Field of the Dead. She channels them.

Mediumship for a Different Kind of Entity

It All Began with a Scorpio Solar Eclipse

This Scorpio Eclipse that occurred on October 25, 2022, has a hold on me. As I reviewed the time that these dead musicians, poets, and artists entered my life, I recognized it was over the Scorpio Eclipse. They still use the energy of the Scorpio Astrological Sign to end projects and start new ones. Often their moves are aligned with our Planetary system. They did it again right after the 25th. They have altered my Psychic Medium platform. Let me take a minute to introduce myself and my career path as a Spiritual Life Coach.

Professional Psychic Medium

Professional Psychic Medium

A Different Spirit Encounter

Over the past five decades, I spent helping many through spiritual counseling. The avenues I used were tarot, psychic, and channeling. I was in my twenties when I started on the road as a professional. It was in my early forties my life would alter in a way I couldn’t make up. A spirit came and did the full manifestation in the mirror. My first thought was, damn a lower spirit entity trying to fool me. I proceeded to kick him out. I spent close to fifteen years dragging ghosts out of homes for people, so kicking the John Lennon imposter out was easy. Only thing was, he wasn’t an imposter. He came to teach what the afterlife was about, to offer warnings, and to perform healing circles the night before Columbine, 911, and for his friend and fellow musician, George Harrison. His teachings were provocative. I had one constant problem, me. I received proof it was him, but at the same time, I messed up his chance to communicate with Julian. My mistake, purposely done, was to keep me out of the limelight. I did not want to be known. I kept my business and myself small on purpose. Every day I collided with my ego and channeled John. His teachings were needed in the 1990s. Unfortunately, his warnings didn’t take hold and they became our nightmare.

Spiritual Artist Drawing my Spirit Guide

Spiritual Artist Drawing my Spirit Guide

Who Is John Bonham? Why Did He Join the Dead Musicians? Who Is Jimmy Page?

Shortly after 911, I let John go. My husband received his death notice. He had emphysema and lung cancer. My focus had to be on my hubby and creating a paradise for him. Paradise almost ceased to exist when my husband started coughing up blood. Our move to Florida stayed in limbo. I was told to call in the family. He was dying. My husband walked out of that hospital. I flew to Florida to get the oxygen set up for him, and to welcome my husband to our condo in Florida. It never occurred until later, Wally, my husband, and I had help. I knew my husband had something to do with it. How? During his last couple of years, he taught me about dragons, their breath, and their energy. His biggest dream was to bend time. He did, with help for John Lennon, and others that I didn’t know. My husband died June 18th, 2005, the day before Father’s Day. it took me eight years to give in and ask John for help. He came but not just with my husband. At first, he came with other dead musicians, and later poets and artists joined.

On a hot summer day in the middle of July, John brought the iconic big names and their popularity was vast. Here I was camping out in my hermit mode and staying small in a large city in South Florida. I did not greet them with open arms. Only three spoke regularly in the beginning. George Harrison and John Bonham joined John Lennon. Bonham sat on a white picket fence wrapped around an old building. He didn’t trust me, and I didn’t know who he was. Lennon and Harrison kept mentioning Jimmy Page. I asked a friend if she ever heard of Jimmy Page. Oh, I didn’t know he was part of Led Zeppelin. She mentioned how the drummer died. His name was John Bonham. I hit Google and got introduced to the members of Zeppelin. I was brewing in anger. I wanted John to bring my husband to talk to me, not a bunch of dead musicians. Didn’t he understand the cost for me if I got known? Why was I to meet Jimmy Page? Why? I don’t want to be known. As it turned out they used his name to help me in a future situation that was waiting for me around the corner. I will touch more on this later.

Why are these dead musicians, poets, and artists back? The best way to answer is to share their words from their booklet, A Primer for Life after Death. It is available on Amazon. I will provide the link. They also came out a couple of weeks ago and read the booklet in full, plus they added their memories of that time.

Spirits walk beside us daily. John Lennon, John Bonham, George Harrison, Jim Morrison, Jimmy Hendrix, and Janis Joplin are the ghostwriters. They found another method to get their messages out, ghostwriting. In their booklet, they mentioned their names didn’t matter. They did that to keep me hidden. Staying hidden is the one thing that can cause failure for them. I took a deep breath. People will think as they will. I lost my family decades ago for who I am. What they are trying to teach us is most important. What happens to you when you die? What is it like in Heaven? What is the Afterlife about? It is in their answers that we can learn a different version. As Lennon often says, where does your mind go when you die?

An excerpt from their book A Primer for Life after Death.


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At the time of my death, I died as a musician and songwriter. I will not give my identity out, for it has no meaning. The others who are with me feel the same. Our story is about life after death. Who we became, not who we were? Death comes in many forms, but the events that follow tend to belong to every spirit who crossed the bridge from being human to being a spirit. After reading this, you might label it a fantasy. It is not!

The first step, after death, is everyone enters the light. The tales of those with near-death experiences do have a thread of truth. After basking in the light, people get ushered to their Birthday party. Welcome back and good to see you are common sayings since we are returning. As at the beginning of life on Earth, each new spirit enters the light. No exceptions.

The no exceptions threw me. What? How can that be? What about Hitler, Stalin, and other horrible people? Their answer will be shared in the next podcast.

Though this booklet is twenty-some pages long, it is loaded with mind-shaking concepts. To know why these spirits are back, we need to address the messages in this booklet.

I wrote the above earlier this month, in October, but set it aside. As I mentioned in the beginning the Scorpio – Taurus Eclipse is their time to create changes. They have. I also referred back to the next eclipse season which is Aries and Libra. That carries importance as it brings new ideas to fruition.

I have swallowed my ego, and am now channeling the Crystal Realm. They are now offering readings starting sometime in November. The dead and the Crystal Realm have taken over my podcasts, and are teaching. I am the vessel that use to speak or type their words. Trust has been accomplished between them and me.

Until next time, I offer you a couple of their videos to have a chance to get to know them.

The Dead Ghost Wrote this book

The Dead Ghost Wrote this book

Crystal Realm Reads Tarot and Speak on Trailblazers.

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