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Medicine Card Spreads


Medicine Cards spreads

Medicine card spread is used depending on the medicine one is seeking or or the problem one is trying to heal.

The cards that come with medicine card spread each has a number and an animal on its inside face .If its number and face are upside down the card is said to be in reverse position. Therefore the card has two meanings , one for right side up and one for the reverse. It is best to right all cards before beginning. In seeking to find one's animal medicine one could choose to use one are all of the various spread listed below.

Medicine wheel spread

Pathway Spread

Butterfly spread

Father sky mother earth spread

Moon Lodge Spread

Sun lodge Spread.

Medicine Wheel spread

  • 1 East card reveals where your spiritual strength lies and indicate the direction your spiritual Path is taking. It can reveal the major challenge in seeking clarity in your present position.
  • 2 South card describes how animal medicine is teaching the child within you or your adult self. It is what you need to trust in yourself and what you need to nurture in your growing self.
  • 3 West card gives internal solutions to your present life challenge it indicates where you goals need challenge.
  • 4 North card teaches you how you may spiritually apply and interrogate the lessons of the other directions. The animal medicine of this card is the key to walking in wisdom knowing the teacher within and connecting to the higher self.
  • 5 The sacred mountain card ask you to look at the present .This card Indicates how your physical and spiritual realities melded to produce at the present moment

Each medicine card has a number and a picture of an animal on its face. If the medicine card is reverse its number and face are upside down. Two lessons are therefore presented with each card one for right side up and one for reverse. It is therefore best to right all cards before beginning.

You can choose one card for daily medication by spreading cards on the table and choose one.

Pathway Spread

The pathway spread gives information about the pathway of life. Seven cards are used for this spread. The cards are laid out as follows.

1. Row one is made up of two cards and are the cards of the 6th and 4th cards chosen .the 6th card farthest to left and the 4th to the right of it.

2. Row two is the middle row ,it is made up of three cards and is laid exactly below row one with the 3rd card chosen to the extreme left , the 2nd card chosen in the middle , the 1st card to the right of the 2nd card beside it.

3. Row three is made up of two cards. Laid out under row three the 5th card goes exactly under 2nd card of row two and the 7th card goes under 1st of the row two.

NB. Row two the middle row is the first to be constructed. Rows one and three are constructed at the same timeThe cards of these position represent the following

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  • 1st position your past
  • 2nd position your future
  • 3rd position your future
  • 4th position the pattern or set of life lessons that is moving through your life now
  • 5th position the challenge you have conquered or the lesson you have completed.
  • 6th position what is working for you
  • 7th position what is working against you.

Butterfly spread

The butterfly is used to determined the outcome of projects or group enterprises. Four cards are used for this medicine. They are drawn from the pack and place downwards on the four cardinal points of the medicine wheel classic directional level position, in the order of East, south, west , north. These cards indicate the various phases that the project activity will move through right to its conclusion.

  • 1. East card is known as the egg card or egg position. You view this card as the nucleus or seed of your project or activity.

2. South Card is known as the lava card or lava position. It is about early doings, what is needed to be done how and who best to be responsible, and if there will be enough energy to carry through the project. .

  • 3. West card the cocoon card or cocoon position is where the highest transformation will take place.

4. North card butterfly card or butterfly position is likely to tell you if the great spirit will walk hand in hand with the group or project. Look at the cards to tell what type of rewards you will gain financially. Look at the cards to tell what type of rewards you will receive.

Father Sky Mother Earth spread

This spread is a method of balancing yourself when times are hectic and you need to rid yourself of the confusion. Everyone has two sides male or warrior energy side -right side ruled by the left brain or the mother earth side of the body - the left side ruled by the right brain or intuitive side of the mind which allows the process of all things and time.

To use this spread merely pick one card with the right hand and one with the left. Hold them in front of you and focus on the balance of your male self (right)and your female self left(left)and observe silently the connection or lack of connection between the female and the male and above, To help balance them you may call upon the medicine of the creature one at a time . Be sure to enter the silence and allow the animal to speak.

Contrary cards indicate an unbalanced in the medicine of the cards. Its position in the spread give future information.

Moon Lodge Spread

The moon lodge is a mirror of one's own unconsciousness. It is laid out in the same manner as the medicine wheel spread. This is used to uncover what is within you,

1. East card is the whirling spirit card, it unlocks your spiritual nature.

2. South New growth, is the seed card ,here one looks for possible beginning in personal relationship or in relationship to the environment. It may reveal the true feeling for someone or something.

3. West card this is the dream within the dream. It may lead you to your real purpose in life so study it well.

4. North card this indicate the inner wisdom you may not have recognized in yourself study this card with the intent of knowing your self.

5. Central card this indicate the integration point of all the directional medicine of your personal unconsciousness. It is the power shield of the real self. This is the card of the circle of the knowing within and knowing the true self and non can ever fool you.

Sun Lodge Spread

The sun lodge spread determines how others see you.

It is the spread of outward relationship. It is laid out as the medicine wheel spread. It is different as you are required to hold the image of the person you are seeking about in your mind.

  • 1. East card, this is an indication of how the person sees you spiritually.
  • 2. South card is an indication of how the person see you in the relation to the material world.
  • 3. West card indicates how the person is likely to interact with you in response toyour deep desire.
  • 4. North card this is the card of how the person views you intellectually.
  • 5. Central card this is an indication of the total view of what the person has of you.

It suggests how the person will immediately respond to your pressures. how much you will gain financially.

Look for the continuation of this topic on the follow up webpage. Credit is given to Jamie Sams and David Carson for giving to humanity these information. Purchase one of their books on this page to learn more and to show your gratefulness.What you read on thes web pages are not even the tip of the iceberge.

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Diane on December 12, 2017:

Brady Jones, I have the exact same question.

Brady Jones on October 19, 2017:

Hi, what does ‘righting’ the card before you begin mean? Is it just turning it the right side up?

How would you ever get a contrary card then if so...?

Marcie on November 15, 2016:

How often should/can you do the Medicine Wheel Spread and others?

Thank you

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