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Meaning of the Star on Top of the Christmas Tree

Rev. Margaret Minnicks is an ordained Bible teacher. She writes many articles that are Bible lessons.


Christmas Trees

There are many customs and traditions surrounding Christmas. One tradition is that people have a Christmas tree in their house. It might be a live fir, spruce, pine, or cypress. Some people use artificial trees that they keep from year to year.

People have favorite ways they like to decorate their tree. Some use tinsel, garlands, ornaments, and lights. However, the tree is not finished until something is put on the top.

Christmas Tree Toppers

The two most common Christmas tree toppers are the star and the angel. In the Christian faith, the star symbolizes the star of Bethlehem, also called the Christmas star because the wise men were led to Bethlehem by a star. They followed it to find where Jesus was.

The Magi followed the star all the way to Bethlehem. It stopped above the location where Jesus was born so the wise men knew they were in the right place.

Some people prefer to put an angel on top of their Christmas tree. The angel represents the host of angels that announced the birth of Jesus to the shepherds who were in the fields watching their flock.

People who put up more than one tree, use the star on one and an angel on top of another tree.


A long time ago, a figure of the Baby Jesus was put on the top of the tree. Over time, it changed to an angel that told the shepherds about Jesus, or a star like the wise men saw.

A star is put on the top of the tree more often than anything else because of personal preferences.

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It is a tradition that someone is nominated to put the star on top. Usually, little children are honored to be lifted up to put the star in its proper place.


The star on top of the Christmas tree comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors. People really don't mind as long as it is a star to express what means a lot to the household.

As you can see from the stars in the photographs displayed in this article, they are red, blue and odd shapes. All of these are acceptable for a Christmas tree topping.


Under the Tree

The star and an angel are put on top of the tree as symbols of the past when Jesus was born. What is put underneath the tree are gifts for family members and friends that represent their love and devotion to one another.

If there are small children in the house, there are toys that have been left by Santa Claus on Christmas Eve. Early on Christmas morning, all gather around the tree to exchange and open gifts.

Some people don't mind staying in their night clothes to open their gifts. Sometimes others wait until they get dressed in their ugly Christmas sweaters or something else that is comfortable.


Margaret Minnicks (author) from Richmond, VA on December 22, 2017:

Merry Christmas to you, Tim Truzy. Thanks for all your positive comments.

Tim Truzy from U.S.A. on December 22, 2017:

Great article. Thank you for reminding us of why we put the star or an angel on the tree. We put an angel on one tree and a starfish on the other. Have a Merry Christmas. I look forward to reading more of your articles.

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