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Meaning of the Cardinal

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The Messenger

The Meaning Of A Cardinal Visiting

Have you ever heard of the Legend of the Cardinal? It is said that a cardinal is a visitor from Heaven sent to let you know that your loved ones are still around - even when you can't see them.

Personally, I think it's a beautiful thing that the majestic red bird can be viewed as such a significant sign for so many different people. Do you believe in the Legend of the Cardinal? If so, do you think that a cardinal is a specific person? Or does the symbol change depending on who you're thinking of or what's going on in your life?

Isn't that a wonderful thought to have - something like a cardinal could mean that your mom is visiting you while the person sitting next to you could be viewing it as their uncle visiting. There is no wrong answer and there is no wrong way to view a sign from Heaven.

A cardinal appears when an angel is near...

The Cardinal In Different Cultures

Isn't it interesting how different cultures can have such different meanings for the same symbol? I thought it would be beneficial to share what some other cultures view the cardinal as a symbol of.

Symbolism in Christianity
Christians believe that the beautiful red cardinal represents the blood of Christ and that this bird appears in times of stress to encourage hope and perseverance. They believe that the red cardinal meaning the blood fo Christ represents overcoming difficulties through the hope in God.

Cardinal Latin Meaning
The word cardinal can be traced back to the Latin adjective cardinalis, which meant “serving as a hinge.” Since a hinge is something on which a door turns, it came to mean that cardo, the root of cardinalis, 'something on which a development turns'. So many people believe that a cardinal appearing means that you are at a pivotal point in your life and a sign of change. (Source)

The Native American Symbolism for Cardinal
Did you know that cardinals usually have 12 eggs in their nest? The number 12 is viewed as a lucky number for Native Americans and it's no surprise that cardinals then became a symbol of luck. It is also significant because cardinals are birds that can be seen year round, or all of the 12 months out of the year. It is believed that if a cardinal crosses your path, you should expect good luck within 12 hours, 12 days, or at midnight or noon.

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Whatever culture you believe in or world that you're from, one thing is for certain in the spiritual realm; cardinals are sent from Heaven.

Flying Cardinal With Wings Spread


My Personal Meaning of a Cardinal

As spiritually connected as I am, the cardinal has never been a huge symbol for me. A dove had been a symbol for my grandma visiting, which later on when 2 doves visit because my grandma and grandpa visiting, but a cardinal was just sort of ...this visitor.

Oh, someone's visiting. But it was never anything significant for me. Well, at least not until in the recent years. Even now, cardinals aren't a specific person for me. It is more of a sign that is just the Universe or Spirit telling me 'you're not alone'.

Last year I let my dog out in the backyard. It was a normal thing for me to do. Within a few seconds I decided I would then go out the front door and head over to the fence to watch from the front yard. I needed some fresh air and I just wanted to step outside - which is a completely innocent and perfectly normal thing that happened.

As I was standing there leaning against the fence looking into the back yard this beautiful red cardinal flew into my line of view and landed on the fence opposite of where I was standing in the back of the yard. At first I went into the mode of, 'oh! someone is visiting - how cool' and then I transitioned into, ''re being crazy. You're outside and the birds are everywhere.'

As I stood there, all within only a few short moments, I had ended up on believing that the bird was, in fact, a sign from Heaven. At the time I didn't normally go outside with my dog when I let him out. I could have gone anywhere, could have sat at the front porch, but I chose to walk down the brick path and lean against the fence to look into the backyard.

I bet you're wondering why I'm telling you this story. Well, about 30 minutes after that moment, and me deciding that the bird was a messenger from Heaven, my mom received a phone call that her cousin has passed away.

I'm not associating the cardinal with death, and I don't even view it as a negative symbol that I was sent a sign someone had passed on. Cardinals are a bird of comfort, and I still truly feel that way.

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