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Meaning of a Pentagram


What does a Pentagram mean?

Does anyone really know what a pentagram is meant to represent? For years on and off I have read whatever I could get my hands on and I can tell you one thing, I am more confused now than before I did any research. So after all that I am just going with what I believe and if you’re reading this, I hope it won’t cause you anymore confusion then you may already have!

I cannot agree that the pentagram is a symbol of evil. I cannot agree that a pentagram is a symbol of “devil worship.” I believe the symbol of good and have been used as such for centuries. Pentagrams were used in Jewish, Christian, Pagan and Eastern mysticism. The pentagram can be a symbol for all things “five” we have five fingers on each hand and five toes on each foot and the number five has significance in many different cultures and many different regions through-out the world. (May be the universe, who knows) and the pentagram can represent things of five. Just a thought.

The pentagram to me represents the four alchemical elements of earth, wind, fire and water with the fifth point representing Mother Earth. The fifth point can mean different things to different people; there is no set “belief.” For some t could represent the human soul a divine energy, Mother Earth, or their Aunt Sally, it depends upon the person. In some Christian beliefs it is said to represent the five wounds of Christ and still others believe it is a representative of the stars in the sky.

I have not mentioned witchcraft up to this point and that was intentional. I personally do not believe that it is a symbol of witchcraft; it may be used in witchcraft but did not originate there. From all that research I learned that the pentagram was used as far back as 4000 B.C. in the pictographic language of Ancient Mesopotamia.

Along with my own beliefs of what a pentagram represents, I also believe that it is a form of protection from evil or those who wish to do you evil. Lucky for me, I paired my pentagram with the Latin words, Non Timebo Mala, or I will fear no evil.

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