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Master Teacher Merlin Wizard of Camelot

I am a massage therapist with 15 years of experience. I am especially interested in crystals, energy healing, numerology, and wellness.


The Wizard Merlin was a master teacher, magician, mystic, philosopher, Druid, shaman, monk, storyteller, bard, and astronomer. Here you will learn how to seek Merlin's guidance to reconnect with your ability to perform miracles, find a lost love, create heaven on earth, attract abundance, and know your Godlike nature.

Learn how to seek Merlin's guidance to reconnect with your power to perform miracles, find a lost love, create the Heaven on earth, attract abundance, and know your Godlike nature.

Statue of the Wizard Merlin

Statue of the Wizard Merlin

Reawaken the Wizard Within You through The Invocation Of Merlin

Merlin will teach you to reawaken the Wizard within you and help you go beyond the illusionary nature of reality. Merlin, the wizard, and master teacher seek students with the heart to go beyond the fancy. When you call upon him, expect the unexpected. He will reawaken the wizard and master you have always been.

Here you will find a little mythology of Merlin, a few channeled messages I found very interesting, but more importantly how to conjure up his wisdom and ask for his help in seeing beyond the veil and illusory world of this plane.

If you have come to this page, to Merlin, he has probably been summoning you for some time. Ask him for his encouragement or to be your instructor and guide just as he did for King Arthur, he will gladly be willing to demonstrate the way for someone who is courageous enough to call upon him.

Druid Temple

Druid Temple

What Will Merlin Teach Me?

Merlin will ultimately train you on the ways of the magician, to direct energy with a particular design in mind. Merlin was, in fact, a great storyteller, but his prognostications always came true. As the extraordinary wizard he is, Merlin will tutor you to compose Heaven on Earth, but not without lecturing you the responsibilities inherent in being a creator. A creator is simply someone who creates whether that be artistically or verbally, they both produce. Merlin, with all his profoundness, will teach you to produce what it is you desire. But first, it is up to you to ask. A teacher must first be asked for their help in order to intervene in your life and guide you to your desired level of expertise. Before you ask it may be important to contemplate exactly what that is. That way you will have a clear definition of why you are seeking out the incredible wisdom of Merlin. Often times you may already have obtained this knowledge. Being in the right mind space to learn will result in the best results.

Ask Merlin to teach you:

  • To know your Godlike nature
  • Find a lost love
  • Attract prosperity and abundance (but beware he may also teach you financial control)
  • Create heaven here on Earth
  • To reconnect with your own abilities
  • To perform miracles

Welcome to the Mystery School, where both dark and bright mysteries reside together. I'm the champion of both dark and light, recognizing the power within both forces if they're approached fearlessly, but with uncompromising respect for their force. If it's an increase in magical knowledge, spell-casting, or inner strength or power that you seek, by all means, call upon me.

— Merlin

Where did the Wizard Merlin live?

How to Invoke Merlin


Even though Merlin is a wizard, there is no need to find a wand or gaze into a crystal ball. Simply call his name and then listen to his guidance. He may speak to you in symbols or leave a trail of signs to follow. Know you were born of magic; know Merlin will be there for you and he will.

Use your inner Wizard in the spirit of service and not of self-gain.

— Merlin

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Help from Merlin

Recent Channeled Message from Merlin

My Thoughts On Merlin

I've always been drawn to the legend of Merlin, although I no longer believe he is actually Legend. The spirit of Merlin lives on, no matter what his true name be; Merlin, Myrddin, Merddin, Merlyn, Emrys or some other name completely. He's here to teach us to heal, to be disciplined, that magic is in the Earth. He wants to teach us that little wishes become big wishes and big wishes become dreams. Dreams are real!

I believe he's been teaching through many forms including our box office hits such as The Lord of the rings, Gandalf the Grey or Harry Potter's, Professor Albus Dumbledore and even in a series called Merlin depicting him growing up as a young wizard in Uther Pendragon's, Camelot.

Merlin has much to teach us with messages easily searchable and how he speaks of returning to our child-like selves learning to play again as children do and see as children see. There lies the magic we all seek, the innocence of magic desired by all. Beware though, in channeled messages I've read, Merlin is very much like those characters played as he's looking for those who believe and he won't be dismissed. Come to him only when you are ready and offer commitment. Most of all though Merlin wants us to not give up in teaching the truths that he and other Angels and Masters are here to serve, love and teach us.

© 2014 Maurice Glaude

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Jayati Bhatia on October 17, 2019:

I accidently chanced upon the power and teachings of Master Merlin...and as I wished he found a way to come to my home..I wish that he show me a lath to recognise my Godlike nature & Attract Abundance..I believe Master Merlin must put me in a position of strength and abundance from where I have the power to serve humanity and reach out to others as Master Merlin is always willing to...

Maurice Glaude (author) from Mobile on November 23, 2017:

@Danielle Lopez

Yes, there are so many great characters and so much can be learned from the messages in each storyline.

Daniella Lopez on November 23, 2017:

I’ve always been fascinated with Arthurian legend, especially the tales of Morgan Le Fey and Merlin. I enjoyed reading your article. Best wishes.

Will Weatherly on April 22, 2017:

I also have been always drawn to Arthur's history ect... love all thing Arthurian

Windy Grace Mason from Poplar Cove, Virginia, USA on June 02, 2016:

I've always been drawn to everything Camelot. This is a very interesting and informative read! Thanks for sharing, newbizmau!

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