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Mars Transiting the 2nd House

Tropical astrology has been a pursuit for much of my adult life. It helps me give the Wheel of the Year more spokes.

The Red Planet


The Planet Mars

Mars is called the red planet. There is a reason for this. The landscape is red due to iron oxide in the soil. Astrologically speaking, this planet governs our energies on a physical level.

Mars can reflect the energy in us that is physical or sexual. It can be us agitated or spoiling for a fight. Mars has often been likened to the male creative principle. Mars has that masculine brute force that has a bad reputation.

In predictive astrology, it has often linked to negative events most especially due to its association with war. Perhaps it is the big bad wolf of the cosmic world. A fighter rather than a lover. It is unsurprising that a planet named after a Roman war God would be linked to violent atrocities.

War and fighting are governed by Mars, but there are other ways of aggressive energy coming out. These energies are often rooted in ego drives. The things which we would defend ourselves over. Mars governs the astrological sign of Aries.

The energy of this planet can work miracles if harnessed in the proper way. The ram associated with the sign Aries is known to climb great heights.

Pedictive astrology

Want to know the future? Many believe it is reflected in the stars. As above, so below!

Predictive astrology can be done in various ways. One of the easiest ways to peer into the future is through transits. Transits can occur quite briefly, or they can last for a longer duration of time. It depends on the planet moving through our solar system and how quickly it is going. All of the planets have different energies and work well in different signs.

Transits of Mars tend to be rather brief as this planet Is one of the faster moving planets. Perhaps it can give us a few clues as to where our energies or frustrations are going to manifest in our lives.

What Are Transits?

Transits have to do with daily planetary movements. Mars transits can vary in length. This influence typically lasts about 40 days. Mars can also go retrograde every once in a while. This can lengthen the amount of time it spends in a particular astrological sign.

Our natal charts might also be drawn by a system which is unequal. The most commonly used house division system in astrology is the Placidus system. This means that some houses can be shorter than others in your chart. This will influence the duration of a transit.

Taurus is the Natural 2nd House Ruler


The 2nd House

There are 12 houses in astrology. Each house has a natural ruler. The 2nd House is the house of money and movable possessions. It is all about your finances. It is also associated with the throat in medical astrology.

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If you want to know the best ways to make money this is the house to examine. Its natural ruler is Taurus which is governed by the planetary energies of Venus and the throat. The throat is associated with speech.

The second house may also reflect our manner in which we vocalize our thought. When we are looking at how to make money the second house is the most important house to look at. It is good to observe which sign governs the second house and whether any planets occupy that part of your birth chart.

The Second House by Dana Gerhardt

  • Dana Gerhardt: The Second House - Astrodienst
    When you're discussing the 2nd house, you have to talk money. Yet in most spiritual circles, money is a dirty word. Craving dollars is an affront to spirit and decidedly uncool (except of course, for those spiritual teachers whose hands are always op

Possible Positive Events

  • Opportunities to make money could suddenly crop up.
  • Physical energy to get a lot of work done.
  • Being more resourceful than usual.

Possible Negative Events

  • Conflicts over ownership.
  • Impulsive and excessive spending.

Symbol For Mars


Mars In The 2nd House

There are many things that can occur during a Mars transit to the second house. This is a time when the focus is on your material worth. A time of egotistical attachment to that which you take ownership of. It can also involve the things that you value on a philosophical sense. Anything to do with values or the ideas which you would speak out about are ruled by the second house. You may feel bad about your personal accomplishments during a Mars transits if your money situation is not where you want it to be. You will feel good about yourself if your finances are in good shape.

Emotions around your values are very pronounced at this time. Arguments may be prominent. You are upset about your values not being accepted by other people. This means that many heated arguments over your beliefs may occur. Governed by Taurus, the sign of the throat, the 2nd house is a verbal one. Mars is a planet which reflects our anger and war-like tendencies. This means that we will be willing to fight over our ideas and vocalize our feelings.

There is a risk of excessive spending. Mars will make you aggressive about possessions. This is likely to occur if a Venus transit is occurring at the same time. I have already pointed out that the 2nd house itself is naturally governed by Venus, so there is always a risk of this behavior during a Mars transit. You might find yourself buying expensive items to make your life appear more successful. Your self-esteem may be low and there is a risk of over-compensating by equating yourself with your material possessions.

You might also find yourself implementing tools which you already own. You will also have a knack at making the most of your personal resources. This is a positive use of this Mars energy and you might be able to get a lot of work done.

A positive Mars influence in the 2nd house could be new work cropping up. There might be a new job opportunity which comes along for the duration of the transit. Make best use of your skills during this time. Just make sure to not excessively spend all of your earnings away. Mars in the 2nd house can create an urge to shop impulsively.

Positive Mars Energy Outlets

  • Finding opportunities to make money.
  • Being resourceful.
  • Making good use of your possessions.

Things To Avoid Doing During A Mars Transit

  • Being argumentative.
  • Taking on credit.
  • Feeling down on yourself for not having enough money or expensive possessions.

Mars The God


Mars In Second House

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