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Marriage, Magical Symbolism, & Deeper Reflection

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As a young child and as time went on I'd felt this strange feeling about marriage. It kept snowballing and becoming more apparent. It was like picking up energy that was lurking or curtailing along flowing in and out. I often disliked expressing about these odd occurrences yet I felt to, but as you can imagine they always went southward. I was told it was because my parent's marriage didn't work and their parent's parent's marriages didn't work and just look at all eleven of them, married 2-4 times each, how sad.

I used to overlook my own six senses because of what others used to say or brush the notions away for a rainy day, but as time moved forward I learned to listen to my intuition, my own choice was out of the question was because my senses got stronger.

Listening to a podcast of sorts one day I heard a guy mention the lifting of the wedding veil and suddenly it clicked with the lifting of the spiritual veil. First word that hit me, ritual. So, I started to research hoping this would finally pull my intuitions to the podium.

Marriage is consecrated by man and people think it's of god, this never made sense to me. You do not need a bible or a man named Paul's opinion to tell you it's okay to have a partner or that you must be married. Marriage was not made illegal to protect you from evil, but for "them" to license you! They are teaching people not be loving or bonded by telling them not to touch and be together outside of man's cult ritural of marriage. The bible says go be fruitful and multiply! It's ignorant to marry without knowing anything about them sexually since that is a huge part of the relationship, but people avoid it based on strange opinions. Further, no one can make a vow of being with someone until they die, that is just flat out lying and impossible to live up to.

Symbolism in the Wedding Ceremony

The lifting of the veil, to the symbolism of the Ring to the bridegroom being carried over the threshold. Romans believed the threshold was swarming with bad spirits lurking about the doorframes. Not one ring but two. The ring has long been regarded as the symbol of attainment, perfection, and immortality.

"One Ring to rule them all...One Ring to find them...One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them."
- J.R.R. Tolkien
Lord of the Rings

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I read that among the Celts, a ring given to a man by a female told of her sexual availability; putting the finger through the ring looked like sexual intercourse.

I cannot help allowing the story of Narnia come to mind and the in-between place where the two children wind up by way of the magic rings.

The rabbit hole goes on and I find amongst the elite groups of people using the ring, the sphere as an eternal reign for their God, Lucifer. "He shall, they declare, wear a crown of gold". And may that be why gold is the metal chosen for wedding rings?


The Different Ritual Symbols

The throwing of flower bouquets backwards, the fingering of the ring, the lifting of the woman over a doorway, the lifting of a veil, the centerpiece cake.

Weddings with veils are rituals performed by dark elite societies.

"Veils are removed from brides’ heads when they are ready to consume their wedding. Being a slave of the elite is nothing less than a wedding with Lucifer."

Every Christian Marriage in the US Now is Completely Annulled Due to a Complete Legislative Oversight

Women Losing their Birthname/Blueprint Due to Marriage

Another huge oversight is the fact that names given at birth become a person's energetic blueprint for life. Each time a woman changes her name she either gains energy or loses it. Have you ever witnessed couples that dated for years then after they get married it ends within a short span of time? This is one example of energy changes. She is not the same person energetically as she was. Everything affects our energy fields including names and numbers. Each letter has a specific frequency that a woman carries and it contributes to the harmony of the relationship. If she changes is more than once she has invited into her life many conflicting energies along with loss of her original life's purpose.

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