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How to Manifest Your Heart's Desire in 17 Seconds

I am a massage therapist with 15 years of experience. I am especially interested in crystals, energy healing, numerology, and wellness.

Boy with Candle Hot Air Balloon

Boy with Candle Hot Air Balloon

Here we will be discussing a few things that will make manifesting a little easier with a more focused mind and why 17 seconds is the time believed to attract an energy vibration that resonates in harmony with your thoughts. Furthermore, I will be explaining which book I feel will best help you understand the law of attraction and how to manifest what you want.

We will begin by discussing a few things that will make manifesting a little easier with a more focused mind. The amount of time believed to attract an energy vibration that resonates in harmony with your thoughts, some tools you may use for manifestations, your emotional guidance system.

How Long Does it Take to Manifest What I Want?

17 Seconds, the Time Believed to Attract an Energy Vibration That Resonates in Harmony with Your Thoughts.

We all attract to us the things that we need and desire. Most of us do it without knowledge of any effort. Simply manifesting on auto-pilot. I will not attempt to give you all the different ways to manifest your hearts desires because I believe if you desire that information, you will find it.

Seek and you shall find!

Instead, I will show you a few things that will make manifesting a little easier with a more focused mind. Tools that will help you concentrate for 17 seconds. A lot of us have a condition Ellen Degeneres calls "TBD," too busy disorder. I know you can't help being busy so maybe a few of these might help.

Quote Candle says Happiness is Not a Destination

Quote Candle says Happiness is Not a Destination

What Tools Can I Use to Help Me Manifest What I Need?

Tools For Manifestation: Beaded Prayer Bracelets

Manifesting bracelets are a tool. A tool you can use to focus. They can also be an attractive new style that gets you into the mindset that every day you are creating. a constant reminder not to worry because that is asking for what you don't want. I personally prefer elastic wood bead bracelets or crystal bracelets like my favorite green aventurine.

Find whatever tool or jewelry that reminds you to focus intentionally because every minute you spend thinking about what is bothering you is gathering energy around that and asking for more of that instead of what you really want. What we really want is to be content, happy, or pleased by the outcomes of our desires. Well, now when you worry you know what the outcome is, so don't do that. What you focus on is up to you.

You can use the bracelet as a touch timer to help you focus your thoughts on your heart's desire for 17 seconds, the time believed to attract an energy vibration that resonates in harmony with your thoughts.

There are 86,400 seconds in a day. How many can you spare to create your heart's desires?

Learn to trust your feelings because they are your emotional guidance system. Kind of like the navigation system in your car.

If there are more than 17 beads on your bracelet that is ok. The goal is to focus on what you do want for at least that long. Below are some beads I own and love because they are subtle and go with anything. I hope you enjoy them too.

What Exercises Can I Do to Help Me Manifest?

Check Your Emotional Guidance System

Our feelings are our emotional guidance system. No different than the navigation system that you may see in a nice car. Use your feelings everywhere you go. Take inventory regularly and remind yourself to do a feelings check. How am I feeling?

Do this everywhere you go and with everyone you meet. When you walk into someone's house you may pick up on their energies and start taking on some different emotions. A simple grounding exercise can help bring you back to your own inner space. So now take a moment and do a feelings check.

Heart Cut Out in the Bush

Heart Cut Out in the Bush

Powerful Mood Switch Video

What is The Law of Attraction?

My View of Law of Attraction

These steps are my funny view of how the Law of Attraction works.

1. Be careful what you ask for. You will get it!

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Ask and think of only the things that you want most. Remember that worrying is like praying for things you don't want.

2. Be Happy!

Only through happiness will you be in the state of allowing. You see it works something like this.

A. Whether you are happy or sad you are sending a signal out, like an email telling the universe what you desire, your desire being that which you think about. So the first step is sending the email.

B. The second step is not for you, but for the Universe. Come on you know this one, "Your wish is my command" and believe me whether good or bad it's coming. Make the wishes a good one.

C. The third step is allowing. Only when you are "Happy" will you be in the state of allowing and it is time now to receive those reply emails from the Universe. I hope you sent a good email with your Wishlist on it instead of a worry list, because here comes the flood. Now the Universe has sent you whatever you requested, given that you are happy and not sadly refusing the packages. Take a look and see what you were thinking about. Was it good?

3. Appreciate!

No matter what you get back from the Universe, use this time to appreciate and be happy that we are being taken care of. No matter what we Ask, it is given. If you somehow just can't appreciate what you have dealt yourself, then still take this time to be thankful of the lesson you have learned, because now you know to never deal your self that situation ever again.

So Don't Worry. Be Happy!

What is The Best Book to Learn Law of Attraction?

Ask and It is Given is the Best Book

For me the Ask and it is Given book was so enlightening. I had already seen The Secret, a movie based on the these teachings, and learned what the law of attraction is, but this book tells it like it is in easy to understand the language of experience. They explain how we can experience the law of attraction if we only could recognize that we have already been doing it. After reading this you can easily look back at the happier moments of your life and find out the reason why you were able to make that manifest in your life. Possible a moment of bliss or excitement brought on the good things that happen to you. Ask and it is Given explains how we can remember and repeat those childlike emotions and have those good things happen to us again and again. We ask with our emotions. Whether we are excited or in worry mode, it's coming to us. The only difference now is you know the difference and can decide how you want to feel from now on. I hope you will seek out the book and be inspired as I was to write this and share with you. I hope you will come back and tell me how you enjoyed it. Sharing can only spread inspiration and our world could sure use some of that now.

© 2010 Maurice Glaude


Maurice Glaude (author) from Mobile on June 29, 2021:

Who has used these techniques to manifest?

Maurice Glaude (author) from Mobile on November 17, 2017:

@C E Clark

Thank you very much. I don't know if I wrote this today it would come out so well written. You see I wrote this during what I now call because of Oprah, an Ah HA moment. I didn't know it then but I've come to realize after writing more and more that during that time we are the most enthusiastic because we are like a sponge getting "it" for the first time. I try not to waste those Ah Ha moments because for me they have been moments of great clarity and getting out the pen and paper really helps to catch the stream of thought flowing through me at that moment. I hope this helps any other writers who may be passing up their Ah Ha moments and not using it to write.

C E Clark from North Texas on November 16, 2017:

The power of positive thought. I don't think I've ever had anyone explain this quite so well.

Maurice Glaude (author) from Mobile on July 04, 2016:

Thank you Kenneth Avery. This is one of my first from back in the Squidoo days.

Kenneth Avery from Hamilton, Alabama on July 02, 2016:

Nice piece of writing. Very well presented and very professional.

Keep up the great work.

OMENA777 on November 22, 2012:

i loved this lens, thanks

OMENA777 on November 22, 2012:

Removing all doubt, then visualie what I want.

anonymous on November 07, 2012:

sorry found the bookmark :)

anonymous on November 07, 2012:

Any chance you can put a bookmark widget on here because this is an AWESOME lens I'd love to refer back to!! Pleeeease

Sharon Bellissimo from Toronto, Canada on October 26, 2012:

This is great I will bookmark for future use. I need to read inspirational material at least every few days to keep me on track. It's medicine for the mind.

WhiteOak50 on August 19, 2012:

Very nicely written. You really did a good job in explaining how to manifest. *Blessed*

lclchors on August 10, 2012:

thank you for a feel good moment

Patricia on July 06, 2011:

I made a new vision board lens: My Dreams Come True Vision Board. Blessed this lens!

anonymous on April 11, 2011:

Great lens here! I manifest by concentrating on my goals and then putting forth all my efforts into achieving them.

anonymous on October 09, 2010:

My biggest is tool is to look at the big picture, and realize how small things are in the scoop of things. The Creator can put anything into that picture or take it away with one brush stroke. Living in the now the best I can, taking one day at a time, and doing what I can each day to suicide. I have to pause many times in a day just to say Thank You!

The law of attraction, there is something to it. For some reason I sometime times attract the very things I don't want in my life, now that's one for me to see....

awakeningwellness on September 09, 2010:

I guess I don't have one specific tool, sometimes I visualize, other times I get into the frequency of what it is I want or use tools like writing abundance checks and affirmations. I think no matter what you do it is vital that you BELIEVE it works! Unfortunately the ego seems to be happiest when it is causing worry. :(

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