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Madhusudan Provokes the ‘Prophets of Doom’ into Calumny!


Originally published on 19th December 2018

The cautionary notes that are sent out are thrown into the trash cans. The advices are falling on deaf ears. People are not buying the snake oil anymore! The Subtle Mission is expanding across the board, in every dimension. All the efforts in containing this movement are falling short. There is desperation, resentment and anger among the cadres who have toiled hard since 2015 to bring the curtains down on Muddenahalli ‘theatrics’.


Even as they cried hoarse, Madhusudan who used to wear solemn white graduated to gleam in orange! As they were glued to the live streaming of 93rd Birthday Celebrations from Muddenahalli, they saw the man who they hated the most ending up sitting on the chair which they now call ‘Swami’s Chair’, even as they still strongly know and believe that though Swami is everywhere, He could never be in Muddenahalli!! It is still uncertain, how the empty chair that is usually placed between Madhusudan and Narasimha Murthy could be deemed as Swami’s chair overnight? Would Swami ever sit in between two supposed frauds in their world view? If not, what difference does it make to them where Madhusudan sits?

For those ‘connected’ to the subtle form, Madhusudan is just another form that Swami/Love has decided to pour Himself/itself into, in this continuing phase. He is just a vessel carrying the love. Therefore, it does not really matter where the Love makes him sit! Swami beautifully puts it in perspective.

"If you are thirsty, your thirst will be quenched because of water. Not because of the silver tumbler or the gold tumbler or the earthen tumbler or anything else that contains the water. So is the love of God. The forms will keep changing but if you pour that water of love into any of these forms, every form becomes Divine.”

Every time Swami (in the subtle) rakes up a controversy which He seems to love so much, the subtle devotees log on to Facebook to see how the critics whine! Controversy is not anything new to Swami. Isn’t He the same sweet Lord who allowed the BBC cameras to film Shivaratri Celebrations at Sai Kulwanth in 2004 and let the channel go berserk with their documentary being telecasted worldwide? Did He care what people would think about Him then, seeing the documentary? The devotees continued to love Him with vigor and intensity and haters continued to remain what they were always known for. It is the fence-sitters who are the only casualties in the aftermath of a storm of this nature who end up falling hither and thither. But that is His way of separating the wheat from the chaff!


A Storm in a Teacup!

The new story that is floating around in social media platforms is that of the Delhi hospital of Muddenahalli coterie which is supposed to have closed. Has the longstanding dream of the critics come true, finally?! Alas! Not yet! Because, this isn’t any ordinary institution that somebody can manage to shut so easily. This is God’s own!

Sri Sathya Sai Sanjeevani International Centre for Child Heart Care & Research, Palwal, Haryana (National Capital Region)

Sri Sathya Sai Sanjeevani International Centre for Child Heart Care & Research, Palwal, Haryana (National Capital Region)

An acquaintance, must have graduated from the WhatsApp University sent this forward claiming the closure of hospital to me! I told him that the news is not true. And his response – ‘But I got this from two other people on WhatsApp!!’ Must be true then!!!

The once sleepy Muddenahalli has to deal with allegations and accusations on a daily basis for hosting the Lord in the continuing mission. How true are the words that it is the fruit-bearing trees that attract stones and brickbats?!

I thought I will put the facts over the table, at least for the seekers who are on the same page as I am and not for those whose beliefs are antithetical to mine.

The so-called ‘raid’ took place on a bright sunny day in the month of October 2017. You read it right! 2017!!! More than a year back! The video with subtitles painstakingly added in English, appears to be fresh from the oven! But unfortunately, the news is as stale and as fake as the news of closure of the hilltop residence at Muddenahalli or the news of Bentley being taken away in a big truck which you may remember reading two years ago!!! The happy little moments that Swami creates even for His detractors, because you should never forget that He is God for all, not just for His devotees!

Let’s get back to the details. The District Chief Medical Officer (CMO) came for a surprise check (like they do with every other hospital) of the facility at Palwal in the National Capital Region, the second Sai Sanjeevani hospital which was established after Raipur. When he visited the ECHO lab, a patient (child) was just walking out of the room with his mother who was pregnant. This surprisingly gave him a feeling that something ‘illegal’ was taking place here with respect to prenatal sex discernment (which is banned in India); or in conventional terms, a chance to make some quick bucks! An explanation was sought from the doctors. Even after providing all the details, the officer sealed the machine and left. This happened on a Thursday. On Saturday, the officer returned to the hospital and opened the sealed machine as there was nothing substantial that he could conjure out of this ‘raid’! As usual, the news channel accused big but did not retract later.

Within a month, the sleuths of Anti-Corruption Bureau caught the medical officer on some corruption charges and he was relieved from his duties at Palwal district. A perfect case of fence grazing the field!

The matter ended there and everybody forgot about it. But those who could not digest the fact that Sri Sathya Sai Sanjeevani Hospitals had just opened their third free Pediatric Cardiac Hospital in Mumbai and the fourth hospital was underway in Kolkata, despite all their relentless propaganda, the prophets of doom had to create some buzz to remain relevant, which is why subtitles were added to an almost dead horse to get a second chance at life! They have nothing noteworthy in them, otherwise, to draw the attention of the world towards them. Therefore, weave a story and throw muck at those excelling. This is the agenda that is being tried every time with failure glaring at them for all to see!

At least, 1000 Pediatric Cardiac Surgeries were performed in the same hospital which was supposedly ‘closed’ since the so-called ‘raids’ in Oct 2017 till date. Even if the critics stand on their heads with their legs up in the air, they CANNOT stop the Divine WILL from manifesting! That is to be taken as read! We may or may not live to see the next sunrise, but the institutions established by Bhagawan are here to stay for the next 1000 years or even more!


We have had allegations of a much serious nature against Swami's first Temple of Healing in Puttaparthi of a supposed Kidney racket in the initial years of setting up of the hospital after which the Kidney transplants were completely shelved. Individuals who made these reckless allegations have moved on with their miserable lives and would have probably destroyed many more institutions in their quest for instant fame resulting in self-destruction. But the hapless patients who would otherwise benefit from the free kidney transplant had to bear the brunt of it.

In the age that we are living in, we should in fact be surprised if a good work does not attract any opposition!! There will always be party-poopers trying to disprove and spoil things for others.

Things were not very different in the 1940’s when Swami was just 20 years old. An excerpt from the letter written by Bhagawan to His brother goes this way. “The good always provoke the bad into calumny; the bad always provoke the good into derision. One must be surprised if such things do not happen. Truth will certainly triumph some day. Untruth can never win. Untruth might appear to overpower Truth, but its victory will fade away and Truth will establish itself.”

When we are living in distressing times where there is no empathy whatsoever, especially in corporate hospitals for the less-privileged, some have the gall and audacity to spread canard against an institution which is established by some noble devotees to selflessly serve the weak and destitute on their Master's command!


It is the same venom, whether it was against Puttaparthi hospital in the past or Delhi Hospital presently. Only the vessel has changed! It is the same bile and hatred; it is the same intent that is driving people to stoop to new lows every day to serve their destructive agenda!

Beliefs can be debated and argued intellectually. The subtle form can be rejected based on some lines taken out of context from some of Swami’s discourses. But the physical work that is being carried out by the devotees who found their inspiration from subtle form is indisputable! It is for all to see. You can actually visit all the 19 brick-and-mortar educational campuses and three hospitals established since 2012. This cannot be refuted.

All the while, we were made to believe that establishment of Super Speciality Hospitals without cash counters by Swami in Puttaparthi and Whitefield could never be replicated by mere mortals. But that was proved wrong by mortals like Madhusudan and C Sreenivas with the establishment of not one or two but THREE Pediatric Cardiac Care hospitals in the short span of six years. The only prerequisite being able to become completely empty and let Swami/Love flow through you and you will see miracles happen! Two more Pediatric Cardiac Care hospitals are in the pipeline! Three free hospitals have come up outside India; in Sri Lanka, Nigeria and Fiji. Three Pediatric Cardiac Care hospitals are to come up in Fiji, Nigeria and Mississippi, USA soon. Wouldn’t that hurt the conscience keepers who are running the doomsday campaign?!! Madhusudan’s declaration that Sai Sanjeevani (when all the five hospitals are ready) would perform 100 pediatric cardiac procedures EVERY DAY has sent shivers down the spine to those who have made Muddenahalli-bashing almost their profession with their future looking bleak!

There are many who are drawn to genuine service initiatives. Therefore, the plan is to strike the very base of what stands as an epitome of selfless service, the hospitals run by the Muddenahalli group! Anything to stop the onslaught of people moving on to the other side of the divide leaving the ‘official’ set of people high and dry. How do you counter something that is real and verifiable? Fabricate! Human brain clings to listen to and believe what it wants to hear! Especially if it’s sensational, people are all eyes and ears. So, it gets much easier to further the ploy.

“Truth is a battle of perceptions. People only see what they're prepared to confront. It's not what you look at that matter, but what you see. And when then different perceptions battle against one another, the truth has a way of getting lost.” – Emily Thorne

When you invest all your time and efforts in pulling the opponent down rather than pushing yourself up, you are bound to doom! This fact has to sink in sooner than later. In the last six years, all those who have worked hard tirelessly to build institutions have enough ‘stuff’ to show to the world. Those who kept waiting for the downfall of the hardworking lot have only built tall egos that come crashing down every time the institution-builders inaugurate a new physical structure!


The ‘fraud’ gang hijacking ‘innocent devotees’ is of least concern to anybody. The devotees are going astray is simply not the issue. The real grouse is that big money bags have deserted. This has resulted in the dwindling flow into the coffers! Money, power and attention are something that one can’t do away with even if you are a ‘Spiritual’ person/organization!

Individuals who are involved in service activities that may not be part of the ‘official’ trust; automatically get downgraded and mostly are seen as lesser mortals! There is a proverb in Kannada. ‘Shanka Dinda Bidrene Theertha’ which means it is considered holy only if the water falls from the conch! Even if you are filling two lakh hungry stomachs every single day and providing free education to 5000 children from the rural poor, the question asked is if the service initiative part of the ‘official’ trust!! It is comical! Suddenly, the act becomes less holy and less selfless if the answer is a “No”!

There was a particular line in the forward which I received about the so-called ‘raid’ and ‘closure’ of Sai Sanjeevani hospital which I found amusing. It read thus. “The hospital shown in the video is in no way associated with ‘official’ Trust”. Sri Sathya Sai Sanjeevani Hospitals (https://srisathyasaisanjeevani.org/) would in fact be doing themselves a favor if they have a disclaimer below their name board stating that they are NOT part of the ‘official’ Trust/Organization to avoid any future raids!! Unfortunately, all that transpired during the death of Swami’s physical body has indelibly tainted and tarnished the beautiful ‘Sri Sathya Sai’ name.

Whatever it is; you can be rest assured that Swami is completely in control of the situation and everything is playing out as per His will. Swami recently thundered, "Irrespective of whether you praise it or blame it, you help it or you obstruct it, Swami's WILL will prevail, will succeed AND THERE IS NO OTHER WAY! You will see, with few people, few dheerahs (courageous ones), I will achieve what I need to achieve."

Nevertheless, a refined BS meter is always of help in distinguishing real news from BS served as news. Following politics keenly for many years and observing media personalities covering news closely comes to my rescue every time.


The Latest Bane

The latest bane for warring factions to get involved in a slugfest is the emergence of another Madhusudan-like kid from Mumbai who the critics have already branded as fraud even before his ‘career’ could take off!! As far as I know, there are at least 4 to 5 former students of the deemed-to-be-university who are communicating Swami's message. If all of them are frauds by the ‘official’ yardstick, then it puts the institution they all have graduated from in an awkward position because we don't see such claims from other reputed institutions. The teaching - ‘Everybody is inherently Divine’ was supposed to just remain a statement to be made in speeches to get some applause. But some of these bad boys took it to the next level of actualizing the theoretical lessons they learnt in their institute and suddenly there is pandemonium!! It appears nobody really believes that a human can elevate himself to Godhood, in reality! Or is it political compulsions that forces people to remain defiant? I wonder what!

Should Swami’s institutions just remain limited to churning out graduates who will head multinational companies? If that is the only goal, Harvards and Stanfords of the world are better at it. Did God have to come down as Avatar to accomplish this? Shouldn’t we rather aspire to mould Vivekanandas from Swami’s institutions?

“Sri Sathya Sai University for Human Excellence will produce men and women of God, nay Gods in the guise of humans.” – Sri Madhusudan


The Nigeria ‘Arrest’ Fiasco

The so-called Nigeria ‘arrest’ story lost its plot a long time ago even as the promoter of the allegations ran for cover due to illegalities in own businesses.

And today, the entourage returns from a glorious trip to Nigeria after enhancing the services at the Aruike hospital at Joy Village in Enugu to inpatient facilities for maternity and child healthcare. Apart from that, a team of Pediatric Cardiac specialists from the same Sri Sathya Sai Sanjeevani Hospitals are gearing up to perform free heart operations on Nigerian children in January 2019. This visit also witnessed the inauguration of TELA (The Embodiments of Love Academy) secondary school building housing 1000 children, which will eventually develop into a college. Hard as it may be, if only you can stomach just a bit more, Swami has even announced that the Aruike hospital will develop into a Centre for Pediatric Cardiac Care. Need we say more! The divine entourage visited Nigeria twice since the ‘arrest’ story erupted two years ago from concocted minds!

I can almost hear the sigh – in despair. Never mind. The critics may get back to the keyboards and bang on as they repost the same old stale open letters, appeals and cautionary notes for want of new ones or else cook up a few more fake stories, which they are best at.

Aruike (Good Health) Specialty Hospital - Joy Village, Enugu

Aruike (Good Health) Specialty Hospital - Joy Village, Enugu


Let us always choose to be on the God’s side in this battle, even if the world deserts us. Because at the end of the day, God has the last laugh!



sai sannidhi on December 24, 2018:

Those who resort to false propaganda would do well to watch the latest wonderful ads of WhatsApp intended to curb misinformation on its platform with the theme:

Let us share joy

not rumours

Sai Ram friends,

Let us share our activities of seva

so that others will replicate them elsewhere.

Let us share a clipping from the

drama staged by our EHV children.

Let us share a new bhajan we practised recently.

Let us share the route map

to reach our New Free Pediatric Cardiac Hospitals.

Let us share the time schedule

of spiritual retreats that are scheduled in our new Ashram premises.

Let us share the wonderful philanthropic

activities of winners of Human Excellence Awards or Nobel Prize winners.

Sai Ram.

Ross Martin on December 22, 2018:

This article is a good answer to the critics of the subtle form, however, Swami is also the negative aspects of His present mission ( God is everything, & extends throughout the universe), so it may really be seen as Swami's play or Leela. The negative is always present to reinforce the positive and this is what appears to be occurring in His present Mission. Critics will fall by the wayside and as Swami stated years ago " I will be successful, no matter how many worlds appear to be against me." If the critics only take an unbiased look at the hospitals and schools that have been built for the Indian people during His present Mission in the subtle form it is obvious that a negatively oriented being would have no interest in serving so many unfortunate people in his community.

Anagha on December 22, 2018:


As always..A guiding lamp...But this write-up is like the dazzling flash lights showing path to the blind{ minds}.

sai sannidhi on December 21, 2018:

These convenient philosophers invented a new meaning for God’s omnipresence -- ‘He is everywhere except in such and such place!’`

They pray from every podium -- ‘Swami speak through me,(They even quote and recite the sanskrit sloka ‘mookam karoti)’but when God answers the collective prayers and chooses to speak through one, or some of their own brothers and sisters they say God will not speak through others! In fact all the religions encourage their followers to talk about anything and everything to their chosen deities even if they ‘feel like,’,initially, the deity is ‘not listening’. The next step is loud and clear two-way communication between the devotee and their Lord! And now Swami is encouraging and elevating more and more people to have such a heart to heart communication by giving practical easy to follow steps.

Detractors have always been there as you rightly mentioned, the more the splendour of Divine Effulgence, the more the wretchedness of negative forces.

One will know the truth only with an open heart and mind as nicely explained by Swami here:

Question: I am probably asking a question that many people here want to ask, as they have the same problem. Yesterday, I was in an assembly of the Sai Organization, and they read a letter which was very critical of this team from Muddenahalli. I would like to know how we should behave in these circumstances.

Swami: There were some people who always said, “Don’t believe in the Babas of India.” However, when you decided to come and experience for yourself, you understood. Hence, whatever good we can learn from whomever we can learn, we should be open-minded. Just as no one can eat for you or sleep for you, no one can experience God for you. You must find out for yourself.

When you came to Swami, did you not face the same situation at that time? People would say all kinds of things. Ultimately, you have to find out for yourself. Being closed-minded will not help you learn. Humility and an open mind are very important. If My devotees do not learn this, who is going to learn? Devotees are not those who work for an organization or a centre. This is not a school where a student is a student because he has gotten admission. One who studies is a student. One who follows My teaching is My devotee.

A Sanjay Naidu on December 20, 2018:

Sairam to all. The SUBTLE form is now settled. No one can stop the Divine Developments.Get ready to Welcome the next Awatar .

Geetha Shetty on December 20, 2018:

Just clean bowled

Bimal Naidu on December 20, 2018:

May Bhagawan bless you always for your divine words, I feel the world is coming to grips with the subtle form of our Loving Lord.

As one of our humble yet profound leader recently said, "Let no one tell you what to believe in and who to believe in."

Thank you for writing.

Loving Sairam.

Srikanth Vooturi on December 20, 2018:


Hats off dear brother

You truly nailed it to the end

I observed your maturity levels and courage to fight the devil also increased a lot lot brother.

Every one should read it to realise about subtle mission.

Human mind is monkey mind , and it always thinks with mind instead of heart.

I am sure that they will realise that they are also having a god gifted heart to feel the truth

Atleast after reading your hub pages with their mind .

May sai bless you and lead you ever brother

Vinodini on December 20, 2018:

Sairam thank you

Kumar on December 19, 2018:

Sairam brother.. How conveniently you ignore the part of Swami condemning the mediums.. No Sai devotees have problems with service in the name of Swami... But the drama could have been avoided...well written for the language and effort.

Jay on December 19, 2018:

The language, the desperation, the anger in the write up criticising the critics of Muddenahalli to come out most pure is exactly what Swami promoted & spoke all throughout, isn’t it? Wow it seems Swami has completely changed after becoming the subtle form and started preaching ( only in actions ) exactly opposite now. Good transformation & transition.

Subba A Hegde on December 19, 2018:

Timely wright up . beautifully answered for everything.heart felt thanks to you. SAIRAM.

Sridhar DL on December 19, 2018:

"Yatbhavam Tadbhavathi", You are nothing but your thoughts and actions.


sai sannidhi on December 19, 2018:

Sai Ram Dear Brother.

Harendra Singh on December 19, 2018:

Sai Ram. Amazing. All that was in my heart, Bhagwan through you has put it down for all. Hard hitting facts on Divine truths. Divine mission can not be stopped, slowed or even touched by any one. Thanks.

Ganesh Ghantewar on December 19, 2018:

Very nice Sir, and very hard work to answer the false people who lazy for parishram


Raj on December 19, 2018:

Brother , amazing writing as usual...took them head on, and what clarity in your presentation. God bless

Guna on December 19, 2018:

Sai Ram.

Thank you brother for 'The Grand Budapest' like writing and 'narration'.

Love All,

Serve All.

Spot-on regarding replicating the super speciality hospital, which everbody thought cant be achieved.

Sai Krishna on December 19, 2018:

I still remember the days when Swami said My Mission is like Ganges, which can’t be stopped and it flows selflessly quenching the thirst for everyone. It’s our Great fortune to be part of HISTORY - HIS STORY and liberate ourselves

Sai Krishna on December 19, 2018:

I still remember the days when Swami said My Mission is like flowing Ganges, it can’t be stopped by anything and it flows selflessly quenching the thirst for everyone. It’s our Great fortune to be part of HISTORY - HIS STORY and liberate ourselves.

BINAYAKUMAR PATNAIK on December 19, 2018:

Sairam brother...

Ur helping me alot to shut the mouth of people who criticize people of muddenahalli and also us going to muddenahalli...

U always answer all my questions..

A big thanku...

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