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Lucid dream and astral projection

Our consciousness can separate from the physical body to travel the astral plane

In fact, lucid dreaming is the state of awareness of the dream, Astral projection is to gain a real experience of moving our soul in the outer space.

Astral travel is real and also a pleasure

Astral travel is real and also a pleasure

Lucid dream and astral projection

In esotericism, astral projection describes an intentional experience of the soul moving out of the body (OBE) to separate from the physical body and travels outside in space, throughout the universe. The astral projection permits to remain invisible, make a telepathic link with anyone. In the "astral condition", the user can effectively implant suggestions and thoughts to convey to other people based on the concentrated intensity of the user.

Pseudoscience does not hold on to any scientific method or standards, even though it claims to be a scientific process. Also, there is nothing like Supernatural, everything is in accord with natural cogency and influence. There is nothing like existence outside the natural world or beyond natural forces. Everything happens according to natural laws. There is nothing like unnatural. Any entity that produces an effect, responsible for events, their results, and all the forces supernatural we may think, work according to environmental laws. Everything is natural, normal, presented, and produced by nature. Only we fail to understand its true phenomena and hence it goes out of our imaginations. Thus, we call it paranormal and bizarre. Everything that happens throughout the universe is related to the exercise of divine power. In appearance, it seems to be miraculous to violate the law of nature, that is why seems to go beyond natural forces. But nothing exists outside the natural world.


There is a more subtle phenomenon in our consciousness in a lucid dream, which is not a state of sleep, however, it is the state of brief dreaming, in the state of wakefulness, in which a person remains aware that he is dreaming. The lucid dreaming experience is quite distinct from regular dreams.

A lucid dream, wake-initiated, occurs when the dreamer moves from a normal waking condition directly into the dream condition, with no noticeable gap in consciousness. This kind of wake-driven lucid dream happens when the person enters rapid eye movement- REM sleep condition without any awareness, completely from the waking state.

Lucid dreams can be real. The dreamer in the lucid dreaming condition possesses higher opportunities to exert better control to participate in different activities within that state and can manipulate all the imaginary experiences in his dream environment. In there, the highest degree of the frequency beta-1 band (13 to 19 Hz) is normally experienced by the lucid dreamers. Therefore, more activities are performed in the parietal lobes to turn lucid dreaming into an intentional process. The lucid dreamer, therefore, can travel anywhere in space to and meet anyone of his choice, perform joyful activities, while remaining aware of the complete events.

Lucid dreaming is also associated with OBE - out-of-body experience, because, it specifically involves a floating sensation outside the body and, in certain cases, perceives his physical body detached from his soul moving outside the body. Around 10% of people already have the out-of-body experience at a certain stage in their lives. Scientists find this a strange phenomenon. Also, the neurologists understand that OBE is caused by the brain mechanism to cause lucid dreams.

We human beings live on this earth in a lower space of three-dimensional physical settings to have everyday experience. In this 3-dimensional existence in our physical body, Time is considered as a coordinating dimension to locate any fourth-dimensional event. In the Lucid dreaming out-of-body condition, the person enters the state of fourth-dimension to converse with any departed person. Besides length, width, and depth, Time is collectively used to specify the phenomena as the four variations in geometrical expression, and that is beyond any scientific explanation. Hence, we consider it as a Supernatural Phenomenon or Event. The universal mystery explains the prevalence of the Fourth Dimensional premise, though all are not aware of the existence of this phenomenon.

A single line has one dimension because only one coordinate is required to specify any point on it. A plane surface acts like two dimensions because two coordinates are required to identify any point on it, the latitude, and the longitude. Any cylinder or a sphere has three dimensions because all three coordinates are required to identify any point within these spaces. We live in a three-dimensional world.

A Temporal Dimension includes time to space, to make Four Dimensions. Therefore, Time is often known to be the fourth dimension, to make astral travel a more interesting link for this reason, but it does not imply they are only spatial dimensions. This temporal dimension can measure physical changes.

Our living essence specifies that, as soon as our body, mind, and spirit remain completely in balance and harmony, with each other, aligned with the Will of Divine, we become omnipotent and get the power to conquest over the matter. We should learn and get a deeper knowledge, understanding, and experience of this fact.


I have my own story to explain. The astral projection phenomenon sounds like a fairy story. I read several books to understand body experiences when people described leaving their bodies to travel in space, while completely aware and not dreaming. I did not imagine this can be done in real life, but I was very curious to learn more. Once, I had determined to commence lucid dreaming. I studied for almost six months before slowly experimenting with my initial lucid dream. Thereafter, I gradually learned and practiced how to manage, and control my dreams and OBE in the specific quiet atmosphere. I took my important first step to understand how the out-of-body experience, astral project works. I really cannot produce my reference experience concerning this, and also I did not know why I was doing it. The books explained the possibilities, and it happened. Hence, I tried and achieved the first stage. I was lying on my bed, my eyes wide open. I knew that I was about to take my soul out of my body. It was a very slow process. I could manage to take the soul out. Remaining quietly in one upper corner of the room, watching my body lying on the bed. For almost two minutes, I initiated my first mysterious astral experience. Thereafter, I continued my meditation practice to quiet my mind. I repeated this phenomenon twice, when I was alone in the house, when everything was quiet, particularly during early morning hours.

I had read in the books that, we should not try OBE all alone, for it can prove to be very fatal and dangerous. When we move our souls out of the body, some strange incidence can occur, as some other unknown soul can enter our empty body, to drive us away when our soul tries to enter our own body. This can be risky.

I obviously remember, though nothing such queer event occurred. I could move freely in space very easily, and clearly imagine moving to see various places, somewhere I wanted, remaining there for some time. I came back instantly to observe my body. Nothing happened thereafter. I was wondering the next day whether the astral travel event was my imagination or it really happened. But surely, I could imagine and visualize the entire incidence of escaping from my body. Thereafter, for two days, I tried this astral travel event, once before going to sleep and another during the early morning hours. I tried to master astral projection. I could understand what it feels like flying in space without my body. I have nothing to provide references to base this incidence on. But surely, it was a grand experience.

Finally, I realized that such OBE is of no use unless it helps someone in trouble. Otherwise, what is the use of simply going to an unknown place, doing nothing? Learning the process is the main thing, but taking the drive to gain mastery of this art and skills, to help people suffering from natural calamities will be an ideal way of realizing and attaining proficiency and expertise.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2021 Shyam Gokarn

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