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Loving Thy Neighbor

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The command to love thy neighbor has been mentioned both in the Old and New Testament scriptures. Pondering this instruction one could ask, how can I tell if I am loving my neighbor? Showing love is not just speaking it, it is the hospitality one offers to his or her neighbor. This can be expressed by bringing comfort, offering provisions, giving a listening ear and being able to empathize with his or her pain.

Loving my neighbor is easily understood when one know that it is equal to how one loves myself or herself. One would naturally seek the best for himself and this is the same way he is expected to show love to his neighbor.


Who is a Good Neighbor?

A good neighbor is one who fits in and seeks to bring positive results to the needs of his or neighbor. He will sacrifice resources and time to be a blessing to his neighbor. His presence brings peace and joy. He seeks not his own benefit but rather seek to fulfill the needs of others. He will not do evil but seek for the safety of his neighbors. Solomon states in Proverbs 3: 29 “Devise not evil against thy neighbor seeing he dwelleth securely by thee” A good neighbor takes part in neighborhood watch activities.

Conversation With A Neighbor


Neighbors Can be Near or Far

One's neighbors is not necessarily the person living next door but can be far away. they can be far away. Jesus gave an account in Luke 10 about the good Samaritan. This Samaritan even though he was from another country and was going about his business he made the man’s problem his problem. The Samaritan also used his own money to have the wounded man cared for in an inn inn. He became this wounded man's neighbor. He became the wounded man's neighbor

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Loving Thy Neighbor the Samaritan Way

It was known that the Jews and the Samaritans had no dealing yet this didn’t stop the Samaritan from helping the Jews. This Samaritan even though he was a stranger, he understood what loving thy neighbor means. As a traveler the Samaritan knew that it could have been him that was robbed and beaten. The Samaritan sacrificed his time to stop and help the man and then bring him to the inn

Benefits of Loving Thy Neighbor

Everything we do in life is a seed sown and one day will brings forth fruits. So whatever we do, either good or bad returns to us.

Some benefits of loving thy neighbor are:

  • When we obey God’s word doors of blessings will be opened unto us and setbacks and failures will be eliminated from our lives.
  • Our blessings will be multiplied upon us and our children.
  • We shall dwell in safety and peace among those we cared for
  • There can be an assurance of care in return by those who experienced our kindness
  • We will develop healthy neighborhoods that can be examples for our future generations to pattern
  • The Bible says in Ecclesiastes 11: 1 “Cast thy bread upon the waters for thou shalt find it after many days” We may not know how and when the blessings will manifest in our lives but we can trust God’s word that our good deeds shall bring forth fruit.


Let us all continue to show love to our neighbors no matter the circumstances. Our faithfulness to this command can be a change maker in someone's life. The beauty of our good works will be displayed to glorify God and bless lives.


Maurice Malcolm (author) from FL on October 27, 2020:

This is true and God's commands are for the benefit of our destiny as we seek to fulfill our purpose. on October 27, 2020:

Its important to love each other this is a command from God

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