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Love the Greatest Force in the Universe! Love and Be Loved!

Love--The More Love You Give Away, The More Love You Have to Give Away!!!


Transforming Power Of Love. Love is Freely Available to All — Bringing Acceptance, Joy and Peace!

Love, the Priceless Gift that Keeps on Giving!

Love makes us all equal and worthy. Love makes life truly worth living.

For above all, love is a sharing. Love is a power. Love is a change that takes place in our own heart. Sometimes it may change others, but always it changes us. (James Dillet Freeman)

Kindness is a calling. Caring about people is powerful. Love changes lives. (Rachel Hamilton)

Love has been written about in sonnets, love stories, and poems.

Love has been sung in hymns and ballads. Love inspires Master Artists to reach for their brushes. Love movies bring tears of happiness. We all reach for love with all our hearts.

Love is the most powerful force in the universe. A nuclear bomb has the power to destroy. Electricity has the power to energize our homes and businesses. Human greed has the power to take. Human hate toward others has the power to conquer and imprison.

It is only true and sincere love that can:

  • Ultimately bring acceptance, joy and peace.
  • Unite a broken family.
  • Wipe away tears of grief and loneliness.
  • Empower such organizations as hospitals and nursing homes.
  • Power our need to save the planet.
  • Power the need to forgive and unite.
  • Inspire the creation of great music, art, sculpture and dance.

If you, like me, find love impossible to define.

This is okay. Love needs no definition. Love needs action, as well as tender and kind words.

Feelings are deep and strong, yet so tender. Feelings that even hundreds of kilometres of separation can never diminish. Time together means more than mere words are able to describe.

Hearts speaking to each other. Speaking to each other without words. The tender touch of a hand on the cheek of a loved one. The sparkle in their eye. Time cannot erase such memories.

This is only one means for the greatest force in existence-Love. True love has no boundaries. True love shows no discrimination.

True love gives mercy and shows grace to all who are in need.

An element of true love is indeed kindness to others.

The altruistic nature of one person loving deeply. Puts the needs of others before our own. Part of our hard-earned money is donated. Donated so others could regain a sense of safety and dignity. This is love in action. This is the transforming power of love.

The way of peace is the way of love. Love is the greatest power on earth. It conquers all things. (Peace Pilgrim)

Let the good in one connect with the good in others, until all the world is transformed through the compelling power of love. (Nachman of Breslov)

Within each family, there are times of turmoil and testing.

Sadly, I have experienced this. My heart at times felt broken. As I sat at the hospital bedside of my beloved mother. As she battled cancer. My mother to me was oh! so special.

Here she was in her early nineties, battling three types of cancer at once. So unfair — the pain, the anguish. I would have gladly accepted it on her behalf if it would have been possible. I felt so utterly helpless. As I watched the life drain from her.

Love was the only thing that kept us going. Through her pain. Her faith in God the Father shone through. Through her pain, her love shone through. I struggled — I did not allow her to see my fear. Love again gave me strength when needed.

She suffered for over 3 years. Died peacefully one morning. Now I am left without her. I have peace of mind knowing she is in Paradise with our Lord. I have a photo of her at my bedside.

You, too have experienced family stress and trauma. When life shattered your sense of peace. When someone you love completely and with all your heart…At this time of utter misery and …Love-the most powerful and greatest force in the universe came to your rescue.

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Little by little you felt its soothing power reach deep within your heart and soul. Love’s tender comforts eased your pain and anguish. You oh! so gradually believed you could face life again.

Love reached deep within your heart and answered your heartache. Love stretched out its welcoming hand and shielded you under its tender wings of care.

Slowly and surely the inner pain subsided. Joy and peace again were part of your life. You can look back at this terrible time now. Look back and once again sing the praises of love. The power of love and the people who you love carried you through. Yes, Love is indeed the greatest force in the universe.

Wouldn’t it be a beautiful world if just 10 per cent of the people who believe in the power of love would compete with one another to see who could do the most good for the most people. (Muhammad Ali)

We all believe in the power of love in helping others.

You have witnessed it for yourself. You believe in the power of love. You have shared love with one who is suffering. You have felt the comfort and warmth of true and pure love.

When all felt lost. When you felt all alone. You felt the comforting hands of love in a time of family trauma. Yes, you have indeed witnessed for yourself the power of the greatest force of the universe.

Picture just how many people 10 per cent who believe in the power of love actually are. Well for me, it is in the hundreds of thousands.

Well, an awful lot of people anyhow! And if each of those people did “compete with one another to see who could do the most good for the most people” (Muhammad Ali) A whole lot of love this would be, spread the love around.

We can work together with the transforming power of love.

We know when enough people work together we can indeed create miracles. Then the power of love would be used and people will indeed:

  • Eradicate poverty;
  • Cure all diseases;
  • Put an end to all war and conflict;
  • Politicians would keep their promises;
  • Domestic abuse and violence would be a thing of the past;
  • Children would be safe from harm and abuse; and
  • Our precious planet and all its life saved.

Yes, all this can be achieved through love. The power of the greatest force in the universe.

Now, this, for now, may only be a dream. But…

We are never more than a belief away from our greatest love, deepest healing and most profound miracles. (Gregg Brade)

What is Love? Even the greatest minds struggle to find a definition. Love you have found has the power to heal. The power to forgive. The power to unite and to bring peace once more. Love has the power to create profound music, art and dance.

Love has provided us with its calming balm and maybe a miracle or two.

We all have times of struggle. Love brought us through and delivered peace. Times of sharing with loved ones.

We gaze up at the stars!

Love is truly the Greatest Force in the Universe!

We are grateful and humbled by this blessing!

© 2022 Diane Mary Markey

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