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Love Is First

John has been a world traveler and has been very involved in helping persons who have been disenfranchised by present system. Victims All;

Humankind´s existence dependent on Love

Faith - Hope - Love.

(Because we´re Human.) We need them all.

And now faith, hope, and love abide, these three, and the greatest of these is love. (1 Corinthians 13. 13). It is a fact that Love makes the world go round. But sadly when most people think of love, It is romantic love. Love is both romantic, and decisive. We must accept the realization that the choices we make determine our attitudes and our attitude determines the level of happiness. There are two major emotions in this life and both have an effect on the person holding them and others. They can both spread like a plague. Those emotions are "Hate" and "Love" and as is obvious, both are four-letter words. We make the decision to either love or to hate.

Love is Crucial.

Without love, there can be no compassion, no forgiveness, no caring for the unfortunate. The first person that we must love is ourselves, if we cannot love ourselves then we do have real difficulty in loving others. We will also have problems with necessary Factors, such as Justice, equity, and fairness. We will be unable to have compassion for ourselves and for other people. We will be unable to show any real charity towards others, or ourselves.

To be Faithless is to be hopeless.

To have Faith and Hope, Love is an indispensable factor. Faith plus Love give us the ability to love ourselves and others. Faith, Hope, and Love allow us to reach out with justice, and caring compassion to others who are lost, destitute, depressed and who feel worthless. Faith, Hope and Love help us build, and improve our ability to reach out to others and inward to ourselves. We will have better relationships with others.

Love gives hope.

With love, we can impart hope to those who have lost faith. We can endow them with the feeling of being valued, the knowledge that they are worthwhile, valuable deserving people. Deserving of Love. We demonstrate the love of God and bring a good measure of joy to their lives. We affirm them. All of us with no exception, have a strong need to feel loved that we are accepted. Valuable to our Brothers and Sisters within our common Humanity. We need our 'Self Worth" to be affirmed by others. We all have a need to feel needed.

Mother Earth needs our decision.

Without Love, we can not have faith or trust. If we really make a decision to reach out with love and acceptance to just one other person, our world will be a better place. In our giving of agape love, we can make our earth a greener planet, improve the lives of those around us, and join all of humanity into one great just society, with equality and acceptance for all.

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The kingdom is ours to build.

A house is built just one piece at a time, depending on the material used. So must we develop the societies, we would like to live in and be part of. Give some thought, that is discerning concentrated thought to this truth. That we can in this manner change our world for the better, Improve our lives, bring joy to those we come in contact with.

Grasp Affinity for love.

Develop an affinity for Love, thus, will you improve an ability that improves your gift in giving hope, and justice to all we are in contact with. Reaching out with compassion.

Build a Hope and Faith Paradise.

We build HOPE and Faith By sharing and giving love. With the growing of LOVE in ourselves, we increase our own levels of Faith and Hope. Pray and work towards a better world. One with justice and peace and acceptance of all.

Love yourself. Love Neighbour. Love all others.

Love yourself. Love others. Love our world. Move towards the perfection of all of society. Work towards being the "Best" you that you can be and never compare yourself to others. Strive only to be you!!!

Send Love; Not Missiles.

When we send and give genuine Love there is a lesson that we have won. The lesson is that when we have Love to give to the unlovable we receive copious amounts of love in return. With love we build Unity. With love, we Disengage acts of Disunity. We refuse Division. Human beings are diverse and that diversity is crucial to each and every one.

Jesus Left us a Command. ¨Love one another as I have Loved you."

John Ward (author) from Richmond, British Columbia, Canada. on December 02, 2013:

This is good and more to come

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