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Love Spells: Attract a New Lover

L. Sarhan is a solitary practitioner with a wealth of information to share with the next generation.


For some people, love and affection make life even sweeter. Keep in mind that this is not a spell to cast on a specific person but a ritual to attract someone to complement your already complete self. As Osho mentioned above, "Love is not about possession. Love is about appreciation." This ritual opens the Universal energies up to bring in someone who will help you grow as a person and just simply enjoy all that life has to offer together.

It is best if you are already happy on your own and are simply looking for someone not placing your happiness and life on the presence of this new individual you want coming into your life. Perhaps you are looking for someone to help you grow as a person along with partnering to enjoy life together. There is nothing wrong with that, but remember not to place the value of your happiness on another individual - that is possession not simply love another.

What You Need:

  • Pink candle(s) - Typically used when desiring the growth of self-love and attract the love of others. You may use more than one pick candle if desired.
  • Pink paper - Pink represents unconditional love, admiration, and compassion for yourself and others.
  • Pink envelope - This represents the tenderness of the safety and security of finding the perfect partner to go through life or a life phase with.
  • Red ink pen or marker - This is a beautiful contrasting color that represents your strength and strength to put yourself out there to attract love, romance, passion, and joy.
  • Pink faux rose petals - Pink roses signify playful, poetic romance. This is merely symbolic. It is better to use faux rose petals as real petals begin to wither shortly after plucked and you want love to grow not dwindle.
  • Potted plant with pink or red petals - Having a potted plant to care for and nurture is a great representation of wanting to attract and grow a partnership to your life. Carnations are a great example. Pink Carnations represent the love of a woman or a love for a woman. Red Carnations represents love and admiration. Aster is another excellent choice as it represents being open to love in all forms and patience with yourself and others.
  • Hibiscus incense or dried hibiscus - Hibiscus symbolizes the attraction of a perfect partner - whatever the practitioner's definition of a perfect partner may be.
  • Waterfall (optional) - Although this element isn't mandatory, it does provide an added benefit as flowing water helps wash away blocks and negativity. It also allows positive change to flow your way, in this case, a new lover.
  • Diety Statute (optional) - Some people may want to add a statue or framed artwork of a diety that corresponds to love or the type of love the practitioner seeks.


Day – Friday

Moon – Full

Check online for the most up-to-date lunar calendar. Try to cast the spell around the exact time of the full moon in your time zone. If not, within the 24-hours span of the full moon will be just fine.


Create a sacred space according to the tradition you follow whether this means casting a circle to simply meditating with intent. This ritual will need its own small area for a few weeks. Arrange the space in a visually pleasing manner, including the pink candle(s), pink rose petals, and other items that represent love. You may also add a statue or picture of one of the Gods or Goddesses of love such as:

  • Aphrodite - Greek Goddess of love and beauty
  • Bastet - Egyptian Goddess of love, sexuality, protection, and beauty
  • Cliodhna - Irish Goddess often associated with love and beauty.
  • Cupid - Roman God of love and desire
  • Freya - Goddess associated with love, beauty, and sexuality.
  • Kamadeva - Hindu God of young love
  • Min - Egyptian God of sexuality, reproduction, love, and sexual pleasure
  • Siebog - Slavic God of love and marriage
  • Sjöfn - Nordic/Germanic Goddess associated with love
  • Rati - Hindu Goddess of passion and lust
  • Venus - Roman Goddess of love and beauty
  • Xochipilli - Aztec God of love
  • Yue Lao - Chinese God of love and marriage

Turn on the waterfall, if you are using one. Light the candle. Light the incense.

Visualize your dream partner. Fold the pink paper in half and open. On one side write what attributes you would like for your partner to have (funny, sensible, responsible, wealthy, etc.). On the other half write the physical features you desire in your partner (green eyes, brown hair, etc.). Remember to be realistic. Close the paper and fold three times.

Concentrate on your desired partner. With both hands, squeeze the folded paper and chant the following while rocking back and forth:

Do this for a few minutes. Find a focal point. This could be focusing on the flame of the lit candle, the flow of the water or the rose petals scattered across the surface while visualizing your dream partner manifesting his or her way to you. When finished chanting, place the folded paper in the envelope. Then, take the candle and pour some of the melted wax on the envelope to seal it. Now set it under the candle while the wax is still pliable. Continue to quietly visualize and meditate on the partner you wish to attract while the incense burns out. Snuff out the flame. Leave the waterfall running while this spell is in progress, at least over the next couple of weeks or so.

Repeat every day around the same time until the new moon or the candle is finished-whichever comes first.


Gemini Magick on November 10, 2019:

Is this a spell you crafted? It’s a well rounded spell and I like the fact you added in working with a deity. I find that spells that call for a candle to burn down completely can sometimes put people off, as they think it’s going to take forever for a candle to burn down all the way. In these instances I like to use birthday candles. They burn down really fast and they come in all colours for different uses in spell work. I also like to use them for spells that I want to add a bit of speed to. Have you tried working with birthday candles?

catherine from independence on April 24, 2018:

I will try it that wonderful,thank you!

Pongolani Ahmadi on April 12, 2018:

It's really amazing.I'll have to try this.

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