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Love Magic and Spells


Have you been looking for love or your soulmate? If you practice magic this might be the right place for you! These spells are meant to attract your ideal partner or soulmate. These are not meant to bewitch or force a specific someone to fall in love with you. Please use caution when using love magic.


Basics of Love Magic

The best colors to use when performing love magic are pink and white. You can add a red candle to the mix as well for added passion.

The best day to do spell work is Friday, preferably on or just after a New Moon.

Gemstones that can be used when performing spells or while engaging in love magic are rose quartz for romance and moonstone for energy exchange.

Some plants you can incorporate into your love magic are ivy for fidelity and, pink rose for romance.

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Simple Love Spells

Simple Candle spell;

You will need a pink candle, lavender, and/or ylang ylang essential oils, and a sheet of pink paper.


  1. Describe your ideal lover on the paper, write a list of qualities you wish them to possess. Never name a specific person, however, even if you have someone in mind. (Example: loving, honest, understanding)
  2. Anointing the candle with oil, mix together the essential oils, and rub the oil onto the pink candle. Hold the candle over the paper you wrote on earlier. Place the candle onto the paper after you rub the oil onto the candle.
  3. Focus on your love wish, light the candle every evening starting on the Friday of a New Moon, (Or any Friday). For about a minute, focus and concentrate on the kind of person you wish to attract.
  4. Waiting. While you wait for your magical intentions to find your partner, be patient and keep healthy. It might take a long time, it might take a short time, but it will be well worth the wait.

Another simple spell or practice is to use Aphrodite oils.

You will need to add the essential oils of myrtle and rose to a base of sweet almond oil. Add this mixture to bath water or use it as a massage oil. You can even use it to anoint a pink candle that you use to honor and petition Aphrodite while asking for romance or a perfect partner.


Notice/ Warning

I am by no means an expert in the field of magic, I do not claim these spells will 100% work. It has to do with your energy, how much, and what kind you put out into the universe when you practice love magic. I wish you luck in your hunt for a romantic partner!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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