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Living in a Stretched Society

"Jerry retired Trucker- Author- Ph.D. in Philosophy/ Life Coach from Kingdom Ambassadors Global Univ. & Currently MHC Life University"


Open Introduction

Greetings everyone and I want to personally thank you for the invitation to come and share with you from the word of God. Beloved, our Scripture reading this morning is taken from (Proverbs 30:12) where it says that "There is a generation that are pure in their own eyes and yet is not washed from their filthiness.

Beloved this scripture speaks volumes concerning what kind of people we have among us today that walk in pride and arrogance with a mind so narrow that a gnat could sit on the bridge of their nose and suck juice out of both eyes.

Saints, this is what I call the microwave want everything now generation with its fast society attempting to keep us with the latest trends and stress which work to affect the physical health of people caught up in its grasp. Beloved, this undue stress can and sometimes is the contributing factor that cause irreparable damage to relationships.

Beloved, we all know that lasting relationships must be maintained and cultivated to provide the comfort that is needed to survive the many curves life tend to unleash and did you know that time can be invested, it can be managed and you can even get a return on your investment but it can never be saved therefor how and what you invest it in needs to be chosen wisely.

Saints, in this message, we are going to understand how to manage and live our life wisely by making room for the things that matter especially our family.

Beloved, living life in the fast lane will not only wear us out but it tends to take a toll on our body which can only take so much before it begins to show warning signs of fatigue and beloved, this fast pace life style will produce stress which can readily increase our risks of developing chronic health problems.

Saints, even a high performance race car needs a pit stop for maintenance in-order to stay in the race.

Dear reader our frail human body can be likened to an office computer which requires a scheduled time to dump its memory banks to keep it operating efficiently.

Beloved, our body needs adequate rest and sometimes it needs some down time to unwind in-order to remain healthy and keep us going. Saints of God, overload comes when we have too much going on in our life and work our-self into exhaustion until we develop health problems which could end in permanent disability and dear reader that is something to consider especially in the fast paced world we now live in.


Learn How to Say No

Dear reader, do not be side lined by an unexpected heart attack or stroke that could cause you to be hit with hardships that you are not prepared for and what good is all your hard work if you are not around to enjoy the fruits of your labor?

Beloved, we as humans need time to think, relax, and enjoy the life that has been allotted unto us.

Dear reader, nobody on their death bed ever said, I wish I had spent more time at work and is it not time for us to learn the power of saying the word "No."

Beloved, did you know that if we do not manage our life and time wisely, somebody else will do it for us.

Saints, we need to condition ourselves to take a break and get out of the survival mode that we so easily get in, especially, when we allow things to over load us.

Beloved, a lot of people today are over loaded with the cares of this world and have neglected to concentrate on making happy memories with their family which will pay off more in the long run especially in later years when they reflect back on their life.

Saints, time spent with our family should be enjoyable to us, and leave us with some happy memories especially when they are no longer around.

Dear reader, it is time to put some margin in our life which will give us breathing room, beloved saints, I am talking about wisely investing our life where it counts because margin is the space we allow between our load and our limit.

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Saints, did you know that you can invest in your life and get a dividend from it, however beloved once a precious second of your life is gone, you can never get it back.

Family Comes First

Beloved, we could take a day and follow someone and by the end of the day we would know where they invest their time and where their priorities lie for this would surely tell us what the most important things in their life are.

1. Where we invest our time will reveal what is most important to us.

2. Time cannot be saved, if we don’t use it, then we will lose it forever.

Saints, in this fast paced world people love to take short cuts such as inventing appliances like microwave ovens that will produce a meal in seconds.

Beloved, did you know that time cannot be bought but it can be spent and invested, therefore beloved, may I ask you where are we investing our time and where do our priorities lie?

Beloved, we can invest our life through encouraging words to someone in need and what about people today that say they are people of faith?

Dear reader, a person can tell if your faith is important to you by listening to your words.

Saints, we need to invest our life into others by giving back out of the things that we have been blessed with and we can use our experience and wisdom to make a difference in the lives of others which will not only be a testimony but leave behind a legacy that will live on after we are gone.

Church, we can invest in people by becoming a true friend they know they can count on no matter what comes their way.

Beloved, the Living God has invested his gifts in every one of us and he expects to get a return on his investment.

Saints, the Living God loves to invest in common ordinary people and some have made it into his blessed book called the Holy Bible.

Beloved, we tend to place our self in a survival mode in order to make it through a busy day because in this mode, we can only think of our self and neglect our family.

Beloved, we tend to neglect God in this mode because we hate to think of adding something else to our busy schedule, but dear reader, we do not have to live our life in a survival mode because if we make room for margin in our life, we will discover that it will give us room to breathe and spend time with our family which will cause us to enjoy our walk with Christ and make our self-available for him to use us.

Yes beloved saints, we can make our self-useful for the master’s service and life is a precious gift and we need to use it wisely and church, while others living in this fast paced world may be overloaded we are making memories and saying no to family intruders will allow us time to treasure, invest, manage and enjoy the life that the Living God has blessed us with.

Beloved, for the sake of your family please find the off button on that cell phone, and turn off that favorite TV show.

Saints, your family needs you especially after being away on a long business trip and dad's, It is important to have family discussions and allowing your children to express what it was like and what you missed while you were gone, yes your son speak of the big game you missed and your little girl say daddy, I broke my doll because this will make them feel important and who knows what they will grow up and give back to society.

Church, what good is saving the world and find that you have lost your family.

Beloved, your ministry begins at home so be the priest of your home and enjoy your beautiful family because very day, many are losing their jobs and their homes.

Church, There are people right under our nose that are living paycheck to paycheck with barely enough money to pay their bills and there is always someone that has been through more than we have but let us be thankful for what we have and make sure our family knows that they mean more to us than anything on earth,


My Conclusion

Beloved, we can read today’s newspaper and find ourselves in a barrage of negative attacks which can war against our faith and our way of life.

Saints, some today are taking their life because they feel that there is no way out of their situation because life seems hopeless to them and we hear reports all the time of someone being bullied and shamed in school.

Church, these are young lives, their reputation means everything to them and because of this smear on their life, they would rather face death than go back and face these people that are ruining their life.

beloved, where are the praying mothers that used to stay awake to watch the nightly news hoping to get a glimpse of their son fighting in a war on foreign soil, and where are the mothers that would pray over the children before sending them to school?

Dear reader with all the murder and suicides occurring throughout our land, please know that your family needs you now more than ever.

Beloved, we cannot help anybody by pretending to be someone that we are not therefore, we need to be who God made us to be and allow him to serve his purpose through us to our generation by reaching out to a hurting world that is confused and looking for answers.

International Evangelist
Jerry W. Hulse Ph.D.
Miracle Life Church International

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2018 Jerry W Hulse

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