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Living With Night Terrors and Sleep Paralysis

Beliving something evil is in your room can be terrifying


The beginning of sleep paralysis and night terrors

For me personally, sleep paralysis goes hand in hand with night terrors. The first nine years of my life were uneventful but everything changed when we moved to another house. I grew up in the Blue Ridge mountains of Botetourt County Virginia and during the summer of 1968, my family moved to a larger house that was about 100 steps from our old one. One morning I woke while it was still dark and my best guess is that it was just after 6:00 AM.

My great grandma who slept in the bed with me was in the kitchen talking to my grandma who was heading to work. My eyes were closed but I heard their voices, the coffee pot perking and the music on the radio. Suddenly and without warning, I felt a weight on the bed as if someone had just sat down. It was then that I realized I was unable to move and neither could I speak. It was very frightening.

Sleep paralysis can be dealt with


The ghostly presence on the bed

As I lay there, I realized that if both of my grandmothers were in the kitchen. I knew this meant that something else was sitting on the bed. I opened my eyes and was shocked to see the silhouette of a man who looked like Alfred Hitchcock, seated on the edge of the bed. I was terrified and did not want this apparitions to know I was aware of its presence so I closed my eyes and eventually went back to sleep. I did not tell anyone about this for decades and I never saw the apparition again, but the strange occurrences continued.

As a teenager with my great grandmother sleeping beside me, there were times when just as I was drifting off to sleep or about to wake up, sleep paralysis/night terrors would take place. I would experience an overwhelming feeling of fear and sense that something evil was nearby. As I am Christian, I began to think to myself "Help me Jesus" because I could not speak. I believed a demon was targetting and attempting to molest me.

At that point, I would feel the covers moving near my legs and it felt as if a hand was trying to pull them off me. I pull the blanket over my head and try to pretend I am sleeping. On a few occasions, I dared to reach out and actually felt hands on the cover or on my leg. This was truly frightening and although some experts say it is only a dream it feels so very real.

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All the while I'm fighting with everything in me to break free and wake up Eventually, my words begin to come out muffled and I'm able to speak and say "Help me, Jesus." Almost immediately I fully wake. The feeling of terror and sense that an evil being is in the room are always gone and I am left wondering if what I experienced is real or a lucid dream as some suggest. This scenario played out so often I began sleeping with crosses and Bibles under my pillow.

Nght Terrors and Sleep Paralysis can be terrfyng

Sleep paralysis and nght terrors seem real

Sleep paralysis and nght terrors seem real

Demon or hallucinaton?

The sleep paralysis has continued into adulthood although it's less rare. I continue to be caught in a state where my body is asleep and my mind awake, but no longer have the sensation that a demon or ghost is trying to molest me. I have found that when I don't sleep on my back and when I pray in Jesus Name or read scripture before bed my sleep is peaceful.

The cause of night terrors continues to be debated with the medical science community saying it is parasomnia while religious communities believe there is a supernatural component involved. There are Facebook groups where stories are shared and some consider sleep paralysis to be a part of alien abduction. All I know is, that for me, my faith in Jesus giving His followers power over evil in Luke 10:19 and Mark 16:17-19 has taken away the fear that I will be harmed.

Dreaming of sleep paralysis

Now that I am is older, I have has a few situations where instead of having an actual episode of sleep paralysis or night terrors, I will dream that it’s happening. I always dream I’m back in the county home where iI grew up but each time the house is slightly different. I’ll be in bed and my grandma or great grandmother will be in bed next to me and wake me up from the terror. It seems so real but within moments I wake up for real.

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