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Little Changes For Good

Sometimes we have to make changes so that we will have a good outcome in life and the hereafter. Yes I have to change.

Psalm 23:5

Psalm 23:5

Where are you sitting on this?

Small changes to your life and the decisions you make can change both the perceived outcome as well as the actual results (destination)of your journey. - to prove this, stretch out a line about 20 ft long with visible markings in your driveway or yard, and then come back to the point of origin. Now just start again with only about 2 inches of deviation on the first foot of travel, but watch how it doubles as another foot is traveled, and at the end see that that little change in direction has caused you to end up three feet away from the original 20' destination. Now consider that where you stand right now in life is the point of origin. Go ahead and make that small change to your life and habits. Notice how it changes the course and events of the day. You also will discover things you never thought of while doing the same old thing day by day. Break the monotony of your life by making changes and carrying out your new goals. Doesn't this feel good? Just make sure now that the ground you are on is safe.

For instance if you live near a bog, you might not have the same opportunity to change the degree of course. It might be wiser to walk in the same path. In that case you will have to wait until the terrain has changed in order to alter your course. One thing to consider is that all roads do not end up in the same place. The hub you are on intersects with other hubs, but at some point you must change course again to return to the same place. So understanding of the obstacles and knowledge of the terrain both bring up factors to consider.

Mentally the navigation of life is basically the same. What is it you desire to do? what accomplishment do you have in mind? What destination? Methods of pursuit depend on what resources are available and on what choices you make. Hold your present course and of course you will end up where you are presently headed. But if you want a new outcome, then you must take the appropriate steps to get there.

One of those steps includes having a plan. Let me explain: lets build a simple chair. Picture 2 vertical posts that start out as the back legs for the chair, then two shorter legs on the front. Now intersect those 4 legs with horizontal braces, both at seat height and halfway down the legs for a second support brace. So you will find out you need a total of 8 braces in order to construct the chair. Then lastly you will need flexible slats to fill in the seat bottom and the back rest. Now picture this chair as the essence of your life. The intent of the structure is to sit you, or seat you. Now each of the shapes, diameters, and lengths of the pieces used in the construction helps decide the manner of chair it is to be. But let's say God is the designer, but you are the assembler and you have the choice to fit the legs and the braces as you see fit, so lean back the posts and curve the slats to make a comfortable fit for your back and your stay. Surely you are checking with the designer, and looking at the plans and creating a decent chair to sit in? You should, because you are the one sitting there.

You have a larger part in creating the choices and outcomes of your life than you realize. The Bible is the blueprint. God is the overall Inspector, but the life and gospel of Jesus Christ is the best building material while using your knowledge of Gods word and his ways help you make your life a success. As you get better at using your God given tools, wouldn't you want to build a good bottom, or foundation to sit in? with a good back rest, to hold up your back and head for your life purpose? All the choices you make along through your life are critical to how you present this vessel, (the word of God calls us "vessels") of the Holy Spirit and of God.

We are told that every man builds his house. I want to say that the more you get involved with god and this process, the better is going to be the outcome and the destination and the product. A song we sing says " Beautiful words, wonderful words, wonderful words of Life. - every step we take and every moment we spend here help to determine our life, and our end. For we are caused to sit in heavenly places with Christ.

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-Eph. 1:3 Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who hath blessed us with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ:

-Eph. 2:6 And has raised us up together, and made us sit together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus:

So we are going to need the chair to be comfortable and we are building it right now. Do you need to make changes to your chair?

I know this is a little bit different, but it surely indicates how your course through life (and mine) is important. Jesus is the master carpenter, so its not shameful to get him to help you build the chair you will one day sit upon in heavenly places.

If its not built right, yes it could dump you right off and into hell. No, I don't want anyone to go there. Jesus Lord and Master does not either. so lets get to know him better today. He loves you! The one who created you loves you desperately and wants you to come sit with him in heavenly places.

© 2020 Oscar Jones

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