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Light at the End: Fact or Fiction?


With corrupt governments running rampant, wars and rumors of wars increasing, and loved ones passing away from illness, the times have become increasingly uncertain. More people who wouldn’t give it a second thought are now curious, having a change of heart on certain issues.

I believe a more relevant question is, “What happens after we die” — not considering any specific details such as whether light or darkness will be present. Whatever the case, there is certainly relevance that should be addressed.

There are two general schools of thought on the matter of life after death. One side asserts that once deceased, everything you are  —  the physical body, memories, and personality, disappears forever. Needless to say, what a terrible thought! The other school asserts that we have immaterial spirits that pass on to another place.

Belief in the Supernatural

Those who assert that we cease to exist after death are typically those who claim nothing exists beyond what we can detect through objective observation — they are materialists. If nothing exists beyond objective observation then it logically follows  for all practical purposes  that we disappear after death. However, on the worldview that a creator exists outside of space, matter, and time, hope exists.

Because of certain laws of physics  —  specifically, those pertaining to entropy  —  the notion of a self-existing structured universe postulated by materialists is not tenable  —  or even logical. One facet of entropy says that all matter in the universe degrades over time. Therefore, as evolutionists claim, matter cannot randomly form the structures and conscious life seen in nature.

The only other possibility is that a creator  —  existing outside space, matter, and time  —  is responsible for the vast, mysterious, and dazzling universe. Whatever created space, matter, and time must exist outside of them. It’s not logical for the elements to create themselves, to say nothing about randomly forming into structures defying the laws of entropy.

Can You See the Light?

Sound arguments hold that both the universe and life were created by an intelligent being  — determining that the supernatural does indeed exist. There is hope.

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The creator has left evidence as to who specifically he is. Stop believing the notion that a college degree is needed to understand these things and that the buck stops with so-called "experts."

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