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Saint Shenouda

about the great saint Shenouda, head of the Loners

Shenouda, originally a Coptic word meaning "son of God", and in the Coptic pronunciation according to the Beheira dialect, pronounced "shnoty". The Greek pronunciation of the name is "sunyout", named after the father of the Egyptian, or father of the Egyptians. He is considered the most important figure representing the company's monks in Egypt after St. Bakhomios. He was called the head of the autistic people, because he loved and lived a life of unity.

Newborn Saint Shenouda :

Saint Athanasius the Apostolic saw a vision in which the angel Michael told him that he would give birth to a baby named Shenouda and would fight against creators and heretics and eliminate their misguided teachings. The pope was delighted and comforted in this vision

St. Auressius (one of the monks of St. Pachomius the father of the company) also prophesied when he saw his father the saint and said, "This woman will give birth to a son who will be a blessing to every believer around him, and his name will be revealed like a sperm throughout the inhabited earth

Also, the father of St. Shenouda, whose name is Abigos, and who resides in one of the villages of Ahimim, saw a heavenly vision. A great planet shone on him, and on the same day his mother Dorba saw a beautiful strange dream. The pure saint Mary appeared to her with a cross in her hand, and gave the mother of Shenouda a piece of bread, and said to her, "You will give birth to a boy, and in the morning the father told his dream, and the mother cut down her dream, and glorified God for what they saw"

And on the seventh day of Shenshunah, 49 Coptic, on May 2, 333 A.D., the baby Shenouda was born

Life of Saint Pope Shenouda II as Head of the Autistic Circle :

His father Abigos was very rich and a resident of the village of Shetala (Chandwell): At the moment, the same village of Al-Maragha Center in Sohag Governorate lives a life of true Christianity that glorifies God

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Shenouda went with the shepherds in the morning to shepherd his father's sheep. At the time, he was 9 years old

At the end of his daily work, he was late to his parents every day, as he used to sit down with God and pray. One day, the mother rebuked the shepherd for delaying Shenouda every night. The shepherd replied that he always left early, and he did not know the reason for delaying him back home

The next day, after Shenouda, as usual, departed early from the shepherds for his home. And the shepherd watched him from afar, and knew where he went: and without seeing him, lo and behold, he saw afar off, kneeling on his knees, praying long prayer, and his fingers shining like candles, and the smell of intelligent incense filling the place

The next morning, the shepherd told his parents what he had seen. They glorified God and thought about catching up with the convent, which was headed by his uncle Pjol

painter Shonoda a monk :

His parents gave him a siesta, and he was considered one of the monks of the convent, although he was a very young child. He saw in him a high spiritual stature and perfect love, after his uncle Begul saw the vision of "The angel of the Lord standing upon the head of Shenouda, and asked him to be clothed with the monastic Essam who was next to him," and that the Lord had blessed him by himself. And the Lord informed him that the boy would be a righteous, God-given monk, and would build a great convent

+ St. Shenouda lived in his jihad, in fasting, in prayers, and in deep love for the Lord who loved him, and tended to be alone outside the convent for long periods of time


One day the Order of the Elders heard a voice say: “Shenouda became Archimandrite” (that is, a President of the Unitarian), and Shinouda's burning zeal, high holiness, and numerous divine revelations from the heavenly Father attracted a great number of people to him, who came to live with him under his care and to learn Christian virtues. When Anba Yagol moved to the Allegiance of the Elders, they elected Shenouda as his successor.


D-mena eltahan (author) on October 22, 2021:

Saint Shenouda is the undisputed Coptic Dean of Literature

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