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Life Without A Dream

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Life without a dream is like passing through the desert. It is Dry!

Life without a dream is like passing through the desert. It is Dry!

If a question is posed today, “what is your dream?” how long would you take before you answer? Are you confident in your dream? What is your vision? This is how the message began and the preacher’s voice sounded urgent and on the verge of desperation. The congregation looked at him utterly in awe, each one as if searching themselves to find where they stood.

The issue of having a dream in life is a serious one and touches at the core of our existence. Why are we here if not for a reason, a purpose? God has given us power to be creative, to dream, and to visualise, to plan.

As he began to expound on this concept of having a dream in life, I began to see the big picture and started to take notes briskly as I could tell this material deserved to be shared. I am thus sharing herewith the message as I received it.

There are five types of people in the world:

1. Those With No Dream

There are people who are born in a mediocre family , go to school as a formality, achieve nothing of significance there , proceed to do menial jobs just to survive, live a mediocre lifestyle and die. Then there are people, who are blessed to come from a well-to-do family, live a superfluous lifestyle and even do well in life but are still not happy or peaceful. Both these cases represent people without a dream of their own. They do not really know why they exist or what they are supposed to accomplish in their lifetime.

These people live life frustrated at every turn because they are serving other people’s dreams but their own. It’s either they are working for other people and pursuing their master’s dream or they have all the money in the world but are using it for the wrong things. Nothing really is for them and they lack satisfaction.

To this category, I could also add some cultures who believe in working for a living. Their sons and daughters are taught to be labourers who are supposed to have a 9-5 job. This kind of thinking is instilled into their minds as they grow up and so, instead of cultivating a dream of their own, the children concentrate on preserving their culture and pleasing their parents. They immediately join the rat-race or for women, their journeys end when they get married and have kids.

I once discussed the issue of having a dream, a purpose with some female colleagues and was shocked when they asked me where I found time to sit in front of a computer to write articles and publish on the internet. To them, life was about waking up in the morning, attending to husband and kids, go to the 9-5 job, after work; rush home to attend to the husband and children and then attend church on Sunday. Wow! I told them that they are superwomen, but my question was whether they had a dream of their own apart from the routine they had outlined.

I must say, I was disappointed when instead they questioned my rationale for having other interests outside the family. However, I could understand where they were coming from, especially with the religious belief that we are here on earth temporarily and are headed elsewhere where we are going to have a more pleasant, fulfilling life. I realised that some people do not take time to really find out the truth in the Bible. Especially in the area of purpose, why we are created, how we are supposed to live until the day we get re-united with the creator. Short of preaching, I would like to point out that this could be the subject of another discussion concerning, “the kingdom life”.

Anyway, as the preacher continued with his message, it also became apparent that many people do not have a dream in life; a reason, something to aspire to. Such people also suffer boredom in life and spend lots of hours sleeping or being idle. If one has a dream, it is inevitable that they want to be working at their dream every moment they are awake, going to bed late and rising up early to catch up with all that needs to be done.

People without a dream, live with regret each time they look back and think of what could have been. They have not achieved anything satisfactory and life has just passed by.

2. Those With a Small Dream

People have small dreams because dreams make us accountable and the smaller the better as there is less pressure. A small dream is easy to achieve, or even to pay for and receive instantly. For instance, if my dream was to own a car, then that is a small dream as it is easily achievable. The preacher also said that, if a dream can easily be paid for, then it is a small dream.

It is also true that fear of failure and criticism lead people to small dreams. As human beings we are very conscious of our surroundings and we tend to value other people’s opinions more than ours. Therefore, it matters what people will say if I attempt to follow my dream and I fail. I will be criticised left, right and centre and it is difficult to be accountable in bigger things. Hence, smaller dreams which are easier to achieve are preferred; at least with small dreams the pressure is low.

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3. Then There Are People With a Wrong Dream

Ouch! This is a big one because one can spend all their productive life chasing the wrong dream. For example someone could think that their dream is to make as much money as possible but in the process lose family, friends or even health, only to realise this is not really what they want out of life. An example would be someone who goes through university and obtains degrees or even a PhD and qualifications for a career in which they find no joy or satisfaction. This person hates every moment he or she is at the job, and wonders why the dream turned into a nightmare. It was the wrong dream.

4. Some People Have a Vague Dream

These are people who may have a great idea but they are unclear as to how to get there. Such people spend life in a maze only to realise when it is too late what they needed to do to reach their dream. These are people who talk a lot and can articulate their dream but cannot act on their word. They are missing a vital link to make the dream achievable. They have a rough idea of what it is they need but have no full revelation of the dream.

5. The Last Group of People Have a God-given Dream!

Then the preacher became excited when he started talking about this last group of people. He said this is the group that everyone should aspire to join. It is made up of people who have a clear vision, a purpose and their dream is not self centred but God centred. It is a dream that is birthed from seeking God and receiving revelation. These people are peaceful, and find joy in every step they take toward the dream.

These people know where they are coming from and where they are headed. They understand purpose and the fact that one cannot live his life in vain. There has to be more to life than mere existence. There has to be a purpose for which we are created and that purpose has to be fulfilled. Their dream is to fulfil that purpose by all means. In order to do this, one needs to seek God so that he can reveal the plan and the dream develops from there.

A God-given dream will surely come to pass despite the obstacles on the way. An example from the bible is that of Joseph who had a dream that he was going to be big. Despite all the challenges he faced at the hands of his brothers and the wife of Potiphar, in the end he prevailed. His was a God-given dream.

Start Dreaming!


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