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Are Libra and Sagittarius a Good Match? Everything You Need to Know About This Pairing

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Libra and Sagittarius fall in love because they want to have fun and be free. They liberate each other with their unorthodox ways.

Libra and Sagittarius fall in love because they want to have fun and be free. They liberate each other with their unorthodox ways.

Libra and Sagittarius: A Fun, Addictive, and Hollywood Romance

Libra and Sagittarius can make for a long-lasting, fun, crazy, and delightful relationship. Libra gets their energy from the beginning of fall, and Sagittarius gets their energy from the end of fall. Air and fire signs typically get along better with each other than they do with earth or water signs.

The signs born later in the zodiac year act differently than the earlier signs. Libra as the 7th house and Sagittarius as the 9th house have already witnessed how several signs operate, their shortcomings, and also what makes them shine. The later signs use their knowledge of the early signs (the guinea pigs) to better understand the world and ultimately survive.

The following hub will help you understand the Libra-Sagittarius pairing. It will answer questions you may have including:

  • What are the biggest problems for a Libra and Sagittarius couple?
  • What's the best way to navigate Sagittarius' commitment issues?
  • Are Libra and Sagittarius good in bed together?
  • What does Sagittarius like about Libra?
  • How can a fire sign and an air sign stay together for the long term?

Libra: Personality Profile

The scales are Libra's symbol. Libras are born in the middle of the zodiac year. Libra tries to balance out the zodiac cycle. This is someone who wants to make friends, loves justice, appreciates fairness, and wants harmony.

Libras are drawn to relationships. They can date and make it work with any sign. They're naturally good at predicting someone's needs. They like to keep things light and carefree. You could make a strong argument that they're the friendliest sign.

The cardinal air sign struggles to express negative emotions and has a reputation of being indecisive. They bottle up their emotions and then all of a sudden they explode like a warehouse of accidentally lit fireworks.

Sagittarius: Personality Profile

Sagittarius' symbol is the centaur. The fire sign thrives off wild, spontaneous energy. The centaur doesn't want to be like its fire cousins, Aries and Leo, who have brighter and bolder flames. Aries and Leo get themselves into the thick of arguments and war (they're edgy and conflict-prone). Sagittarius is more laid back, like a wild horse, running around the planet doing whatever it pleases and learning whatever it wants.

The good news: Sagittarius is open-minded. They're considered the most colorful flame. They easily make friends, and they're not afraid to take risks. Sagittarius has a way of making others feel comfortable and also inspiring them. They're a jack-of-all-trades, loving to dabble in many things. They're quick learners, and they're the biggest givers of affection. . . at least when it comes to the fire signs. Sagittarius isn't afraid to give and not receive.

Now for the bad news: Sagittarius can be indecisive, and their struggles with commitment are legendary. They'll refuse to sacrifice their freedom. They like to run free-range around the planet—to sacrifice their fun and settle down for good is terrifying. Sagittarius is a fiercely independent sign. They're way more comfortable being single (or playing the field) than most signs.

The catch-22 of a Sagittarius is that they make for wonderful bedmates, but they're 1,000% skittish about commitment and relationships.

Libra + Sagittarius

Libra finds Sagittarius' drive for freedom fascinating. Libra may struggle to keep up with Sagittarius because the cardinal air sign is looking for commitment. Most Libras want to be in relationships. Libras are on a hunt for harmony, and you can't have harmony if you only have a melody.

Unfortunately, since Libra is partner-seeking and Sagittarius is self-seeking, this pairing will be rife with tension. Libra will have to accept where Sagittarius wants to take things, and Sagittarius will have to compromise if they want to stay in love with their adorable Libra. Eventually, they'll have to compromise if they want to survive for the long haul.

Libra will need to grow and be comfortable arguing and fighting for their beliefs. They can't always run and hide. You have to advocate for yourself, Libra. Sagittarius will have to be a little serious if they want a healthy relationship. You can't tell jokes all the time and avoid being vulnerable.

Libra and Sagittarius are both amiable souls. They want to have fun, they want to keep things light, and they're highly creative. They get along because sparks fly.

Libra and Sagittarius are both amiable souls. They want to have fun, they want to keep things light, and they're highly creative. They get along because sparks fly.

Trouble In Paradise

Sagittarius: Commitment Issues Are Ever Present

I want to get this into my Libra readers' heads: Sagittarius' commitment issues aren't about you. They have these issues in all of their relationships.

It's normal for Sagittarius to have commitment-phobia. They need a really patient partner. They don't do well with someone who is demanding and has high expectations. Sagittarius isn't meant to be on a leash. They're happy gaining knowledge and living a life rich in experiences. They're afraid of turning into a couch potato, or worse, putting their life on hold for someone else.

Libra: Often Turns Into a Sloth

Libra, unfortunately, can be really lazy. Libra often cancels plans with others because they want to stay home; they want to be wrapped up in their favorite blanket. They love making friends, but they also love watching TV and not taking showers. They don't like having to present themselves all the time: they want alone time!

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Libra can be self-reflective and actually pretty emotional. They can also overbook themselves because they can be ultra-friendly. They're in a constant battle of deciding whether to nourish friendships or have alone time. They're also indecisive to the extreme, so putting distance on friends is a form of protection. (Not seeing people = not being forced to make decisions.)

Yes, the sloth is like the guardian animal for Libras. The air sign wants to be cozy, amiable, and eating snacks to their heart's content. Libras don't like stress and/or conflict. So again, they avoid people. They're in a conundrum because they love people and want harmony. The problem is they see so much disharmony in the world. The world in constant conflict makes them really sad.

Libra Qualities Overall Are Very Attractive to Sagittarius

Libras are moved by the world, they have empathy, and they also have minds brimming over with unique intelligence. The Libra mind will attract Sagittarius since they prize intelligence, but Sagittarius also prizes beauty, creativity, and emotion. Libra has it all and is working hard to balance all these traits.

Also, Libra and Sagittarius are both pretty weird. When two people are both weird, they can feel more comfortable around each other. These two naturally understand one another's quirks.

As elusive as Sagittarius' can be, they can be lured in through weirdness and charm. They are like a horse, in a sense. If you wave carrots in front of their eyes, they'll come to you. Sagittarius isn't just a loner. They're very curious people. They need to follow up on the weird and shiny things they see.

A successful Sagittarius and Libra relationship will have the Libra active in the world. The air sign will be working on creative projects and have the confidence to meet up with friends. Meanwhile, the Sagittarius will have plenty of time to both hang out with their Libra to chase down strange things and to have time to themself. This relationship won't work if there is too much sitting around and talking and pontificating.

Communication Problems

Libra and Sagittarius may struggle to communicate. Sagittarius might not reveal how much they really love their Libra. This may cause the Libra to look for a new partner, and then, only at that point does the Sagittarius really make a solid stand about their feelings. . . and how much they don't want to lose their partner.

Sagittarius Makes Bold Moves When In Love

The idea of losing the Libra forever is extraordinarily painful to the Sagittarius. They do not like to close off options; they want to have as much time to decide and explore as possible. If the Libra they love can no longer wait on them and must find love somewhere else, the Sagittarius will regret that their slowness took an option off the table.

The Sagittarius may make a huge effort to win over the Libra, but also once they have won over the affections of the Libra, who may have had to breakup with someone to get back with the Sagittarius. . . the Sagittarius could very well go AWOL again. They've put all that energy into winning the Libra back, and now they want to focus on other things that don't expend so much energy. This is all very confusing for the Libra (and painful).

The chaos from Sagittarius can drive the Libra away. As much as the Libra loves a balancing act, this act calls for some serious mental gymnastics. It's okay if the Libra decides this isn't what they want.

A confident Libra can win a Sagittarius' heart. But Libra confidence runs thin after a while. Libras like for things to be secure, in harmony. They struggle when discord has knocked upon the door. Libra really needs someone who is secure in themselves. . . someone who doesn't play mind games with them. Libra already has enough existential problems, so adding more to that isn't appealing. Libra needs a problem solver, not a problem inventor.

Libra is looking for a supportive partner who doesn't just want to look at the practical side of things but also makes them feel happy. Libra gets bored when things are too predictable and normal. Fortunately, the Sagittarius excels at excitement. A Sagittarius person is a happy-making machine. And that's why Libra is attracted to them.

Keep Things Creative and Light

For this relationship to work: Libra constantly needs to inspire Sagittarius' mind and Sagittarius needs to constantly inspire Libra's heart. Sagittarius needs to get Libra to do silly things. Libra needs to offer their unique perspective: challenge your Sagittarius to think of things they've never considered.

Tip for couple: the cycle of fun and thought-provoking should be natural and not forced.

Fire Signs and Air Signs


Likes to solve things through action. They're aggressive, forward-thinking, and can't be tamed.

Likes to solve things through thinking. They're creative, abstract, and clever. They tend to talk and/or write a lot.

They're good leaders. They inspire those around them. They look to put plans or ideas into action.

They're good problem solvers. They can think creatively and are open-minded. They can handle a good riddle.

They can be highly competitive.

They have high levels of stamina. They're excellent test takers and great at distracting themselves to get through tough times.

They're on the move. They can't sit still.

They're in their heads. They can't stop thinking. They have trouble sleeping.

They're passionate, charismatic, and alluring. They work off instinct.

They're amiable, witty, and whimsical. They work off intuition.

Sexy Times

Libra and Sagittarius will thrive in the bedroom. Both people are seeking fun. They also both really care about their partner's needs. Both people really want to give, and they're less interested in receiving.

Sagittarius wants their partner to have a wild, unpredictable, and unforgettable time. They like to explore, be goofy, and try new things. Sagittarius might say some dirty things and smile a ridiculous amount when they've got you all to themselves.

Libra is doing everything they can to make their time with you harmonious. They want to please you, they want you to like them, and they're pretty open-minded. Libra isn't as spontaneous as Sagittarius, but they're just as weird and quirky.

Libra may want to cuddle when Sagittarius doesn't. Sagittarius may want to try something and Libra is weirded out by the move. Overall, these two communicate really well and have a good time. They don't take things too seriously, and they have a tendency to go with the flow.

Every time they get together will be unique and unpredictable. Sagittarius needs to be with someone who doesn't rely on the same old song and dance. Libra is anything but boring. Libra needs someone who makes them happy—they're not looking for intensity.

Libra and Sagittarius date ideas: (1) stroll along a beach and have a picnic, (2) horseback riding during sunset, (3) check out a festival or carnival, (4) travel to a gorgeous location, (5) drive to somewhere and stargaze.

Libra and Sagittarius date ideas: (1) stroll along a beach and have a picnic, (2) horseback riding during sunset, (3) check out a festival or carnival, (4) travel to a gorgeous location, (5) drive to somewhere and stargaze.

10+ Tips to Make This Relationship Work

1. Compromise is key for a Libra-Sagittarius pairing. The two of you may want to pull in different directions at times. It is important to include the other person's input. Do not just do your own thing: communicate and be clear! Compromise will help you to make more concrete decisions.

2. Libra has a tendency to jump to conclusions or get impatient. Before getting lost in your hummingbird thoughts, give Sagittarius some slack. Hear them out, trust them, and be open-minded. Sometimes your anxious ways get the best of you.

3. Sagittarius needs to take Libra's feelings and concerns seriously. Really hear them out and take notes you can refer to later. Listen and make changes to grow stronger in the relationship. Jokes can be inappropriate. Don't neglect your partner's feelings.

4. Go and have fun! Don't sit around talking about all the problems. Go out on an adventure. Going outside and putting things on pause can help you solve problems. Sometimes solutions come to you indirectly. Besides Sagittarius lives for an adventure, and Libra thinks better after spending time in nature.

5. Keep the silliness of your relationship alive. There is a certain tone that comes from this pairing that is light, gentle, and quirky. Let that vibe soar! Don't act like the people around you: be yourselves.

6. The Libra-Sagittarius couple does well to hang out with their friends. You both soar when you have people around you to entertain you and to observe. Go to parties, get dressed up for fun events, and take random weekend getaways. Surprise vacations are in your favor.

7. Sagittarius may want a long-distance relationship to pursue a career or to develop their talents. This could result in the end of the relationship. Libra has the power to decide if a long-distance relationship is something they want to enjoy or loathe. They may just close the gap and move closer to Sagittarius. If the Libra moves to be closer, Sagittarius needs to remember that the Libra sacrificed for him.

8. Couple counseling is a good idea for this couple. The two of you like to constantly start projects and things but not necessarily finish them. Therapy can help you slow down and manage your world. You need help learning how to organize your surroundings.

9. Don't cry over spilled milk. Don't make a mountain out of a mole. Don't be more dramatic than necessary. Sometimes you both need to chill out and dance to the music.

10. Write affirming messages to each other. Remember: you want to compliment your partner more than you criticize them. Reserve judgment. Be slow to anger and quick to love.

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