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Libra Tarot Card Reading

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Cross of Truth Card Spread


# 1 ) Present energy/Situation: The Hermit. Learning lessons in order to transform, and to become a better version of yourself- keeping to yourself mostly, definitely staying in more than going out.

# 2 ) Desires/Fears: I0 of Pentacles (Reversed). Losing everything you’ve worked hard to obtain. Sometimes, you think it could all be taken from you at the drop of a dime.

# 3) Helpful energy + Tools : 2 of Cups (Reversed). Being on your own, (single), is really the best thing for your spiritual growth right now. Continue keeping to yourself until the time is right. You’ll know it.

#4) Challenges/Opposing energy: Ace of Cups. New love interests will take your focus off the goal at hand. It will hinder your progression. *Avoid a new relationship at the moment.

#5 Likely outcome: 10 of Wards. You're going to make it! It feels like the weight of the world is on your shoulders, but this too Shall pass!

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