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Libra Sun Sagittarius Moon Combinations

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Libra Sun Sagittarius Moon (for ladies)

"Her Illumination: A great date.

Her dark side: A Donna Juan.

This lady is one of the shakers and movers of the Zodiac. She's also a thinker, but she doesn't want to get too deep into a subject. Debates are exciting for her. She wants a superficial knowledge of nearly every subject, from religion to foreign language. If she was born around 3 in the afternoon, she's apt to have numerous job changes and an accentuation of her oftentimes flighty nature. This woman doesn't know much about the meaning of discretion or moderation. She's a hard one to pin down to one relationship because of the footloose Sagittarius Moon that hates any sort of restriction. Those little words like "Love, Honor and Obey" at a wedding ceremonies can be repeated without much meaning. She isn't about to obey anyone. But she'll love and honor her man, or she wouldn't bother to be with him. She must respect a man, his mind and his ambitions. Since she aspires to a great many things, you need to have a series of long term goals yourself. She may be prone to wander, to change phone numbers and addresses, but her life's goal stays basically the same--she wants plenty of money to explore, to experiment and to enjoy the fruits of her labor. She won't horde money. She knows it's a tool for barter and she's willing to exchange it for her various necessities. Basics like pedicures, raw linen trousers, and music lessons are part of her life's food. She's a delightful traveling companion, a fabulous date, and a great hostess. She's not good at checkbook balancing, or a mother of the utmost devotion. She may even consider the children a near nuisance. She wants to stay married to the right man so she can have her home base to hang her nylons from, but she may slip into an affair once or twice. It shouldn't interfere with her marriage, because it was really no more to her than an exercise in the art of courtship--she doesn't want to get out of practice. She was born for it. The Sagittarius is near perfect for her. The Leo is too demanding of her attentions, and a few Scorpios will fall by the bedside. The Capricorn may be her Waterloo."

(Taken from The Book of Lovers by Carolyn Reynolds.)

Famous person with this combination: Naomi Watts.

Libra Sun Sagittarius Moon (for guys)

"His Illumination: Adventure seeking.

His dark side: Forgets to take you along.

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The lucky Sagittarius Moon finds a nice home with the charming but not so lucky Libra Sun. This is a combination of an aspiring, lecturing, philosophizing, preaching individual. He does well at work, and is trustworthy. His sights are often set so high, and on such perfection that he is too hard on himself when he falls short of all his loftier aims. He is energetic, enthusiastic, adventurous. He is constantly seeking to learn more, to broaden his horizons, and improve and expand his life perimeter. He is constantly on the move, so you cannot be a dud. You will need high levels of energy, at least intellectually, to keep up with him. He may be very inconsistent. He likes changes. Don't remind him that he has altered his original position on a subject 180 degrees. He will defend his new stance. Don't remind him the middle aged of those species that he is not as beautiful as he once was. You will provoke him. Don't try to tie him down, for his nature is like a hot little puff of air. Let him get out and about or you will find he has traded the cozy little dinner for two for a safari to the wilds of Africa, and you will not be invited. He dreams like no other man--big, expansive, childlike fantasies of adventure, and fame. He thinks he is here on this Earth to bring sunshine and light, not to sit at home with you and the kids. He deals beast with children on a part time basis. His dreams are impressive, and he usually has a fair degree of success in accomplishing them. He may marry several times. Who can live up to his dreams? You Sagittarius ladies understand his emotional needs. Libra and Cancer can cope with him. Aries and Leo truly fascinate him. His little black book may not be so little. You keep your heart out of danger here."

(Taken from The Book of Lovers by Carolyn Reynolds.)

Famous person with this combination: John Mayer.


Nikki on August 23, 2015:

"A Donna Juan"...LMAO. I've had a few trying to ball and chain me... So far only my Sag man has captured my heart. So, you are correct in stating Sag is a perfect match, for me at least. His Sun conjuncts my moon by 4 degrees and his Mars conjuncts it by 1 degree. He's been bringing up the "being exclusive" here lately though. We've been dating almost a year, and he's been talking about our 1 yr anniversary coming up in 1 week. I have a Gemini rising but his planets conjunct my descendant from my 6th house. Honestly, he's the only one I would settle down with. And yes, I believe he is my soulmate.

Sasha on August 03, 2014:

Ahhhh I can relate!!! I wonder how an Aries ascendant affects this placement

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