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Libra Sun Libra Moon Combinations

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Libra Sun Libra Moon (for ladies)

"Her Illumination: Ability to cast a spell.

Her dark side: Need for control.

This lady is one women who places a high priority on looks, right down to the shape of your nose. She may act flighty at times, and fall in and out of love on a regular basis, but in the final analysis she falls hardest for the man with savior faire and wavy hair. If she has to wait for him to terminate other relationships, she will. She can pursue her man for years with quiet intensity. If you like your ladies thin, she'll diet for you with great determination. If you like redheads, she'll become one. She'll spin romance and fantasy around you. The fact that she's very pretty to start with may help her in her romantic pursuits, but what really gets her men is the way she will hang in there for the one she gives her heart to. She's no doubt read and actually enjoyed The Total Woman, and has every intention of becoming one for the man of her choice. It's just that there will be quite a number of men who will pass through her life before the Main One. She'll like to change you. She won't nag, but you'll have to make concessions to her gentle management. You may never even notice that you're losing a part of yourself to her manipulations. Further, you may not care. Look around your home, did you really want all the lace curtains, the wicker chairs and the lovely ferns? Did you really want to give up baseball to remodel the den? Probably not. Watch her at the office. Does she manage to weave the same magic on her superiors? Will anyone ever catch on? Sometimes, but they won't care much. She needs beauty and harmony to survive life. Once she has it she'll want to pass it on to others. She's a divine puff of inspiration, she makes everyone feel good in her presence and better for having fallen under her spell. The Capricorn won't want to give in. The Cancer will, but he can cause her too much frustration with his moods. She needs a Sagittarius, or an Aquarius. She creates quite an odd team with the Pisces who can sometimes come out on top."

(Taken from The Book of Lovers by Carolyn Reynolds.)

Famous person with this combination: Kate Winslet.

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Libra Sun Libra Moon (for guys)

"His Illumination: Everyone's buddy.

His dark side: Spots a beauty at 300 feet.

When a person has a double sun-moon combination, it emphasizes every single thing over again about the sun sign. He is a dreamer, and unfortunately a bit of a schemer. And although I am not saying that he is unusually feminine, he does have a lot of feminine characteristics. He will understand your "mall-aholic" tendencies, and enjoy shopping. He will appreciate why you over spent on redecorating your apartment and have to eat rice for the next several months. He will laugh and get silly with you over some crazy incident. He will cry at the movies with you. You will love it. He will also have a lot of buddies, and he will not confine they boys' night out to special occasions. If he gets lost on the way home from work you can probably find him out with the gang. His coworkers are his closest friends. Don't, however, let him know you were looking. He wants your companionship and partnership on his own terms. This man should be a talent scout for a modeling agency. He can see a real beauty at 300 feet. He knows instinctively the difference between natural hair and weaved color. He will be the first to notice the beginnings of crow's feet in your twenties. He will proceed to tell you. He may even buy you the latest cream. If he is madly in love he will offer to save with you for your eventual plastic surgery. Inner beauty counts, but outer beauty is what he prizes above all. There can be no ugly, tawdry side to you. Four letter words from you will leave him absolutely queasy. Don't, for heavens sake, pick your teeth after meals. It will upset his delicate balance. Live near a junkyard and he will lose it altogether. Set the stage properly and he comes alive. He is the essence of charm, a real Cary Grant type. He is sweet and romantic. He can earn his way out of poverty, and wants to better your life as well. He never wants his children to know poverty. He is magnetic. You can't really resist. A Pisces, a Taurus girl, or any of the Air signs, or one of the beautiful Libras stand the best chance."

(Taken from The Book of Lovers by Carolyn Reynolds.)

Famous person with this combination: Jesse Eisenberg.


Chezym on August 11, 2017:

I'm still looking for my Sagittarius, I had an Aquarius and he was bipolar and it didn't work sout I'm hoping for the best!

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