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Libra Sun Leo Moon Combinations

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Libra Sun Leo Moon (for ladies)

"Her Illumination: Alluring.

Her dark side: Won't wash your toupe.

This lovely creature has tons to dramatic appeal. She'll go out of her way to inspire others, build confidence and create harmony. Sunny and bright, she's not self centered or demanding. She does, however, know what she wants and she's fully prepared to go after it. She'll have many friends, most of which are influential. Her emotional needs are best met at work in a career of exchanging ideas or involving extensive travel. She'd excel in directing little children in the theater. At any rate, she is a fair and just coworker and can't figure dishonesty. You can count on her to be dependable and responsible. While she's an excellent mother, she's not traditional. She brings her personal interests into her home life, teaching her children a variety of subjects not learned in school. Her husband will find her enchanting and alluring long after her ardor for him has cooled. The man in her life will have to be sociable and possess a fair amount of flair himself. He'll also have to be tolerant of her extravagances. She's a clothes horse and dresses beautifully--it's part of her innate showmanship. She likes to do things on a grand scale and there's nothing petty about her. She possess a solid faith that she can overcome most any setback or problem, and she can. Never at a loss for male admirers, she's straightforward and not given to playing games. What you see is what you get, and you'll be all the luckier for it. Don't take advantage of her good nature--she feels a higher calling that to pick up your socks. Best chances for a lasting relationship comes with a Leo or Sagittarius. The Libra Moon will catch her eye from time to time, though."

(Taken from The Book of Lovers by Carolyn Reynolds.)

Famous person with this combination: Catherine Deneuve.

Libra Sun Leo Moon (for guys)

"His Illumination: Top ten in appeal.

His dark side: Fear of intimacy.

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This man is in the top ten of appeal. Not that he will have the best qualities, necessarily, but that he has an especially appealing personality. He fairly oozes charm. He is the sort of man who makes other men's attempts at romance seem somewhat lackluster. He will do everything to make your life easier and more pleasant. His own, however, can be plagued by turmoil. This moon position gives him the ability to wing it, and he will therefore have a greater potential to impress employees and coworkers. His life will never be dull. There will be, in fact, a lot of changes in his life. Impressionable and infatuated with love, he is drawn to inconsistency against his better judgment. This energy can be channeled positively with a job that requires travel and creative endeavors. He will use his idealism, his single red rose, his travel tickets for the weekend to capture your heart. He is traditional in the way he treats his women, with respect and tenderness. The modest way he presents himself leaves you nearly spellbound. Chances are he has had an early marriage. He can endure most anything in his efforts to make the union survive. He won't be big on shouting matches. Even when he is angry, his voice will be soft spoken, and mild. He is great with children too. He is no fool, and you can't pull one over on him unless he wants you too. He moves at his own mysterious pace, which alternates from frenzied to near lazy. When he doesn't want to be pushed, he won't be. That includes making a commitment. I hope you are a Leo, Libra, Aquarius or a long legged Sagittarius. He will notice the most beautiful girls first, by the way."

(Taken from The Book of Lovers by Carolyn Reynolds.)

Famous person with this combination: Oscar Wilde.


Billijay on April 14, 2013:

What about leo sun libra moon combinations?

Or leo sun scorpio moon?

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