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Let's Disconnect to Connect: Social Media Tips for Real Life

Our life stages are unique, Kathy enjoys sharing her thoughts and stages through her writing and looks forward to learning about yours.

Maybe a Little to Much of a Good Thing Ain't So Good!

Let's disconnect to connect!

Let's disconnect to connect!

Let’s Disconnect to Connect

Are we connecting, or are you assuming connection through social media? You trust a person based on a post, but should you? In the present, technology distracts us, giving the rebuttal of, “Let me get that in a second?” When someone is on their device, say they are listening but then respond with, Sure, but let me tweet this quick.

We do it, admit the flaws; we must disconnect to connect. Technology is not a curse. However, using our resources has been an issue since the start. I was hoping you wouldn’t get it confused; I am in awe of the information age. If we need a recipe, we click Google, Snap Chat, Pin It, or Tweet; it’s okay, and having these at our fingertips is exceptional. I use social media and sometimes enjoy it. Other times, I miss simple things, such as actual communication.

But, as much as I enjoy social media outlets, I love being with people, discussing things with my mom, giggling with my sister, speaking with a friend, and whispering. I prefer hearing the warmth and passion in the voices. I enjoy seeing the expressions firsthand. So while I get excited when someone I love sends me a tweet or comment, I prefer when present with them or experience the look in their eye.

Do you miss talking as opposed to text? The penned letter is such a joy to receive. Are we figuring things out, researching instead of Google? How often do we jump to conclusions? The worst is to assume! Because what we believe matters when we base action on their social media, deciding it to be a fact. Haven’t you ever heard of fiction?

Remember, we live in a world of hackers, and they seep into our communications. When people are behind a screen, they boast, pump up, and even exaggerate. I would lie to myself if I didn’t see the chasm I could fall into when not communicating in person. The written word is fantastic, but hiding behind it is not cool. Standing in front of the screen and next to my terms, I must stand behind what I write.

Caught between a rock and a hard place

Most people get somewhat caught between a rock and a hard place, wanting to be current and up to date. They want to know what the next generation is up to while seeking to be part of the communicating world. The immediacy of connecting fast that social media allows is excellent, but sometimes we want the actual thing.

The movie Cast Away has Tom Hanks, the actor, on a deserted island for a long time. He is away from everything and experiences complete disconnection from technology. His character forms a relationship with a volleyball, drawing a face on it to interact with daily. He lives with it, talks about it, shares his supplies, and even comes to love it. This poor man craves the personal touch and a genuine relationship, but it's not available; he has no connection.

Society should be concerned with our technology's immediacy; we could end up on a deserted island with no connection. We don't want to lose the love of our relationships because of the lack of proper respect. There is a risk of taking our relationships for granted. Setting boundaries is necessary.

Social Media limits the ability to clarify what we are saying and feeling, at least in written form. Face to face is getting lost in the image and superficiality of Control, Alt, and Delete.

Dear fellow humans, we need to prioritize staying connected with those we love. Hackers are out to steal your information. Don't let technology hack your life.

Sometimes the pull to have the latest news feed is overwhelming, making it hard to balance. But each day, thinking about that defining line of natural versus fake and which side I'm on? Too much or too little. Am I connecting while I'm staying current, or am I disconnected from being current?

When not careful, we find ourselves on the wrong side; it can sneak up on us without paying attention to the balance of communication.

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Dog after baby squirrel and mama says, ...                  NO WAY!

Dog after baby squirrel and mama says, ... NO WAY!

Mama squirrel jumps dog in defense of her little one.

Mama squirrel jumps dog in defense of her little one.

Now whose between a rock and a hard place? Things can change quickly when we're not paying attention.

Now whose between a rock and a hard place? Things can change quickly when we're not paying attention.

The Lucky Ones ~ Lecrae

A Relationship That Works...

So here is the deal. Contemplate this for just a minute. This world we’re living in has a remarkable parallel to our relationship with God. We have to notice a slight disconnect. The cause of static in our communication? Are we sometimes the victims of the dropped call? Maybe we’re not checking in except to send a quick Snap Chat. It’s not that these are terrible things; how do we use these resources? Do we not answer God and take everyone else’s call?

A pie chart examination can determine how much time we spend connecting to God’s word. How many posts do we use for lifting someone, praising Him, helping, and teaching others? Do we post pictures that share the joy we have? How many of us use our conversations to share God and build His kingdom, showing others He is worth everything? Encourage others to add God as a friend. Do any of us need to shine a little brighter for the glory of God? I know I do!

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We are curious people seeking answers, so we head to our devices, looking things up and Google. We research and yet do we accept everything we see and read? If you believe everything you read, you may never eat another morsel from our food source. You may never go to another doctor because you can cure yourself or become hopeless about what you read. So, are you sure you can trust your resources?

Social Media is an information highway where truth has its blind spots. That extra dose of fluff can fall off and clutter the road. Be careful not to crash. People are not cars, yet we continue to bump into and off of one another quickly. They hit the like or love button and move to the next story. But the actual connection takes time. Humans crave connection. However, our resources of media are only a fraction of fulfillment. Please, not mistake it for the genuine gift of a relationship? Put in that friend request to God; he will accept!


The gift of a relationship is one of our greatest teaching moments. We call family members Christians to share His love and His word. But unfortunately, our earthly presentations are under attack from hackers. We need a magnificent coat of armor.

There is only one relationship with everything we need; no matter what, if we focus on it, our other connections can be healthy. They can repair and can always experience growth. The link that keeps us connected is with God!

We must stay connected to His account, follow His tweets, and Snap Chat with Him. Relationships allow practice for whom we will be in Christ. We need to connect to that relationship. We are staying united in our focus and clearing away the hackers to hear the truth.

Support your friends and family; there is no need for everyone to be on your social media friend list. We must stay with one another and keep in touch with an existing relationship. There is a risk of loss if not connecting with God and one another in person.


We have plenty of resources to connect with; we need to use them for good. Are you sure everything you see at first glance is as it seems? IIs it possible that social media is just that and not personal? Maybe with social media, we're not getting the whole story? Could it depend on getting to know someone in person or connecting with their heart, for real, face to face, at least on the phone, or with a letter?

  • Be careful to maintain healthy conversations using your resources the right way.
  • Bring God into all conversations and communications, even if only by asking God to guide your words and thoughts.
  • Be careful; we know right from wrong (most of the time). Be kind.
  • Seek understanding with an open mind instead of learning to accept with opinionated judgment. The judging thing is not your job; don't forget your mirror.
  • Don't be so squeaky clean that you can't witness someone else's experience. You don't have to comment; remain open-minded.

I know a man people assume much about; his name doesn't matter, although many will know who he is. On his viral web page, it says this,

"My Mission Haiku

Sutterink–ain't me.

It is the darker ego.

That pays my mortgage."

He writes much, and people assume they know him, but do they?

We all have a darker ego, so maybe we should remember that and do our best not to assume we know everything about a person's heart. I have relationships with many people, and their differences made me who I am. I love their diversity, and their journey helps me relate to parts different from myself. We are better in unity when we open ourselves up to one another and share what molded our path.

Maybe the people we think are not like us, those who we see only from the outside, are just a little more real on the inside. Perhaps they let you know their interior, and they're out, but only one sees their heart, and in most cases, I bet that writing is impressive. Aren't you glad that God can look at your heart?

Some people are authentic, and some are hackers. Are you sure which is which? Make sure you don't disconnect while you're connecting on social media. Communicate with the only one we need because God is the Real Deal, worth the connection, and He will never drop your call.

Come Healing by Leonard Cohen

To connect or disconnect that is the question?

© 2014 Kathy Henderson


Kathy Henderson (author) from Pa on August 04, 2015:

Thank you Raw Spirit ~

At times, my writing is a reminder of the need to focus and stay connected in the world that works tirelessly at pulling people apart from one another with technology. To be apart from God would be the opposing nightmare.


Robert Morgan on July 22, 2015:

i really enjoyed this article. It has made me reflection on the most important connection I can every have. Thanks again for writing something that touches hearts.

Kathy Henderson (author) from Pa on January 22, 2014:

Thanks Jo Goldsmith

Reflective thoughts is a good way of putting it. This topic has been tugging at my heart as of late. Being the mom of teens, I make sure to stay current, but want to connect and have them connect in very real ways. Especially in their relationship with God. I am blessed as they do a great job. I just like to remind us to keep the balance. Thank you for your wonderful comment and Blessing to you as well :)

Jo_Goldsmith11 on January 22, 2014:

I really enjoyed reading this beautiful work of reflective thoughts.

I know for me personally, I sometimes will hang up on God, when I don't get the answer to a prayer. I guess, this needs worked on.

Sometimes we forget that he knows more than we do, and he can see what happens if he does give us everything we want, that may not be good for us, or what his purpose for our lives direction.

I am humbled and grateful to be connected with you. And I appreciate you so much for sharing this. This is something I really needed to read.

Shared, tweeted, voted up. :-) Blessings & Shalom

Kathy Henderson (author) from Pa on January 22, 2014:

Thank you again dearest Blossom ~ the best things about your comments is I get to see your pic with that beautiful smile. Blessing always

Bronwen Scott-Branagan from Victoria, Australia on January 22, 2014:

A great hub, full of wisdom. A little of a good thing is great, but too much is far too much. Technology has a very useful place, but connecting to that can mean disconnecting with God, real people and the real world. Voting it up.

Kathy Henderson (author) from Pa on January 22, 2014:

Thanks Jodah ~

Sometimes we just want to remind ourselves to stay connected and so I write to remind myself while I am talking to God. Thanks for stopping in and have a blessed day :)

John Hansen from Australia (Gondwana Land) on January 22, 2014:

What a wonderfully written hub, full of wise advice for us all, Christian and non-Christian alike. Technology is great but it's not the be all and end all. Personal relationships are what is most important and always will be. And for Christians our personal relationship with God. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

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