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Let Us Arise

John is an actor, writer, and entrepreneur interested in the search for truth and meaning in the world.


When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn....Proverbs 29:2

We are once again being abducted and sold into slavery by cruel black masters. See our leaders at political galas as they extol and exalt one another while constantly elucidating the dogma of discontent among the black masses. It is time for Black Americans to arise to their God-given place in this world. However, the rise cannot be effectuated without a change in our leadership because they are the problem. They once fought for our rights under the banner of righteousness; but now they are part of the establishment. As part of the establishment, they serve their liberal masters well. Every unbiblical cause (e.g., abortion, homosexual marriage, illegal immigration, unsustainable government spending, etc.) have they allied themselves with, even though many of us cringe in shame. Such action denigrates our noble race and is contrary to what we shout about on Sundays.

We were released from the shackles of slavery only to be held captive by political leaders who seek their own glory. As a harlot is rented, so are we on Election Day. These black leaders use the formidable weapons of fear and intimidation to coerce compliance to their master’s dictates by announcing we are going back to slavery or demagoguing affirmative action opponents. By their actions, these so-called “leaders” have abandoned the basic tenets of the Civil Rights Era, namely success through character and ability; unwittingly, they have become impediments to black ascendancy. These leaders do not inspire the pursuit of excellence, but rather encourage the masses to become dependent on others and despondent to opportunities.

It is time for us to arise and fulfill our true potential. Racism is not the problem: we are the problem. By embracing the concomitant teratogenies of victimology and inferiority as an internal mindset, we once again become enslaved to unkind masters. Let us arise to our true selves. We are a people capable of moving mountains. In the 1960s, the black race advanced because we occupied the moral high ground. The rights we fought for were deeply rooted in the American Constitution and the Bible. Today, we no longer occupy the moral high ground. Our very behavior and lifestyle have become the antithesis of responsible living. We blindly follow leaders who through deceit curry our favor and side with perverse allies that jeopardize our very survival. It is time for Black Americans to arise and break the shackles that bind us. To seek mere equality should not be our quest but rather intellectual and economic ascendancy. The ascendancy I espouse can only be apprehended through hard work, self-control, and a personal vision of grandeur. Let us this day as a people rebel against political schemes and reject moral putridity. By pursuing excellence in all aspects of this life, we will be able to flourish in the new century. As a minority in the land, we cannot survive otherwise.

For a synopsis of this American tragedy, simply look at the genocide of the black family. Rarely is a black child born into a traditional family. This fact alone has greatly contributed to Black Americans having lower levels of academic achievement and disproportionate rates of incarceration. However, our politicians, who are moral miscreants, in light of all the evidence to the contrary, continue the Mis-education of the Negro (Carter G. Woodson’s seminal treatise) by insisting that every socioeconomic problem facing Black America emanates solely from the vestiges of slavery and racism rather than the primary culprit, namely, the culmination of a series of poor choices. How is it that this lie is continually marketed and embraced in our community? Sadly, I must admit many in the black community relish the role of victims because it frees them from having to take any personal responsibility for their lives. Thus, we are guilty of willingly polluting ourselves, destroying our own communities, and then blaming others.

For instance, the Ferguson riots are yet another teachable example of what is wrong with most black Americans. Instead of letting the facts surface about the shooting, the professional victims (i.e. grievance industry) and race baiters advocated that the mob conduct a public lynching of officer Darren Wilson. Please note that these men have falsely accused others (I.e., Duke Lacrosse Team and Police in Tawana Brawley case) in the past who were subsequently exonerated of any crime. These men flourish because there is a virulent sickness in liberals, and especially liberal blacks, as evidenced by the adoption of a depraved entitlement and victim mentality. What community, other than blacks, burn and loot their own communities? The rioters act like police shooting blacks is at epidemic levels or an everyday occurrence. Nothing is further from the truth. Most blacks refuse to face the true crisis in their community call black on black crime, better known as the black self-inflicted genocide of the 21st century. Does a black life have value only when taken by a policeman or white person? As successful black man, I, statistically speaking, have a nine times greater possibility of dying and reason to fear sudden death at the hands of a black man than a white man. Where do they plan to buy groceries or work after the days of rage? Few businesses plan to rebuild there. Welcome to the yet another Detroit or Watts. Blacks must either repent or perish; unfortunately, there is no middle ground. I believe being a world overcomer [otherwise known as an achiever] is preferable to being a victim and dependent on others (i.e., societal leech). The legacy of slavery argument, which does have some historical merit, will garner sympathy only for so long. Unfortunately or not, freedom comes with the responsibility for self-determination--meaning that in life you only get out of it what you are willing to invest. Everyone knows what is required to achieve success in America, namely ambition, hard work created breaks, self-discipline, and a good education. If you are unwilling to participate, then do not use racism as a crutch [that means an excuse based on laziness and cowardice) for your lack of success. Until we as a community eviscerate this mindset from our collective consciousness, we will remain at the bottom of the socio-economic ladder of society.

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This type of self-denial obviously breeds resentment regardless of past wrongs suffered by our forefathers. No, I say we must boldly examine ourselves! How is it that slavery and Jim Crow oppression (terrorism) failed to destroy us? But, it is in our time of greatest wealth and political influence that we are seeing our demise. It is time for us to say enough is enough and examine ourselves. We are the problem and the cure. Black Americans must vigorously pursue those things exceedingly excellent instead of following the disingenuous mantra that proclaims we, as “inferior people,” need special not equal rights and protections under law. Also, we must realize that a new day has dawned in America in which opportunities for success are available to anyone who has the courage to follow his dreams. Otherwise, the sufferings of our forefathers were in vain. Now the wall of segregation is broken, and the river of oppression bridged. Let us arise with a renewed purpose not to sing in downtrodden bondage as victims, “We shall overcome,” but to sing in the ebullient, God-given freedom of today, “I have overcome.”

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© 2021 John Remington Pierce

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