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Leo and Virgo Love Match ♌️ + ♍️

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Leo and Virgo Compatibility

Leo and Virgo have some natural things happening in the Zodiac that make them an ideal couple.

  • Signs born in the same season, consecutive signs, or neighbor signs tend to pair well.
  • Usually, signs that appear next to each other have some familiarity, but also enough difference to give them distinction.
  • Usually, the sign with the higher number has qualities that the previous one missed.

Leo is a fire sign and known for their big ego, leadership qualities, and as the champion of the people.

Virgo is an earth sigh and known for her scholarship, loner ways, and as a perfectionist who seeks to get things right.

In a sense, Leo is the king and Virgo is his counsel. Leo will get things started; Virgo will see to it that projects are finished. Virgo will beat themselves up for unfinished projects.

Both signs occur in the summer. They’re used to heated discussions, passion, and intensity. They like things out in the open, they expect some rain, and they're thinking about where to go. Both were born in times when people vacation, relax from school and work, and also when people tend to gather.

Leo's Romantic Needs

Above all, Leo needs someone who will pamper them.

  • They like compliments, gifts, hugs, and time spent on them.
  • They mostly just want reassurance
  • A partner who does not fan these flames, will not last.
  • Leos are loyal, they are committed, and they are family centered.
  • They need someone who is passionate, but not more passionate than them.
  • They only stray if they have an existential crisis, or they feel their needs haven’t been met.

Leo wants to be the center of someone’s world. For many, this is cloying and somewhat patronizing. Leo wants to be a dominate force in their partner's life. They’ll want to shower you with gifts, take you to places, and put you on a pedestal. He will believe in your dreams and see to it that your dreams come true. The Leo is the fixed sign of fire, which is a symbol of the free-will. Leo is all about manifesting dreams and visions. This sign is magical and powerful. They believe with all their heart in possibility.

Leos do not do well to sit and wait. The Leo can be impatient because they want action to happen. Leo isn't someone who sits on the sidelines or the bench. A Leo wants to be active in reality. The Leo wants to make their partner come alive. The Leo takes it as a great privilege to get a person out of her shell.

They live for challenges. They love complicated partners with wild visions and trying to make it work. Leos thrive in settings with lots of people. Leos tend to be extroverted or at least social. Introverted Leos treasure their friendships and family to a high regard. Introverted Leos are full to the brim with ideas that they want to make happen. Introverted Leos make for incredibly intelligent people capable of bringing great change into the world. They have creative minds and unusual quirks. An introverted Leo will look for a partner that makes them feel alive and is willing to hear about their craziest of ideas.

Leo doesn’t do well in a slow paced and organized relationship. They’ll get bored with too much consistently or not enough room to grow and play. They’re charged by exciting ideas and people. Leo wants variety, a life full to the brim, and a great deal of fun. They’re loud, noticeable, vibrant, slightly crazy, and fairly successful.


Virgo's Romantic Needs

Virgos want to succeed as well. They are excellent managers of resources. Virgos do not simply fall in love. They like to be on their own, carving their own path, and believe deeply in creating a better world. Virgos often have chivalr,y which is appealing to Leos. Virgos can treat Leos the way they want, and Virgo will find it appealing to meet the needs of their partner.

What does Virgo want in a relationship?

  • Someone who respects their time.
  • A smart, sophisticated relationship that's well-grounded in traditions, charm, and allure.
  • Someone who isn't careless.
  • A relationship where they can get their work done with ease.
  • Someone who appreciates them for their hard work, their ways, their quirks, and even their weak points.
  • Virgos last with someone smart.
  • Virgos want someone who accepts chivalry. They love manners.
  • Virgos need someone who meets (and exceeds) their crazy high standards.

Virgo is known as the most single and independent of the signs. A Virgo can go ages without falling in love or having a partner. The Virgo will still want his or her independence while in the relationship.

The best scenario with a Leo and Virgo is that the Leo has enough items on his list to stay busy and occupy his time with ideas that must be manifested — while the Virgo has enough time to sort through and perfect what is before them. Virgo is an earth sign which means it is resourceful, practical, and logical. Earth signs are in their five senses. They’re great at working with their hands, managing finances, and taking the tried and true approach. Virgos thrive off a mix of eccentric whims and traditions. Virgos are some of the smartest people with the grit to become scholars, professors, and lawyers. A Virgo does well to facilitate and organize the dreams and whims of the Leo. Leo has boundless energy while Virgo has a never ending need to sort, perfect, and create in the physical realm.

These two have very similar end goals; however, they come about it in different ways.

A Leo and Virgo Relationship

Leo sits on the throne while Virgo leads the classroom. Leo gets things started while Virgo finishes it. Leo has the free-will while Virgo has the practicality to see things through. Leo is intense as it is guided by the middle of summer, while Virgo is more relaxed and leading into fall.

Leo will amuse Virgo. Virgo likes all the energy and warmth of the lion. The Virgo can also trust Leo to be a good companion and parent. Virgo will charm the Leo with her excellent manners. Leo will find the pampering it wants. Virgo knows how to reassure the Leo and give them the comforts of a steady life. These two can last for the long haul. They like trying new things, they most likely have an affinity for nature, and desire a better world.

Due to their proximity on the Zodiac chart, they have a certain kindred connection. Earlier signs tends to be more immature, ready to go, and brazen. The middle signs are a little more mature, but still have some of that youthful, crazy energy. The latter signs are more mature, wise, and sometimes slower to act.

Leo is 5 and Virgo is 6. They’re in a spot that’s great for family building, with a slight amount of maturity. They know they need to work hard, they still have hope for humanity, and they see the sunny side of things because they're both summer signs. Leo and Virgo pairings are fairly common. Leo is charmed by Virgo’s brains and beauty while Virgo is charmed by Leo’s energy, humor, and attitude.

Leo and Virgo at a Quick Glance







Late Summer


July 23 and August 22

August 23 and September 22










Ruling Planet



Represented by:

The Heart

The Chest

House of Cards



Motivated by:




Inspired by ideas and people, champion of others, loud, generally extroverted, social, friendly, competitive, bold, courageous, direct, noticeable, talker, energetic

Perfectionist, charming, scholastic, smart, sharp, independent, hard worker, logical, sensible, in their senses, calculated, chivalry.


Mundane events, lack of energy, boredom, jerks, people who are mean to the less fortunate, insults, no way out, no way to succeed, obstruction, de-motivation, betrayal, inciting their jealously

Senselessness, expensive and poor spending habits, too much brokenness, invasion of free time, stupidity, lack of thought, lack of creativity, telling them what to do, prescribing them a way of life, diversions from work


Showing off, experimenting, a slight amount of danger, drugs, drinking, unnecessary exhilaration, needing to be louder than everyone else, introverted chaos

Depression, seclusion, perfectionism, being too hard on one's self, reclusive, judgmental, pragmatic, too logical, holding a grudge.


Red, Orange

Earth Tones


Top Ten Tips for This Couple

  1. Virgo is prone to depression and sadness. Sometimes Virgo can become reclusive and needs some alone time. Leo should not take this personally, but should find ways to brighten the Virgo's days. Leo should do what they can to reassure the Virgo, stick to good manners, and avoid taking out negative feelings on the Virgo during these spells. Leo needs to be supportive and not always the leader. Don't boss around the Virgo. It will make things worse.
  2. In a sense, it's easy to keep a Leo happy. Virgo should strive to pamper and reassure the Leo on a daily basis drenching them in compliments, buying and making them gifts, consistently giving hugs and kisses, and being in awe of them. Leo wants to be adored above all else.
  3. Leo needs to think before they speak. Leo is highly action oriented and sometimes says or does something that isn't altogether bright. Virgo can get annoyed by this, so it's best for Leo to slow down sometimes and think things through. Might, energy, and decision do not always make things happen. Sometimes Leo has to be patient.
  4. Virgo and Leo will do well to spend time together, go on trips, have a social group they enjoy, and finding new things to do together. Both Virgo and Leo can tire of doing the same thing every day. They both like variety -- Leo is obsessed with variety. Virgo likes consistency but can also get bored and unattached.
  5. This couple should try to stick to a regular sleeping schedule and dinner times. Things can get unhinged if things get too random.
  6. Virgo should keep their words positive. Do not pass judgment on the Leo or say harsh words. This will come back to haunt you. Virgo needs to be gentle and soft. Leo does not do well with insults or a jerk. Leo can overreact to harsh words.
  7. Leo should avoid being sullen over Virgo's need for alone time. Leo should not add unnecessary drama into the relationship simply because they want to feel something.
  8. Leo is more of a leader and Virgo is more of a manager. Virgo should expect that Leo is going to start things and not finish them because they get excited about something new. When Leo gets excited about something new, they prioritize it. Virgo can help Leo get stuff done.
  9. Work together not against each other. Both of you are smart and capable people. Don't sneer and make jokes behind each other's backs. Be supportive. Don't lose sight of each other.
  10. Get a pet.