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Do Leo and Libra Make for a Good Couple? ♌️ ♎️

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Libra and Leo both have a warmth to their personalities that make them inviting and lovable partners.

Libra and Leo both have a warmth to their personalities that make them inviting and lovable partners.

Leo + Libra

Leo is driven by his ego. He has confidence, a will to get things done, and he likes to be the center of attention.

Leo is competitive. He likes to be the top dog. He thrives off action and determination. He has strong instincts that he trusts. He likes to flatter himself, look in the mirror, and put his accomplishments on display. Leo is ambitious, demonstrative, and meant to be in the spotlight.

Libra is a helper. She’s indecisive, she wants things balanced, and she likes the finer things of life.

Libras have an appreciation for art, trendy things, logic, nature, and everything in-between. Libras are not really self-starters, but they like to be around strong leaders, and to compliment the daylights out of someone.

Libra has a strong desire to be a good friend, to enrich the world with kindness and humility, and they really like to help and enlighten their partner.

Relationship Dynamics

These two may clash because Leo is a go/getter and Libra can be lazy. Leo doesn't like to sit all day; Libra can feel overwhelmed by the limelight.

What’s good about this pair is that they don’t cover the same ground. They both bring unique traits to the table. Leo is exciting to Libra, and Libra is charming to the Leo. They attract to each other because they're both a little bit weird, but not in the same ways.

Overall, fire and air signs go well together. They want to love their lives. They like to hop around from one thing to the next. Leos and Libras have a different pace than earth or water signs, which move slower and are more introspective.

Don’t get me wrong, both of these signs are introspective, but they also like to get their hands dirty. Leo likes to be directly in the action. Libra likes to be in the midst of creativity.

Some advice right off the back: Leo needs to watch his temper. Libra isn’t fond of people who are too hot-headed. Libra wants a relaxed vibe. Leo needs to be comforting to the Libra.

Also, Leo needs to accept that Libra may change her mind at any moment. Libra is one of the most indecisive signs; this can drive the ambitious and free-will driven Leo mad.

Leo needs to keep their roar to a rumble, and Libra needs to go with the flow.

  • Leo will annoy Libra if he gets too competitive and too ego-happy. He will. So Libra needs to have patience. Compromise is your friend.
  • Libra will drive Leo crazy if she forfeits her days just to sunbathe all the time. Leo will encourage her to make something of herself.

Both of these signs are intelligent and tend to be athletic. Both stick out in social settings: Leo because he wants the attention, and Libra because she draws people to her quirks and kindness.

This couple will do well to travel together. They may end up dating after going on a big road trip or hike adventure. You both do well out in nature. Routine isn’t something that makes either of you particularly happy. It will take some extra effort to clean, because both of you kind of slack on chores.

Leo thinks there are more important things to do than organizing and cleaning, and Libra is just lazy. A Libra can live a whole day without picking up a finger.

Finding a Common Core

So what is the makeup of this couple? On the bright side, this couple is silly, rambunctious, unpredictable, and bright. They shine together as a unit of 2. They both get their needs met. Their cup will overflow with love. They have all the ingredients for a long term relationship.

They need some help evaluating their trouble spots, Libra has a tendency to throw a rug over its problems and ignore them. Leo is sometimes too headstrong to see the big picture. But overall, this is a healthy pairing. It's generally recommended for both signs. The two have a certain chemistry that helps them get through the bad times, and a certain spark that keeps them passionate for each other.

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And Why Are They So Great?

Leo will entertain; Libra will charm. Together, they make for a beautiful and stunning pair. Leo is guided by free-will and wants to chase after his ambitions. Libra is guided by her thoughts and wants to bring greater understanding and balance into the world.

The two enjoy each other’s company. They feel they can get through anything with the right mindset. Libra is eager to encourage people, and Leo needs to be surrounded by people. Libra is eager to do something with her life — but what? Leo can give her the push she needs to actually go out and live her life.

Charming, Bright, and Merry

This pair should expect a certain amount of social following. People like to watch them because they’re interesting, different, and often successful. People like to be around success.

Communication Isn't Just Talking

Leo needs to make sure he listens to Libra and doesn’t just borrow her ears. Leo loves to put the attention on himself, as you should already know. He wants constant validation, coddling, and pampering. A Leo's heart will be won by the person who embraces them fully and drowns them with flowery, impressive words. Air signs get a major plus when they try to date a Leo because they rule communication.

Leo Helps Libra Find Her Voice

Libra needs to find her voice. She needs to allow herself to grow, to share her innermost thoughts, and to let go of her fears. Leo will love getting her to come out of her shell, for her to experience the world more fully. This is a couple that can bring out the best in each other for these reasons. Libra sometimes doesn't feel she belongs in this world, so she needs someone that can pull her out of her fears. Libras have so many ideas, but sometimes it's hard to find a setting that fits.

Nudge in the Right Direction

This couple needs to be cautious about encouraging each other too much or in the wrong direction. Sometimes you have to have frank conversations, or boring conversations.

These two need to come together to light fires for each other, but not ones that will engulf entire forests. They need just enough warmth to get through the cold night.

Libra fortunately has innate skills to balance out situations. Sometimes Libra needs to calm Leo down, to help him pull back some. Libra can also deliver this message in a positive way that reassures the Leo.

Perfect Leo & Libra dates: (1) bike rides outside in the sunshine followed by ice cream, (2) going out dancing and having a fun, spontaneous night, (3) heading into the rustic scape for some stargazing, (4) a picnic, (5) trip to botanical gardens.

Perfect Leo & Libra dates: (1) bike rides outside in the sunshine followed by ice cream, (2) going out dancing and having a fun, spontaneous night, (3) heading into the rustic scape for some stargazing, (4) a picnic, (5) trip to botanical gardens.

Air + Fire








Seeking Harmony

Seeking Melody









Justice Centered

Champion of Others



Partner Needs

Libra delights in the unusual, the quirky, and the charming. She loves romance. She wants little gifts, sentimental reminders, romantic getaways, times in paradise, volunteering for a good cause, watching sunrises, and doing things to challenge her inner soul. Libra wants someone who is romantic, who makes her heart smile.

Someone Who Will Win the Libra's Heart Will:

  1. Make things special, regardless of budget. They'll keep sentimental reminders about the things the Libra likes. They should remember important dates, important events, heartfelt moments, and have an eye for nostalgia.
  2. Someone who can tenderly give them some direction. Libra can get lost in their world and not feel comfortable in the real world. She needs someone who believes in her dreams.
  3. Libra needs someone who is available. Someone who is present, dependable, and reliable. Libras are drawn to strong, cohesive relationships. They don't like too much space or independence.
  4. Libra needs someone who doesn't take things too seriously. A Libra is at their worst when they're trying way too hard and hitching their cart to the wrong train. Libra needs someone to help lighten the mood and help them to keep a faith about the world. (Libras are really good mixers. They do well in relationships with just about anyone in the zodiac. They sometimes take on the problematic qualities of their partner.)
  5. Libra needs reassurance. Air signs often struggle with anxiety, so they need someone who is steady and validating.
  6. Someone who can make them laugh and also catch the tears.
  7. Libra wants someone who stretches them to be more. They need someone who nudges them to get out of their comfort zone.
  8. They're looking for someone with a good heart. Someone who believes in justice. A person who notices the people others do not.
  9. Libra needs someone who is authentic, loyal, and all the good-qualities.

Someone Who Will Win the Leo's Heart Will:

Leo wants passion. He wants to know he is alive and to express it. A life stuck inside isn’t good enough for him. He needs challenges and adventures before him. He needs excitement, joy, and care from his partner. He wants a partner that is willing to dive into his craziest thoughts, who is outspoken, original, and cheerful.

Leo will be attracted to someone who:

  1. Listens to his needs and even predicts what he needs before it happens.
  2. Someone who finds it easy to compliment him.
  3. Someone who is bold, passionate, and willing to try new things.
  4. An original. Someone with charm. Someone quirky who stands out in a crowd.
  5. Someone spontaneous who isn't afraid to change up their life, whether going on a wild adventure, a big move, or redesigning a home together.
  6. Leo needs someone to be his shield. Leo is a warrior, so he wants someone who can calm him, strengthen him, be loyal to him (never cheat), and holds him dear.
  7. Leo likes a good cook, someone who has invested in themselves, and someone who can roll with the punches. Sometimes Leo is looking for a good argument, but they really need someone who helps diffuse situations.
  8. Leo needs someone willing to jump in with them at full speed.
  9. Leo needs someone they feel they can show off to others.

This is a couple that is sweet overall. Both Leo and Libra are attracted to long term relationships. Each person is looking for someone to share their life with.

Leo and Libra are drawn to each other and naturally help support each other. Leo helps Libra find her voice. Libra helps Leo to calm down and relax; he feels at peace in her presence.

Leo and Libra are drawn to each other and naturally help support each other. Leo helps Libra find her voice. Libra helps Leo to calm down and relax; he feels at peace in her presence.

Still Confused about This Pairing? Here Are Some Tips

When fire meets air, it has the ability to spread further than it ever thought it could. For air, all that fire gives it excitement, life, color, and passion.

Fire and air signs go well together in the natural world (even if they are destructive.) It's important to see how you as a couple can nourish the world and not destroy it with your powers. So here are some tips to help you stay on steady ground instead of turning into an inferno.

  1. Leo, you need to let your temper, frustrations, and anger go. You need to work on methods that allow you to express yourself in a professional, reassuring, and kind way. Anger is a part of life, but there is a difference between raising your voice and talking directly and making your points clear. Sometimes you need to give yourself a break before you speak. Try writing out your thoughts. Sleep on your thoughts. Really think and digest them through. You can spend time processing your anger before starting a conversation with your Libra. This will help you to be more direct, careful, and seen correctly. The problem with coming in hot-and-heavy is that it may confuse the Libra, then Libra may grasp for straws. The Libra is indecisive and impulsive, so they may say things they don't mean. (You both could afford to slow down and be patient.)
  2. Libra, you need to really know yourself. You are indecisive because you crave balance so much. You must sacrifice this need for balance sometimes, even if that feels really uncomfortable. Look at the U.S. Congress, they're trying way too hard to try to be balanced, and because of that things are not getting done. You need to put pressure on yourself to get things done, to not be afraid to evaluate different possibilities, and to find a way to make a decision. Leo is there to help you. Don't try to run away from things just because you're scared of them. Take life by the bull horns. It won't kill you.
  3. Leo, you need to finish what you start. Fire sign notoriously start projects but don't finish them. You do have the power to complete: so make to do lists, make goals, and try to have better follow through. Otherwise your home will be full of half-finished projects and half read books. You enjoy beginning. You must learn to love ending before you move onto the next task.
  4. Libra, you need to allow yourself to talk about difficult and negative things. If you don't, you build it up and then spray it all out. . . and it comes out as nonsense. Give yourself time to process your negativity. Give yourself time to really know and breathe in your thoughts. Try meditation exercises, journal, do yoga, garden, read holy books. Do something that helps give you peace and direction to your thoughts. Frustration and anger are part of life. Your partner, the Leo, wants to charge right into anger. You have a tendency to hide from it. Both of you need to work at better anger management skills.
  5. Leo, not everything is a competition. You can live life in collaboration with others. You do not always need to show off or win in order to enjoy something. Your life isn't all about trophies and medals and perfect scores. Life is way bigger and more complex than that. Don't be afraid to fail or fall short. You will gain experience and grow stronger.
  6. Libra, you also have a fear of failing but in a different way. You're scared to get started so you procrastinate until the opportunity expires. This isn't a good habit. You should strive to work diligently, and you should meet goals and deadlines. Deadlines are good for you, not bad for you. If you always run away from your goals, then you won't make progress. Sacrifice and hard work are necessary for growth. It is far easier to binge on crackers and watch TV than to focus on getting a task done.
  7. Leo, just as you need compliments, Libra needs soft words. Pick your words kindly and carefully. Leave them positive notes, leave them happy gifts, bring them joy. You need to say more compliments than harsh words to your Libra.
  8. Libra, don't be addicted to the pause button. Leo, don't be addicted to the fast-forward button. You both want to move forward, so you must compromise and test out waters to see what will get you the best results and make you feel the best.

Leo and Libra at a Quick Glance






Middle of Summer

Beginning of Fall


July 23 and August 22

September 23 and October 22







Ruled by:

The Sun


Represented by:

The Heart



The Lion

The Scales





Driven, loud, expressive, born-leader, courageous, excited, champion of people, full of energy, often funny, aggressive, gregarious.

Charming, whimsical, romantic, kind, bright, intelligent, thoughtful, careful, indecisive, impulsive, couple-oriented, dreamer, imaginative, and silly.


Boredom, stagnation, perpetual rountine, avoidance, arrogance, stupidity, slowness, blandness, dreariness, long and pointless tasks, inequalities, unfairness.

Too much aggression, too many requirements, inequality, rudeness, cheaters, haters, liars, infringing on free time, too much structure, ego-maniacs, grandiose behavior, people who are full of themselves, bad friends, inflexibility.

Leadership Style

Born Leader. Leos are ready to conqueor the world as either a warrior or a king. They want to lead, not manage. They want to get things started. They don't like sitting and waiting for things to happen.

Original Leader. This is someone who can get a new movement in society started. They want to get different colorful and bright projects started. They want people to live their dreams.

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