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Leo Sun Leo Moon Combination

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Leo Sun Leo Moon (for ladies)

"Her Illumination: Exceptional.

Her dark side: Vindictive.

You'll know when you are in the presence of the queen for she wears her hair like a tiara. She's proud, haughty and elegant whether in a starched apron or a silk dress. She can choose to be giddy, subdued, or gregarious, but she'll always be the center of attention at any given function. She's the sort you say "excuse me" to in hushed tones when you accidentally bump into her. The epitome of the word "class," men stop to apologize to her if they've just cussed in her presence. This will no doubt amuse her, as she's no stranger to a sailor's vocabulary when she is angry. Ah, but she'll never let on because she knows this inborn air of superiority has won her many friends, jobs and lovers. Her husband and children will not be treated like subjects though, because she was born for mothering and romance. Notice I didn't say "wifing." This is because she's devoted and generous with her loved ones, but doesn't let herself be denigrated to lesser roles like care taking for others. She'll demand that the family be clean and well behaved co-inheritors of the throne. She has a tremendous sense of humor and adventure under her exterior, and can poke wonderful fun at you or herself. She's not petty or malicious -- as a rule. There is an exception and you should be made aware of it right away. If you offend her sense of honor or trust she'll take her long fingernails to your face. Or she may just freeze you out. She's an exciting companion, friend, coworker and lover. She has a wonderful love of life and will lead you on a thrilling, merry chase of daily explorations. Things just seem to happen to this woman, like the Governor dialed her number by mistake, and after a fun chat he invited her to a dinner. She needs a strong man who can take a second seat (which is where he will be,) like a delightful Libra with a Leo Moon, or a Capricorn who understands that her flirting and extravagances are merely displays of drama. A Sagittarius could also be the one. She can't stand men who aren't terribly bright or who are indecisive, so if you want to be in the running don't take two weeks to decide where to go for your spontaneous weekend getaway."

(Taken from The Book of Lovers by Carolyn Reynolds.)

Famous person with this combination: Charlize Theron.

Leo Sun Leo Moon (for guys)

"His Illumination: Attracts power and favor.

His dark side: Wants to enslave.

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This man must have the center stage at all times. That includes the center of the bed. Sharing is not a thing they come by easily--ego is. Remember this as he goes about the business of breaking your heart. He has a one track mind--his goals. Should you become one of his desires, even if for only a little while, he will not rest until he has you body and soul. There are no gray area to this man. It is black or white and that is that. He will go to any lengths to accomplish what he wants. He can be ruthless at work. He is driven to achieve and to acquire. He wants the very best and the most that life has to offer. He has to leave his mark on the world in everything that he touches. He wants his children to excel too. Magnetic and commanding, he will not be found in a low rent section, nor will he pick you up in one, for very long. He may try to elevate you, educate you, and enslave you. If he cannot (and that would be rare) he will move on to someone else and pity you for the error of your ways. If you should resist his domination, and damage his ego in the process, better stay clear of him. He will never, ever forgive you. His boss usually favors him, and an ambitious wife would be a tremendous asset. Ambitious for him, naturally. Aquarius women sometimes make a mistake with him, and I can't think of anything scarier than a Scorpio with this man. A Capricorn can help him climb to the top of the ladder, which is the only place either of them want to be. He can teach a Pisces a new meaning for pain. An Aries can teach him a few tricks about domination, and a Sagittarius can take it all in stride. He must find the one, to be the most dazzling creature under the sun. And that is where he will want her to stay."

(Taken from The Book of Lovers by Carolyn Reynolds.)

Famous person with this combination: Patrick Swayze.


Jacqui15 on March 05, 2014:

I have been very fascinated with Astrology lately & I would like to know more about my placements so can you please do Sun in Aries with Leo Moon?I would really appreciate it.

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