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Learning How to Show Love to Others

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Let's show our love to others while we still can. God wants His children to love one another as He first loved us. God is love.

What Is Love?

Love is we thought we already know the meaning. It is mentioned almost every time, every day at home, school, office, or church from our family, friends, relatives, colleagues, or churchmates. We only know about it because that word does exist but the truth is we do not know the deeper meaning.

Let's try to deep dive more into love

  • Love is most of the time seen through actions
  • It is being heard and felt when someone is expressing it
  • Love is the most powerful action we could ever do for others
  • It should be unconditional
  • Love is not selfish
  • Love is God

I know we're just humans and that we will never love a person perfectly, but I hope as we love other people, may we remember how God first loved us.


Where Does Love Come From?

We all know that when we love other people or vice versa, it gives us an indescribable and unexplainable feeling that sometimes we are getting blind by it.

It is clearly stated in the Bible that God loved us first and that answers the question "Where does love come from?". That is the reason why we know how to love, God taught us to use our hearts on how to love other people. May we remember what Jesus Christ has done on the cross, He paid for our sins because of His love for us.

Love will always be the resolution to whatever problems we will be facing. For example, in a small argument between two of your friends, instead of choosing one side and only hearing one of them, you choose to hear them both, you did not choose one side of the story because of your love for the two of them, you help them resolve the issue, you convince them in restoring the friendship and remind them about the love for each other as a friend.


Why Do We Love?

This is a question that others would have in mind and yet have a hard time answering because of many reasons.

Below are some of the possible reasons:

  • Having a relationship with the people like family, friends, churchmates, colleagues, or relatives and being shy to show them the love
  • You are sacrificing by letting the person go because of love
  • Sometimes because of too much love for the person, we become blinded by this and couldn't see if we are still doing the right or the wrong thing
  • We become selfish because of our love for the people because we are doing the wrong way of loving them
  • We give too much love to others and we forget to love ourselves first
  • We forgot that God loved us first

Basically, we don't really know what love is that's why we are having a hard time answering why we love because we don't know the true and deeper meaning and how it is really being done or given to others.

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The key in order to know the true meaning of love, is to remember that God loved us first. The more we keep that in mind, the more we become Christ-like, and the right way of loving other people will follow.


Let’s Choose to Be in the Right Decision

I know we are humans and nobody is perfect and we will never love a person perfectly. May we remember that God's love for us is perfect, unconditional, and steadfast. He is our God who can love us so much so we can love others too. Love is not boastful, envious, or jealous. Because God never taught us about these.

Challenges in relationships will always be there, all we have to do is to be wise in decision-making. When we decide, let's choose not to destroy it, have our eyes fixed on God, and believe that He is a restorer. Everything that is being destroyed or stolen by the enemy, God is restoring it to us because of His love.

God is love and so He wants relationships in good shape and not destroyed. Always put God in everything you do, in every decision-making, and in your relationship because God's creations are so beautiful.


God Loved Us First

This is the main reason why love does exist, why we love here on earth, and why people can be saved as sinners.

We need to understand why we are getting into the situation where we are loving the person not because we just saw a spark for romantic relationships, not because they are our family or friends, but because God loved us first. We must know that we are loving the person because God taught us how, and why because it is through Him.

If there is love in any kind of relationship, everything will follow in the right way and will fall into place so long as we know where it did come from or how it becomes existed here on earth. Having this in our minds, it will never be hard for us to answer why we love.

There are inevitable things that can happen in a relationship, and arguments will always be there, but I hope even if that also existed here on earth, may we choose to restore the relationship, forgive, and care for one another and that is all because of love given by God.

If we love God, we can easily love other people with no questions asked why because the love we give to people should be like the love given to us by God and that is, selfless, unconditional, genuine, kind, and patient.

Life is full of trials, so if we do not have God in our lives it will be so much hard for us to face them. So choose to love because God is love.


Bible Verse

Allow me to share this verse with you all.

1 John 4: 20-21

We love because he first loved us.
If anyone says, "I love God," yet hates his brother, he is a liar. For anyone who does not love his brother, whom he has seen, cannot love God, whom he has not seen.
And he has given us this command: Whoever loves God must also love his brother.



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