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Laws of Physics Make Belief in God Rational


The existence of God, regardless of who he is, becomes evident when considering the physical laws of entropy. Usable energy is running out and all things degrade over time.

Most physicists agree that since the amount of usable energy is running out, the universe must have had a beginning, begging the question of how the energy was placed there. Some say it wasn't placed there, and that the universe infinitely exists or evolved from other universes. A functional eternal universe is not compatible with a finite amount of useable energy, however.

The facet of entropy telling of how the universe came into being is the factor of degradation. Everything degrades over time and moves toward disorder. If we don’t maintain our bodies, we become unhealthy and degrade. Trees and plants degrade, buildings and everything we can imagine degrades.

Since everything is degrading and moving toward disorder — the complex systems in the universe, our radically complex bodies, and anything else we can think of  —  macroevolution is impossible. It’s not rational or sensible to believe in a system in which everything is moving toward disorder, that “chance” and randomness cause structured, conscious, and intelligent beings.

The only other explanation for existence is that a transcending being created the universe and everything in it. Everything was created whole as they are seen today and did not "evolve" from one species or structure to another. The missing transitional forms in the fossil record that should exist if macroevolution is true, is another nail in its coffin.

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