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Law of Attraction vs Astrology

This article has been curated with my own understanding of the universe, how it works, and there may be different perspectives too!

At some stage in our lives, each one of us would have been pondering over the below million dollar question:

Whether we need to take charge of our life through law of attraction techniques such as Ask, Believe, and Receive for what we want; or leave it to our own ancient astrological charts so that every single minute of our lives is predestined and driven by the position of the planets when we were born.

This article would give us some insights on these two aspects of the universe, and how we need to enhance our perception so that we take appropriate action and approach our lives for what it throws at us.

Let us first understand the basic idea of two most important laws of the universe.

Law of Attraction

This law says that we will attract into our life, whatever we focus on. Whatever energy and attention we focus on, will manifest back to us in many ways.

Like attracts like. If we are feeling excited, enthusiastic, joyful, happy, abundant, then we are sending out positive energy. On the other hand, if we are feeling bored, anxious, stressed out, angry, resentful or sad, then we are sending out negative energy.

The universe, through the Law of Attraction, will respond to whatever energy we are creating, and gives us more of the same. It doesn’t decide which one is better for us. It focuses more on the subject, rather than the entire context of the desire which we try to manifest. For eg.,

If we throw this energy to the universe either through thoughts, words or action, then the universe will manifest a peaceful life for us as ‘peace’ is the subject of the context.

What happens to this? Will the universe manifest us a peaceful life again? No! As the subject here is ‘stress’, the universe brings us more of it in many different ways J

So how we frame our thoughts, words, or action determines what we will get back. Looks straightforward, isn’t it? But in reality it works way beyond our perception.

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Law of Karma

The law of Karma works the same way as the Law of Attraction. Both yield good for good, and bad for bad.

The difference is, while law of attraction yields us what we think about something consciously, the law of Karma yields us what we might not have consciously thought about. In other words, the Law of Attraction deals with the conscious thoughts, words and actions at the present incarnation of our soul at the present moment, whereas the Law of Karma deals with the deeds not only at the present moment, but also our childhood deeds at the present incarnation, all the deeds at our previous incarnations, and also our ancestors’ deeds.

So the baggage that our Karma is carried within us, is several times more due to these previous deeds, both positive and negative, predominantly in the form of energy imprints, which mould us and form our personality. This makes us behave in a certain way, as it becomes our default energy vibrations, and decides who we are, how we interact with people during conflicts, how we make decisions, how we handle tough situations, and so on.

If we closely look at these two laws, they are intertwined with each other, and are not mutually exclusive. These two work in unison for whatever situation we go through in our lives.

Now given that we have a basic idea of these two laws of the universe, where does this Astrology come into the picture? Read ahead…



Without delving too much into astrology, which is a vast topic to study, we will quickly understand the basics. At the time of a person’s birth, a chart is prepared indicating the relative positions of various celestial bodies viz. stars and planets, interpreted as having influence on human affairs, that will forecast the person’s future.

The forecast of a person’s future is perfectly calculated in such a way that all of the previous deeds at previous incarnations including ancestors’ deeds are considered. Depending upon the baggage of the Karma that person carries, the chart shows when and how an individual has to experience the consequence of Karma, both good and bad. Each individual chart will be different from each other’s, even in the case of twin born babies.

Now coming back to the question. By looking at our individual horoscopes, can we conclude that our lives are predestined and surrender it to the universe? If at all we want to take charge of our lives, is there any way we can overcome these pre-determined situations and live a life on our own?!!!

Well, we may not have the power to ignore the chart and eliminate the influence of celestial bodies upon us, but there is an alternative way to handle this intelligently, which the universe has granted to each and every human being on planet earth!

The Way Forward

As seen earlier, whatever has been pre-determined as per the chart, that has to be experienced, nothing can be compromised. But we can make a shift from this auto-pilot mode to manual mode of living by making some alterations to this chart, rescheduling the timing of situations, fast tracking the negative consequences of Karma, and gracefully handling each of them. Below are few of the ways which we can apply to go through the negative baggage, at the same time taking charge of our lives to live the way we want:

  • Accepting and embracing the situations we go through which we would not have wished for, and not complaining about them. This would mean living a life of mindfulness, being non-judgmental and having a non-resistant attitude towards everything so that the suffering at physiological and psychological level is kept minimal.
  • Building positive affirmations on a day-to-day basis using Law of Attraction principles such as Ask, Believe, and Receive. As mentioned earlier, how we frame the sentences through thoughts, words and actions are important. By doing this consistently, we reduce new negative Karma to be built up.
  • For those seeking spirituality, becoming meditative will be the most effective way of releasing the resistance and negativity that has been piled up before. Again the important point to note here is, one cannot do meditation, rather one can become meditative and stay in a meditative state. This means enhancing our perception internally, as life experience is created from within.
  • Realizing experientially that every human being is mortal, and life is too short to experience suffering. This ultimate truth of life will make us detached from all the negativity happening around us, and also not taking anything too personal for what we are going through.
  • Realizing experientially that we are neither the body, nor the mind, nor the emotions. We are not what we think in terms of appearance, personality, designation, money, status, ego, character etc. All of these are accessories which we have acquired over a period of time, that provide us comfort and convenience for means of survival, and in no way enhance our perception.

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

© 2021 Subhashini Vishnu

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