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Lavender Herb of the Month for February 2020

Candace Nadine Breen, Ph.D. is an author, artist, and mystic. She enjoys walking, biking, gardening and being out in nature.


Lavender- Herb of the Month

February 2020

When one thinks of February, love often surfaces in the mind and, for this reason, we’ve selected lavender as this month’s herb of the month.

Lavender is used in numerous love spells, however, lavender doesn’t just have to be thought of in terms of romantic love but can also signify love of self, love of other individuals or love for humanity. A healthy concept of self love involves having well-balanced energy and a solid, but not egotistical, sense of self-worth and self-appreciation. Loving humanity and anyone we may or may not know allows the Universe’s vibrational energy to increase because we are respecting all of nature and all of nature’s creatures. Love can combat any unfavorable condition our universe endures.

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Lavender is a common herb in many home gardens for its color and relaxing fragrance. It is often used in incense, oil, food and tea to help ease tension, stress and anxiety. Some veterinarian clinics have begun using lavender oil in their waiting room diffusers in order to calm nervous and uncooperative pets.

Once lavender begins growing, it is very easy to maintain. When allowed to spread, they produce a beautiful vibrance to any garden. Lavender is known to promote both peace and love. Just adding a few droplets to the back of the neck and on the temples will help to alleviate headaches. Inhaling the scent helps to uplift the spirit and balance mood swings. Using the vapors from lavender helps to improve digestion and breaks up congestion.

Not only are lavender’s magickal uses associated with love spells but it is also used for protection spells and for cleansing of any ritual space. So, why not try using lavender this month and enjoy the benefits!

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