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Knowing Your Heavenly Value Explained

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An occasional writer who love Jesus and believe in Him. Salvation is only through Jesus Christ. No other way how hard you try.

The True Ministry Of The Holy Spirit Is To Bring Us To The Father

 I saw the paved stones the sapphire stones and they were white-hot but they were blue like the sky but they were alive and these white flames were coming up

I saw the paved stones the sapphire stones and they were white-hot but they were blue like the sky but they were alive and these white flames were coming up

God Is Not Withholding Information From You

Jesus presents the father. He doesn’t talk about himself, just presents a father. He doesn’t promote himself. He said everything I say is not my words. I don’t speak of my own, I speak what the father said. He said greater works well you do because I go to the father. He said for a while you won’t see me but then when the spirit of God comes you will see me. What does that mean? That means he’s back so don’t be surprised if he shows up because there’s more than two here. He’s gathered in our midst. When two or more are gathered, He comes with and He brings his entourage. He’s a commander of angel armies and he always brings an entourage, so we have to develop into this relationship where there’s a loving father who has been very active in presenting an opportunity for you to come to him but he doesn’t force you.

There’s only one place in the bible that God says test me. It’s in that Italian book Malachi he says test me in this and see if I won’t open the floodgates of heaven. Is anybody interested? I am. And you won’t have to rebuke the devourer. I will rebuke the devourer for your sake and yet they have symposiums about to tithe or not to tithe as though your opinion counts. So God has presented these different things to us if we choose to go toward him then we find him. But if he is actually in control then why doesn’t he make you tithe? Why doesn’t he make you get saved? Why does he just hand you your marching orders? No, we got to seek him. He stands off and he wants fellowship but he will not intrude.

This last move is so important. There is so much life even in a human being’s body that they have to weaponize a virus in order for it to take. Because it would take hundreds of years for it to mutate like it has on its own. And it should have already been gone, we’ve gone through two seasons already and they said well there’s gonna come a time where it won’t be able to. Then that came and not only were dealing with that. We’re dealing with hurricanes. I dealt with two at a time. I had to take both their eyes out. So they’re both coming to my city but I’m staring at a Lysol can. It says kills corona. I’m talking about the beer and the devil is laughing. So he made it about toilet paper. So what’s it going to be next Cheetos. There’s a run on Cheetos why we don’t know. What does this forest have to do with toilet paper? We don’t know ask the owners because they’re doing pretty good. But see what’s it going to be next when you go to church what’s it going to be next, that you’re going to need. Do you need a DVD series on the red dragon on how to survive the second bowl of wrath?

Are you going to just keep buying end time DVDs? And this has been going on since 60 a.d when the Thessalonica people the Thessalonians were told by Paul listen to the coming of the Lord is not yet. He said if you don’t work, you don’t eat. Go back to work. They had quit their jobs. Anybody who studies will know this you can look it up yourself read about it. These churches were bailing because Jesus was coming back. Paul said he can’t come back because the one who is holding him back will not let him and you know who that is and then he doesn’t tell us but you can do the math. The holy spirit is in us and we are stopping the antichrist from coming back. From rising up.

Jesus told me there’s an antichrist in the womb every generation being groomed to take over in case it happens. Because he doesn’t know. He doesn’t have Issachar. He doesn’t have the stone of Issachar in his breastplate. If you look up lucifer who was halal he has a breastplate. It names all those stones. If you look those Hebrew names up and you match them up with the Hebrew names listed in the breastplate of the priest has 12. Halal has had nine. God did that to compartmentalize. So if someone would go rogue, just like our government compartmentalizes everything. You work on a project you work on your little piece. You don’t know what it looks like when it’s all put together. Because then there’s no fallout. If it goes to another country it’s called classified material and you work on one part. You don’t know everything and if you’re a pilot you get to fly it. But there are pilots I know they said I flew mine back in 1980 and it’s still classified. I’ve never seen it released and he said I saw stuff that I wasn’t supposed to see. That was way beyond what I was flying and he said you can go to Walmart and buy the model and find out more then I can tell you with my mouth. And I’ll get thrown in jail but you can buy the model and there’s more on the information on the box that I can tell you because I’m not allowed. So if the father wants to reveal himself to us it’s because we invite him.

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The holy spirit, Jesus said is going to come. He’s going to be like me he’s going to be a friend but he’s not going to speak on his own either. He’s only going to speak what the father’s saying. So we’re now in that where the spirit of God is speaking the father’s heart. The holy spirit is not going to have a man or a woman talk about themselves. The holy spirit is going to want to reveal the father. You can see why the ministry has become what it is. It’s a circus why because the true ministry of the holy spirit is to bring us to the father. When you lift Jesus all men will be drawn to him, not to you. So things are set up to have permanent customers. So there are organizations that do not want you to get well because you’re a permanent customer. If they find a cure they’re losing a lot of money a year.

It’s the same with farming. Here I go you got to buy their seed but it’s hybrid which means it doesn’t reproduce itself past one generation. How convenient so what are they putting in it what are they putting in your immunizations. Would you want to know? The last time I checked my forefathers hired people to protect and serve me. If they don’t that’s why we have the second amendment. You know they used to teach history and government in college. And I was just one of those ones that got to take those classes before they take them away. They take all that information out so God is not withholding information from you. He’s wanting you to be well. He’s wanting you to be out of debt. He’s wanting you to do what He’s already asked you to do. He set it up for you to win.

Every Human Being Has Been Bought By The Blood Of Jesus

Paul said I always triumph. Jesus Christ always causes me to triumph. He wrote that from jail he spent most of his life in jail. He was free. You’re free so you don’t let people rob you. I don’t let people rob me but I have to take drastic measures. You might call it social distancing because people left to themselves are like Tigger. They get in trouble. Tigger said it’s not good for us Tiggers to be left alone. What you’re going through is you have separation anxiety because you miss your father. You see you can’t believe that when you pray for somebody they don’t get healed right away. You can’t believe that when you lay hands on your checkbook it mouths off to you and its voice is louder than God’s that there’s mocking spirits because you pray in tongues.

I will stop praying in tongues when we reach perfection. I will stop prophesying when we reach perfection but last time I checked I’m not there. I’m not. Imperfection. Yet I mean I need three feet of hair not just a little bit that’s coming back. I need it all back I’m not waiting until I get to heaven. I used to tell Jesus when I get to heaven that first morning I’m going to wake up with hair in my eyes. I have to go like this and Jesus appeared to me and he said why wait? So it started growing back but I had to make an adjustment and take from the table that the Lord had set for me in the presence of my enemies. I had to eat, he has a table to honor you in front of your enemies.

The process that you’re going through is you’re realizing that you’re not really from here and that’s what happens in New Orleans all the time. I don’t even go out anymore because everywhere I go you’re not from here, are you? I’m thinking why, because I talk correctly or what I’m serious. I was nice because I don’t eat raccoon an alligator. I’m serious man what is it that people see and they know that you’re not from here. You’re not from here, are you? I have my two front teeth I don’t know is there something physical. No it’s cause I walk in there. I’m happy. I’m in voodoo country everywhere I go there’s alligators looking boy. I can put him on the grill you got I mean it’s like Jurassic park.

I’ve met the swamp people. I’m serious some of them go to our church. They’re saved now but they’re not afraid of alligators. And I thought duck dynasty was a little bit too much. So what is it makes you different it’s not your culture it’s not your looks what makes you different is is you have a father in heaven that is jealous over you. So no matter what you look like we all have the same father whether you go to hell or heaven there’s a father who birthed you by his word. You became a living soul. Every human being has been bought by the blood of Jesus. Every human being. Jesus told me up here we treat everyone, the angels are told treat everyone as though they’re coming here and they work so hard in cycles to bring people back around to repentance constantly. If they fail they just go back into the desert and go back around and just like it used to happen to me on the airplane all the time.

I’d be up there serving cokes and sprites and and I’d be getting them ready and I’m praying in tongues over every single glass for 29 years because I thought if I can’t have a pulpit then at least I’m going to do is pray over people’s drinks. And I’d go out there and hand it to them and I would see business ladies as they took the cup I saw them engulfed in flames and I saw their face change. I heard them scream even though they’re not screaming, they’re still just looking fine but I saw that hand reaching out of the lake of fire and they screamed me why didn’t you tell me. I was on your airplane why didn’t you tell me? I didn’t have to go here. Have that every day that’s what would happen to me and as I’d hand drinks out the Lord say tell them this. So I tell them and they would look at me and start crying. They said you know last year at this time I was on a flight and someone told me the very same thing. I go well, when are you going to hear it. The Lord loves you. See he brings them back around because no one needs to go to hell not one person.

Jesus told me, please don’t write don’t waste your digital ink, the Lord writes our books as though we’re coming to heaven. He told me everyone is treated as though they’re coming here Kevin. He said you love people, you treat them as though they’re coming to heaven. You tell them the way if they reject it the angels are told to bring them back around. They’ll find themselves in the same situation a year later and they’ll have to again be in the valley of decision. This is the cycle. We’re taken out of that cycle and we’re in God’s house. But you have to understand if you leave to go out into the world, if you’re in a job if you’re going to Piggly Wiggly or Win Dixie or h-e-b or whatever it is or if you’re like me I just shop amazon so I don’t have to go out but if you go out there those people will not discern you. They’re not spiritual people. You’re not from here, are you? Because spiritual people discern spiritual things but you cannot be judged by a carnal person.

A spiritual person makes judgments about all things. Discernment but they are not subject to any carnal man’s judgment. They cannot judge you because they don’t understand spiritual things they don’t know the spirit of God. They don’t understand him so they’re not going to treat you right. They’re not going to value you. You’re not going to feel safe around them. You’re going to have to tell people to treat you a certain way because it won’t come to them to do the right thing. You’ve got to set boundaries so that people don’t abuse you. You have to constantly make people do the right thing because they’re not going to value you. So the father comes and he honors you. He sets a table and he honors you. He gives you Jesus he gives you the holy spirit he gives you the plan and he wants you to embrace him now.

When I was in heaven this is not the time when I died. I was taken back several different times. I saw things in the throne room that I was instructed by Jesus, you will never speak this on the earth. It will never be known. You cannot reveal what you saw. I go yeah but if it totally would get people in the understanding about what’s going on. He goes you cannot speak of what you saw ever so I have never been able to talk about it. But yet Jesse Duplantis was there for five hours and he pulled me aside. He goes, he started telling me things. He said but you know there was one thing he said I fell at the feet of the father I was not allowed to look at his face but I was engulfed in the glory. And Jesus was standing there and as Jesus would talk to me. He would look past me at the father on the throne and he would just start to have this look on his face an uncomfortable look. And he said I’ll be right back and he would run into the father and disappear in the glory and he would come back out refreshed and said where was I he started missing the father. So Jesus told him a couple of things and Jesse said oh I can’t wait to get back and tell people this he goes you will never say this. He goes yeah right, bam on the floor, so Jesus saying you will never say this. You won’t even remember it so Jesse was completely pinned to the floor and he looked at his little pinky and he wrote the information in his mind put it right here so that when he looked at his pinky he would remember and tricked Jesus so he’s laying on there laughing as Jesus saying you’re not going to remember this.

He goes yeah right he said I still can’t remember it and he looked at his pinky so I was on the other side of the throne it takes about a day to get across the throne. On the one side of the throne, I saw the paved stones the sapphire stones and they were white-hot but they were blue like the sky but they were alive and these white flames were coming up and I thought well because I went to Rhema Bible Training Center and the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus I’m just going to go ahead and walk on these because Hillel got to walk on these and you know he’s out I’m in. So I went to step on him and Jesus said no this is by invitation only. I go yeah but and I started quoting verses to him. He said oh this isn’t position here this is the relationship you could only walk on this if I bid you to come.

He had to extend his scepter he said there will be those who come to heaven. They will be here forever, they will never be able to walk on this because they did not walk in the fear of the Lord. See there was positional holiness but there’s also relational holiness. There’s a righteousness that is birthed out of the relationship but there’s also a positional righteousness that’ll get you through the gates. But I don’t want to just get through the gates Jesus said if you do this right you’re going to rule and reign with me shoulder to shoulder forever. That’s what I want. I want my commander to be shoulder to shoulder with me now. I choose that and then that decision constantly motivates me to not just do empty things that have no fruit. They’re just neutral things.

I just don’t have the time to do those neutral things right. It’s just like in the jet training I’m in right now six hours a month. One of my friends who I flew with at southwest airlines is now my instructor to get me ready for a jet. But you know what in that six hours we’re training for emergencies. We’re not just training to fly around. Because see the time for you to shine is when they need someone to be in control, in a leader, when you can handle a situation so how is it that we fall apart and we back off just because something wrong happens. But I’m serious when I fly I don’t fly a perfectly good airplane because anybody can do that. I fly something that’s broken so that I can handle emergencies. So if we lose an engine, I still got one left and I’m praising God for that. But now I’m too high for one engine because it’s very thin air up there what happens.

When things start falling apart and certain senators start spouting off and certain organizations start calling the shots and you don’t even have any proof that anything they’re saying is correct to where the president has to say. You know what, from now on the hospitals' report to the white house they don’t go through the CDC. Why did he have to do that? Well, we’re finding out. I heard zinc works anyway remember your Lysol can.

When I’m in the cockpit I see an engine start to go out I start looking at it well then I’m thinking okay I’m at 35000 feet I got to get down to 18 because I can still maintain 18000 because the air is a little thicker down there. But at 35 I’m going to start losing it anyway. But I can’t leave my altitude unless I have permission to. So then I have to have to determine if this is an emergency because if I declare an emergency they’re going to give me anything I want. Any airport I want they’re going to clear the whole area for me. But I better make sure that this is an emergency and not that I just want to get in the Starbucks line. When I land so sure enough it starts to deteriorate. Well, then I’m going to pull it back and then I’m going to look to see if it’s on fire.

So I look at the indications to see the temperature if it’s on fire then I got to pull the extinguisher. Which means there is no going back. That engine is done if I pull the extinguisher. But I’m gonna descend. I’m gonna declare an emergency. I’m gonna call in. I’m gonna say listen, we got an emergency I lost an engine and, they go what do you need. I go, I need to get down to 18000. You need to clear me and then I said there’s an airport I look at the computer it shows me all the airports that are within 60 miles glide range. And I just choose one and I just start to descend. I am not worried a bit why because I’ve been practicing and it flies on one engine all right so you land. You just pull out three and a half million and get a new engine that doesn’t bother me either because God starts this he’ll finish it okay.

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