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Knowing Your Heavenly Value Part-3

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An occasional writer who love Jesus and believe in Him. Salvation is only through Jesus Christ. No other way how hard you try.

I Am Totally Accepted I Am Totally Loved And Totally Valued

 The way you end up now is going to be correct because you need to know that no one has the right to destroy your dreams. No one has the right to do that. No one can get into your dreams. Don’t let anyone get into your dreams, don’t let anybody get i

The way you end up now is going to be correct because you need to know that no one has the right to destroy your dreams. No one has the right to do that. No one can get into your dreams. Don’t let anyone get into your dreams, don’t let anybody get i

Are You Judging Yourself By The Way The World Treats You

But when things happen in your life that is contrary to the flight plan you shouldn’t change your attitude at all you should shine, you should just do the right thing because everybody’s watching and everybody depends upon you. But see during the good times' people won’t treat you right but then all of a sudden you’re a hero because you’ve been staying up all night and studying and practicing over and over again and then you shine. And then King David becomes king. But he was anointed king long before he became king but no one respected him. Everybody forgot that Samuel had anointed him. So his dad just sends him on a gopher. Go for this, go for that, send some meals to your brothers. He wasn’t even asked to go to war but see that anointing hadn’t diminished and now all of a sudden he rises to the occasion. Does what the king and all those men should have done because no one should defy the armies of Israel. He said who is this uncircumcised in other words who is this guy who’s not in covenant with God. Uncircumcised was the sign of uncoveted okay.

So David fell back on the covenant and said I can take him out so he tells Saul. What do you do, he goes, well I used to tend sheep but if you go back to the sheep they’re waiting for him to come back. But he says I used to tend sheep see he knew he wasn’t going back. He knew this was it. So he said I used to tend sheep and he took the giant out. He rose the occasion but all the time I saw him he was sitting under a tree practicing hitting targets with his slingshot all day. I saw him, I saw him pick up a harp and just play so he used both of them in battle. He was sent to the king to play so that the evil spirit would leave him alone. What’s your value? It’s off the charts but it hasn’t been discerned by the world so why are you judging yourself by the way the world treats you when they are not going to treat you well because they’re of the spirit of the world.

They’re of their father. People that aren’t redeemed or people that are redeemed but have the foot in the mouth disease as peter did. Christians that don’t control their tongue who don’t have command over their spirit. They don’t have command over their life. They’re going to rip you apart in the name of Jesus with love whatever that is, there are many people that you will see in heaven that will have zero rewards because they did not use their gift but they were born again and they barely made it in. But it doesn’t have to be like that. God could set me up and I could have had lunch with Whitney Houston and Luther Vandross because I was already praying for them. I pled for Luther’s life. Didn’t know a thing about him and three weeks later when he died I said I could have had him if you would have gotten me to him. Lord I could have talked to him see he just needed to be valued. He was in rejection. He was hurt. Whitney Houston was hurt. She would have loved to sing in church. She would have loved it but the world took her showed her a fake value. I remember when I just said come back from heaven the Lord told me to go to this church in Phoenix. I joined the choir and the music leader, we became friends and he said one day, he said I am going to lead the world in worship and he would practice eight hours a day and get paid pennies at the church sometimes. Because they were having financial troubles at times so one day he said Kevin, he was so talented, he said I could just go back to the bars. I get 300 a night. I said no don’t do it I’ll work extra and I worked extra for over a year. My wife gave him her car so that he would stay out of the bars. His name was Israel Houghton.

Now listen to me would you be willing to work extra every week and be away from your wife. Would you be willing to give up one of your cars to keep a person in Christ, in the gifts, in the value, in safety? Who’s the guy with the ramp that was we were friends with Eddie James. He didn’t have a keyboard to do his first album so I bought one and gave it to Israel for his first album and Eddie James. I didn’t even know how to play. I know I couldn’t even play that and I gave that to them for their first album. Do you know who our choir leader was? Ricardo Sanchez. Who is his pastor there he’s a music minister there Jensen Franklin, all just buddies, just barely making it?

You have no idea what you can do if you place yourself in the father’s love and you activate someone else. When you do that you could influence all these guys. I don’t know where they’re at now. I’m not going to comment on that but all I know is I have their first album and it’s signed personally by them and I listened to that keyboard that I couldn’t play but I bought it with all the money I had just so that they can do their first album and now you sing their songs okay. This does not have to happen to anyone of us. We don’t have to be like Whitney Houston. We can be led by the spirit and preserve our own I’m not kidding you. I am going to stand for people some people have changed my life. There are people that you don’t like that have changed my life because they valued me.

Benny Hinn, he valued me, he walked by me and the Lord told him to talk to me and he didn’t even want to. He was mad but he spent an hour with me. He prophesied 20 minutes of that over me and what you’re encountering in these services is because he gave me an hour and he laid hands on me and prophesied over me in 1986. It’s just starting to happen this year everything he said. See your value has been already determined in heaven but no one down here is going to represent that. They’re not going to expect that, they’re not going to respect that, they’re not going to help you.

God himself will set a table in your honor and you will sit there and eat and he will give you everything you need. But it’s by relationship, not position. Now I might not ever qualify to get into the pentagon but if I know someone I can piggyback off their badge. If they get permission so I don’t have to qualify to get a top security clearance if someone through relationship can vouch for me. Jesus has vouched for us to the father amen.

I Felt Such Love And Acceptance Such Safety That I Did Not Ever Want To Leave That Room

So I thought when I saw the throne room and then I was excited about some of the things I saw and then I was told I was not permitted to ever speak that on the earth. Can you believe that I thought everything we have is from God is ours and yet Jesse’s told we can’t talk about certain things ever. It cannot ever be uttered the apostle Paul said there are things that are inaudible, I cannot tell you. Jesus says there are places that you can’t walk in unless you qualify for it’s decisions you make down here okay. Then he took me and this is where I was getting to.

He took me off from the throne down this hallway on the side and there were all these offices and this one door didn’t have a label on it. I try to memorize every label on every door and I can’t remember one of them but I do remember the door that had nothing on it. Jesus opened that door it was down I think I passed at least four doors so if you’re up there it’s a fourth door on the right and he opened the door and when he opened the door I expected to see the best furniture because God has the best of everything. I was looking to see what the flooring he chose and in the ceiling and all. If there were paintings in who they were of and you know whatever if he has paintings you know some of the ones I’ve seen of Jesus are so lame. He’s not feminine. He’s not weak. He’s a very strong person very handsome. He’s a good person our president would like him. He’s the best not like the rest okay. So I’m in this room and there’s no floor, there’s no flooring it’s just glory the walls have nothing on them because there’s just glory. Jesus walks I’d say about 10 to 12 feet away from me and I could see him in the glory and he stood there and smiled at me, waiting, watching my reaction. There were no pictures there were no lamps there was nothing just glory.

So I had no ceiling, it had no floor but I could feel the floor, and when I started to sense I just been to the throne. I’d sat on a throne beside Jesus the one that was reserved for me because I was victorious. He who overcomes will sit with me on a throne, that’s what Jesus said to the seven churches. Paul said we’re seated with Christ in the heavenly realms both in Ephesians and in Colossians but this was way beyond the sapphire floor, way beyond sitting on a throne, I mean I could reach out and touch Jesus. I could see him sitting on a throne. I could see the father. I wasn’t allowed to look up at his face but what was in that room was beyond that. I started to break I started to melt I felt such love and acceptance such safety that I did not ever want to leave that room. I was home it was ground zero. I said what is this room he said when you walked into this room with me you walked into our father’s heart. I am totally accepted I am totally loved totally valued you are too totally valued and right now your spirit is crying out Abba father. As I’m talking you’re filling the pool because you have separation anxiety you want to go and be with your father. So you don’t fit in here. You’re not supposed to feel like you fit in here. You’re not going to feel valued but you’re not rejected. No one that approaches the father that is in Christ is rejected. Satan has rejected you but God has accepted you.

You know what’s so interesting is that when I was there the books were laid open of people who didn’t know that they were loved. They didn’t know that they were redeemed. That’s why the angel gave me a scroll and he told me this is your ministry. He told me this is your ministry it was a whole chapter. It was huge so I started to read. I go, can I keep this and he said no you don’t have to, you have it. It’s the fifth chapter of the second Corinthians. You have a ministry of reconciliation you go out and you tell people that their sins have been paid for that God’s not angry with you anymore because the prices have been paid. If you accept Jesus Christ as the true way and accept him as Lord you shall be saved. Confess with your mouth, believe in your heart and you shall be saved. If you do that to people they will all come here, that’s what he told me.

God Has Already Spoken Well Of You

So I have a different perspective, I see people as being accepted by God. They just don’t know it. But see rejection should be with those who are of the world and their father Satan. But it has crept into the church and people feel rejected in the house of God. I want to ask you a question if you are truly valued by God and you engage him then there should be an outflow of favor. Healing should start to mend your body. The healing favor, the power of God should start to brew inside of you and you should start speaking as though you’re speaking the very oracles of God. You will start to imitate your father, as dearly loved children you’re an imitator of God. Ephesians chapter five is after the fourth chapter which talks about the mystery of the church the body. We’re supposed to build each other up so Jesus points at you and he says you’re accepted I bought you. You are mine. He has already claimed you, has already written you in the lamb’s book of life. If you’re saved, you’re accepted. What you’ll start to find is the spirit will start looking out for you. Don’t eat that, don’t go there, don’t say that. He’ll start to coach you because you’re in favor and you’re going to see thousands fall and 10000 is your right hand. But it shall not come near you. This is the truth. I’m telling you please do not allow the gospel to be compromised at this time. You have been trained to be strong in the Lord.

If you have to land on one engine at least you get into heaven. Who cares if it wasn’t pretty. Any landing that you walk away from is a good landing. If you’re at zero miles an hour at the gate,0 you won. Whatever it takes to preserve your life, you stay in him, you stay with him, you trust him. He is your God. He values you. He’s asking you to come up on the mountain.

Now listen I am not doing this for any other reason that the father himself personally asked me to talk about this, this morning. I was given this opportunity the other two friends of mine, we were supposed to have a symposium like a forum this morning. But they felt that I should speak on my own which was correct. But I’m not going to say anything but at least they heard. I need to deliver this because for us to pass our tests this fall. We cannot be a victim, we are not a victim. A 16-year-old boy or whatever he was 17 could take a slingshot and destroy a hybrid who was probably 13 feet tall supernatural if he could take him out and talk to him as he’s walking toward him saying I’m going to feed you to the birds today. How dare you defy the armies of the living God. What would cause a young man to do that? God had set him apart and the anointing was working in and through him just like he’s doing to you right now.

You listen when you see him in heaven you’re going to say you were right. Because you’re going to find out that what I told you this morning was a change in your routing. The way you end up now is going to be correct because you need to know that no one has the right to destroy your dreams. No one has the right to do that. No one can get into your dreams. Don’t let anyone get into your dreams, don’t let anybody get into your inner sanctum, your spirit. Don’t let anyone steal anything from you. I think it’s interesting that Satan targets people like Israel Houghton. Targets people like Whitney Houston and Luther Van-dross. The best voices and they get sniped by a sniper. They’re constantly attacked. Why? It has nothing to do with race, it has everything to do with anointing, it has everything to do with what God said over them. I’m telling you why all this division because Satan knows he wants to steal your dreams. He knows if he can get in there and mess with it, he can abort your dream. I’m telling you Whitney is yelling from heaven right now, you go Kevin. Luther, tell him to preach it. There are people who have gone before us they did the best they could but we can do better why because of revelation, because of the understanding that you are not a victim. I sense an overthrow in this room. I sense a flip. Well, listen you enjoy yourself this weekend I’m gonna go to my next thing but don’t back off. Just like if you’re on a diet you can’t keep going to the scale every day. The same thing with your value, you don’t go to the mirror and judge yourself by what you look like. You don’t judge yourself by your past. God has already spoken well of you. Thank you, Lord. Raise your hands to the one who can change everything with a word. Yes the Lord says, you’re valued and I’m gonna visit you. And I’m gonna overcome you and then I’m gonna stay and you’re gonna get used to being valued.

You’re gonna get used to feeling safe. Thank you, Lord, because you make the most high your dwelling place. None of these things shall touch you. You are in the shadow of the most high God and there you will dwell forever safely full of value. The Lord loves you. Jesus made a show of your enemy openly. He destroyed the works of the devil. He said go and do likewise, enforce the deliverance, snatch people out of the flames of hell. Father let that room that I encountered come into this room. Yes, let them encounter your love your acceptance. Let all my friends know they’re valued, let them live the rest of their life fully valued and fully safe in you. In Jesus name God bless you I love you all keep in the spirit and let’s worship.

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