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Knowing Your Heavenly Value

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An occasional writer who love Jesus and believe in Him. Salvation is only through Jesus Christ. No other way how hard you try.

God Gave Genesis to Moses On The Mountain

Moses was attacked, he encountered the demonic like you wouldn’t even believe, he encountered rejection, he encountered all these things

Moses was attacked, he encountered the demonic like you wouldn’t even believe, he encountered rejection, he encountered all these things

Religion Wants To Have Permanent Customers

There are a couple of things that I need to go over with you so that you’re ready for what I’m about to say to you. Because a lot of you don’t understand at all how much God loves you and it’s a really big problem in the body of Christ. It was strategically planned by satan that we would not understand a father’s love in this generation because this is the move of the father. This last move Yahweh has reserved this for himself. He reserved the final move for himself so we’re talking about the glory of the father and this shouldn’t be a mystery. But it has come to this, where we shouldn’t have to be told to pray.

At the end of an age, at the end of a dispensation whatever you want to call it there is a lag usually and you have to play catch-up and the acceleration has already begun. But see a lot of people are missing it because satan knew that he would have a fatherless generation if he had his way. Then he knew that if he threw some kind of virus at you, that’s on a Lysol can, since 1972, on contact that kills. Check out your Lysol can. If you can buy one it’s interesting, isn’t it?

If you look every four years you can look at the virus that pops up might be bird flu, it might be swine flu but you check it out it’s always on an election year. The government needs you to need them. They create a problem and then they have the solution. But they take the free stuff and they take it off the shelves and then you’ve got to go to them.

But see that’s what religion does religion wants to have permanent customers. But Jesus said these things that I’m doing. You’re gonna even do greater things than me. Who would tell you that? Jesus said come back make disciples and work yourself out of a job. See that goes wrong with a lot of people. My goal is to make disciples. My goal is to disappear and you appear, that’s my whole goal. So I’m not doing this for myself.

I have everything I need. Everything I want. I still have to give Kathy my request for my birthday which was May 8th. I still don’t know what I want she doesn’t ask me what I need she asked me what I want. That’s my birthday gift come on now so we have this problem we don’t know the love of a father so when the father comes he has nothing to set himself down on. There’s no platform so he brings his own, thank God. Exodus 24:10. He brings a sapphire platform. I haven’t talked to the father. I’ve heard his voice a couple of times but I usually have the holy spirit which is God too. I’m still in the same room. If you talk to the holy spirit you talk to Jesus. You’re talking to the father. Now I’m seated with Christ in the heavenly realms here and none of this low life stuff.

So there’s a sapphire platform and I had been explained this principle about God. When he touches the earth it catches on fire, earthquakes happen, mountains are on fire, they get melt, the cedars of Lebanon they split. When I was in the throne room there’s a roar and the glory of God hits you before you even get close to the throne. The personality of the father hits you before you even get there. Jesus, he doesn’t have to say a word he can look at you and you’re on your knees. He’s so holy that you would start believing in holiness again if you encountered him. As long as you got a little pup outside the edge of glory you’re fine you’re functioning you’re surviving.

You’ve Got To Stand On The Sapphire Stone to Succeed

But if you want to thrive if you want to multiply if you want to succeed and have a good end an expected end then you’ve got to go into the glory. You’ve got to stand on the sapphire stone but not everybody can stand on the sapphire stone because it is much more than you can take. Unless you let the holy fire burn out the chaff you are enveloped with his love. You’re enveloped with his love you encounter his fire but see the firewall is your friend it helps you to get where you need to be very quick.

There might be some screaming there might be some uncomfortable things happen where you have to change. If you want to qualify for the next life I’m not talking about being in heaven eating grapes on clouds. You’re going to wait a long time before an angel comes to feed you grapes. Because they’re waiting at a command center on the earth for you to show up and start giving out commands because you’re going to rule over them. They serve you now but they are keeping in mind that you’re going to be their boss so they do their job.

Is there anybody here, the angels that are with me, they’re going to be with me a very long time and some of the ones that come in here this morning they’re not even from the command that I’m under. Some angels come because they have been sent for this town. They’ve been sent to make sure you hear and take it to your town that you have your package. There are all kinds of things going on in the spirit all the time but because we don’t understand how much God loves us and we have been given traumatic events in our life that seal up our fate so to speak if something does not happen intervention has to happen but see when Jesus comes like I just heard his sword unsheathed I heard that slide of that medal coming out right now okay he’s my deliverer so right now he’s pulled his sword out and he is on your behalf is going to cause deliverance to be enforced in your life that means that demonic oppression is going to leave. Demonic oppression is leaving you right now why because a greater authority is here Jesus has already spoken for you his blood has already spoken good things about you the angels have been informed of all the good things about you you’re going to make it you’re going to heaven.

Don’t resist God, don’t become like the people in the old testament. Seventy elders were taken up halfway up and God came down on a sapphire stone and stood before them and it says that he did not judge them. Why does it say that? Because he was still upset with them. They were supposed to come the whole way up the mountain. Remember they did not, so God got upset and he set a border on the mountain. He said even if fluffy touches it will die. Why because he preserved his line for all those years even when Egypt was their home. He gave them Goshen, he provided for them, he sent joseph ahead, he did all these things. He confirmed his covenant through all the fathers starting with Abraham. He remembered his covenant with Abraham but it took 430 years but when the time came a deliverer was sent. Moses. Moses had an idea in his mind just like peter did just like judas did they had unrealistic expectations. They did not discern what the lord’s will was because they didn’t have a relationship. They discerned Jesus as a king they thought the Messiah would set themselves up and push Rome out. Even when Jesus was confronting the Pharisees he said you guys are in bondage and you put people in bondage.

That pharisee said we have no one ruling over us and as they say that, he’s looking at the Roman soldier. No one ever rode over you, so that’s just a prop behind you that roman soldier right sees they’re lying. God has shown up at different times and various times he’s spoken to us but we don’t discern that God wants a relationship.

We think of him as being somebody that is always upset and we better watch it but see that’s what Jesus confronted in the religious system. When those 70 came up he stood off at a distance and it says that he did not judge because they would have been crispy critters. But he stood on a sapphire stone because he took a part of heaven with him so that he wouldn’t damage the earth. When he stood on it, that’s what I was told there’s a problem when God shows up things start breaking apart, they start melting why because the lord himself cursed the earth.

You Can’t Curse What God Has Blessed

That’s what Smith Wigglesworth when he was asked to pray, they were having pork. He said lord I don’t know how you’re going to bless what you’ve cursed but do the best you can. Even Balaam he said we you can’t curse them, you can’t curse what God has blessed. He says you’ve got to get them to fall. You’ve got to get them to intermarry. You’ve got to get them to sin and then their God will be mad with them. That was what Balaam did, he taught the enemies how to get Israel to be cursed, but he couldn’t curse. He was a non-profit.

God throughout the ages has wanted to have interaction again like he had with adam and eve. And so this world system down here is a small god system a small god. God of this world. Paul said that you used to be under this spirit and you had no choice. You had no resistance to that spirit you did the will of that spirit but once you were saved you were translated out of the kingdom of this world into the kingdom of light. Now you’re children of light. So you do light things you get lit up and then you light others up. It’s part of the process of dispelling darkness. It’s as easy as flipping on a switch. It resolves darkness to light.

This light is wisdom and that’s understanding. Jesus would constantly ask me are you understanding are you comprehending. Not hearing but understanding because many people have spoken the word of God but how many people know the word of God. They know him. There’s a difference. We’ve had the move of the spirit, we’ve had the charismatic movement, we had the Jesus movement, we’ve had the prophetic movement, now we have the pathetic movement. We’ve had all these different movements but you know through those I have known a part of God. I’ve seen a part of God in everybody but you wouldn’t even believe if I had a choice you wouldn’t believe what my choice was to have lunch with someone. Two of them already died before I could even have lunch with them. I pray for them constantly you want to know why because the spirit would wake me up at night and plead for their soul. I wanted to have lunch with them to tell them that they were anointed and appointed for this earth and that they must stand out from among the world and be counted with God’s people that their gift would make room for them. You wouldn’t even believe who they are Luther Van Dross, Whitney Houston. They’re my favorite people. Condoleezza Rice I want to have lunch with her why because these were real anointed people that needed to step out and be separate.

They are classy people they have gifts but the church did not embrace them. If you want to help somebody right now you need to pray for Mariah Carey. She is in that group. They grew up in church, in the choir but see religion will destroy you because there is no sapphire stone. There is no sapphire foundation in religion. It is in the relationship. Jesus came against the religious system. He warned that there would be a form of Godliness but deny the power of God. He said, have nothing to do with them, they’re clouds without rain. These religious systems will dismantle you if you let them. They will destroy your dreams during an hour sermon. Jesse Duplantis calls them abortion clinics some of these churches. Because they destroy and kill your dream in your womb of course. I’m not like him but that’s what he said. What God has put in you is from the other realm and it’s for a time that will come to pass. If you guard it now, these people, if you look in their eyes if you look in Luther Vandross’s eyes, if you look in Whitney Houston’s eyes you see life. You see light but they’re misguided because no one embraced them and honored their gift which is what’s happening to you. Though people don’t pay you what you’re worth they don’t honor you. Their perception is more about themselves and they would rather spend the extra energy to take you down. So they can look better rather than go ahead and get a stiff upper lip and let the fire of God preserve them. Let the fire of God begin to cleanse them, let the fire and the word of God develop in their life. They would rather make you look bad.

They’re messed up they don’t discern you so if the spirit of God is willing this morning I want to take you from where you are to where God has a plan for your life. Because he’s standing on your future. It just happens to be a sapphire platform and I remember when I thought I had gotten a handle on the fact that God had taken me to heaven and sent me back. I thought that I had got a handle on it. It took years of failure, years of rejection, years of dishonor where I had more enemies than friends. Satan didn’t want me back on this earth. I was mocked every day because I was a male at a female’s job when I could fly the airplane. But I wouldn’t defend myself, I was qualified to fly the jet that I worked on for 30 years and I had to serve people and be mocked in a woman’s job and there were more men at that job like me than women. How do you like that. How does it feel to know the profanity that demons promote? That God made man and woman in his image and he instituted marriage and you could marry and have a baby and they would be in your image. You could create life and their spirit would be in the image of God. It’s sacred so satan dismantles. He takes your dreams and he drags it in the dirt, he causes you not to prosper so that you can never fulfill what God has called you to do. He gives you all kinds of diseases even though a Lysol can take care of it. I heard zinc works too, just quoting the president. He said did I mention that zinc is helpful. I couldn’t believe he said it, but see I know the back story of it. I know what he was doing because he is being hindered. He is playing just so. You know everybody that knows him personally has told me he’s three steps ahead of anybody. So you’re already fired but you don’t know it for a couple of years. He is going to milk you for everything. You work as a Missouri mule. The whole time he’s been practicing in there, you’re fired, you’re fired, you’re fired. That’s the way he is. He’s playing three levels of chess and eating Captain Crunch and laughing every morning watching cartoons. But see what about the Lord. I mean the scripture says that eternity is his servant standing beside him. He inhabits eternity but he also dwells with those who are humble and contrite in spirit. Wow, do the math on that okay. So Moses was attacked, he encountered the demonic like you wouldn’t even believe, he encountered rejection, he encountered all these things.

But God gave him genesis. When genesis had already happened, there’s no written record of genesis so God gave it to Moses on the mountain. He said just wright. He sat up there for 40 days at least twice and received Genesis. Some Jewish scholar says that he received Job. He said about himself Moses was the most humble man on the earth. Well if we say that we’d lose our button, our reward for bragging about it. You heard about the guy that was most humble in the church. They gave him a little button and he wore it the next week and they took it back.

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