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Know What Is Law of Attraction

My interest in the world of mysticism has made me research a lot about it. Apart from that I am in trained mind science and parapsychology

Understanding Law Of Attraction

What is the law of attraction? It is a natural phenomenon that has been in existence since time immemorial and has been the source behind some of the greatest inventions and technological advances of the human species. The Law of Attraction was first brought to public attention by the late psychiatrist, Les Gray. In his book, "The Attraction Factor," he had written about the power of the mind to influence physical reality. In the New Thought theory, the Law of Attraction is considered as the belief that negative or positive thoughts attract positive experiences to a person.

Make The Law Of Attraction Work


What is the context of law of attraction in your daily life?

You attract what you think! According to the law of abundance, scarcity or abundance is just a perception. It depends on you, what you want to attract. If you have positive feeling about something,then your mind zooms to the abundance part or vice-versa.

Theories On The Law Of Attraction

Several theories are attached to this belief. The following points talk about law of attraction :

Theory 1

The first of which is that all events in the universe are controlled by forces and energies that are in constant motion. These forces and energies, are infinite in number, are incapable of being balanced or uniform. Because of this, their momentum cannot be resisted and some of them tend to cause physical effects. The Law of Attraction states that whatever you think, you will become.

Theory 2

Another theory that is associated with the Law of Attraction states that our thoughts create our reality. Therefore, it is said, a man who believes that he is rich will soon find that he is poor because he thinks that he is rich. In the same way, it is said that those who doubt their ability to become successful will soon find themselves in the state of failure. This is because they are not believing that they can do it. Both these thoughts form the basic theories of the Law of Attraction.

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Theory 3

When we speak of the Law of Attraction, the first thing that comes to mind is a wave of light that is traveling toward a destination. It is said to be similar to the laws of magnets that are said to govern the movement of celestial bodies. Similarly,our thoughts attract things depending on quality


Hope, the basics of law of attraction is now clear with you. In the coming articles,i will talk about how to use law of attraction in your daily lives.

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