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Kissing a Gemini

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Making Out With a Gemini

I recently read a Gemini is a mix of a tornado, with a pinch of salt, a child's laughter, and a cup of glitter.

Gemini is a passionate and puzzling sign. The air sign is known for being a genius. They have a struggle with duality, so in one moment they can be sharp and critical, like salt -- and the next they're as playful as a toddler.

So what can you expect when a Gemini starts kissing you? Speaking from someone who dated a Scorpio then a Gemini, the two couldn't be anymore different. One is deep and brooding, full of passion. The other is full of charm and expertise.

Gemini Kissing Traits

Gemini carries itself in the arms. You can expect Gemini to put their hands everywhere on your body. As well as their lips. They may like using their hands and lips more than what can be seen in public. You can also except massages, who doesn't like those?

Gemini is highly in tune with the nervous system, making them sensitive to your needs and their needs. The tongue is a powerhouse of nerve endings. They may kiss you on the neck or somewhere else better than they do your lips. They might not be that preoccupied with sucking on your lips, but rather getting an idea of whether you have soft lips or not. They'll nibble on an ear, they'll nibble on your neck. Their hands won't be still. They can't sit still for too long. You'll change positions frequently. A long drawn out kiss for a Gemini is impressive. I would say I could make out just with a Scorpio's lips for hours, but with a Gemini after a few minutes lips and hand positions change.

Gemini may say sweet things to you after you're done kissing. You may have to ask some questions here and there to get the ball rolling. Don't expect long poetry or craziness. You may find yourself breaking into a laughing fit. For whatever reason they may go back and forth blinking one eye to the next. Kissing with a Gemini is fun, carefree, and spontaneous. It's also full of laughter. It's happy and light -- where a Scorpio you might be considering how you're losing yourself to the dark side of the force.

Gemini is probably game for anything you want to try. They probably started dating you with an idea of what kind of things and places you would like to go. Keep in mind Gemini are smart, observant, and excited people. They can have intense battles with anxiety and trying to manage all their neurology. They have sensitive and open nerves, making life somewhat difficult as other people are not as wired. A good match for Gemini is someone intelligent, but they can be charmed by anyone.

Gemini doesn't seem to think about what food you were eating and if you'll have bad onion breath. I'm not sure they would even tell you. They might somehow turn it into a lavish joke. Gemini will make out with you literally anywhere you let them. Your car, your bedroom, the shower, a family's member's house, a playroom. Gemini doesn't always know where to place their good ideas, and sometimes it is somewhere inappropriate. Gemini loses some of their intelligence when they get into a makeout session, so you as the partner will want to be aware and help guide along the process to a place that is sensible. Consider whether window blinds are open, if there are people in other rooms, and if you care what your pets think.

This is a zodiac who does constantly love to kiss. They'll kiss you on the cheek in public, they'll kiss you when they see you. They don't really stop this train, it just keeps being on their mind. Gemini is a passionate zodiac. But it's much sweeter than I say its opposite, Scorpio. Gemini would stare at you intently with one eye and make a joke. Scorpio would stare at you like they are about to eat your soul. Gemini says you are beautiful like a puppy who just found a tennis ball. Scorpio says you're beautiful like they need to steal your soul immediately.

So yeah, Scorpio is incredibly intense, where Gemini is incredibly lovable and adorable. Sometimes corny, and painfully so. Gemini wants to prove in every possible way that they are the greatest lover you have ever had. Gemini is indulgent; that's why they can't stop kissing you and thinking about you. Scorpio already knows it's the greatest lover you've ever had. It knows that if it messes with you, you will never forget them. This can make Scorpio aloof and passive to a degree because they could exert more energy but don't, where Gemini can't stop exerting energy. Gemini has so many nerves and thoughts that all that energy just keeps coming up and getting reinforced.

Gemini may first kiss you on the cheek or the neck. They might be bad about giving you hickeys and then soften their kisses. With Gemini you can expect passionate crazy kisses and soft gentle kisses.

Also, Gemini is probably excellent at massages. Again, they really like to operate with their hands and mouth. They're great at cuddling. Their sometimes corny yet brilliant demeanor makes them a very cuddly creature.


Being playful is a big deal to Gemini. They might not be as serious and tied down to commitment. Gemini are very sharing with how they love their partner. They'll likely try to fit the tempo of their partner when it comes to kissing, but they'll be ready to play as soon as you start dating. They're not the most conservative sign that really likes to do examining and introspection before getting into intimacy. Gemini has a tendency to be low on patience; they're geniuses so they like to solve and get things done fast rather than wait and get tiresome. Gemini tends to be more about the journey than the destination. So they're not trying to exert all their energy in one big kiss, but spread that energy out so they can be in playful intimacy longer.

Even though these skills are opposite of fall passion -- this spring sign is skilled at seduction. This might be why they are paired so well with Aquarius, who is difficult to seduce, but Gemini can still give them the space they want. Gemini also likes their never ending brains, whether they understand all of it or agree with it all -- they really like to play with such weirdness.

A Gemini will kiss you and want to be around you all the time if you have positive energy, because a Gemini is sensitive to both negative and positive people. A positive person is like a gift from the heavens.


Idiosyncratic Style

Gemini will capture its lover with kissing and intimacy with their own idiosyncratic style. Again, playfully blinking at you, maybe playing with your nose, or even telling a joke. Their wit is always right there, and it is meant to be supportive. They hope with some wit you'll relax, and they can continue to play. A good partner will help them to bring out the sentimental.

The ruling planet Mercury makes Gemini apt to explore. Gemini kisses slow, sensual, hard, intense,and whatever they feel at the moment. Like a winter storm -- it has variety.

Gemini needs a kissing partner that can keep up with it and change the style or else it will get bored. They like when you seem into it -- so play with their hair and give them signals to let them know they are in the right direction. To get the ball rolling with a Gemini, all you need is a little bit of conversation. If this keeps their interest they'll be attracted and somewhere down the line kissing happens.


MG Singh emge from Singapore on December 16, 2019:

Read this article. Simply wonderful and yes, incidentally I am a Gemini

Andrea Lawrence (author) from Chicago on October 28, 2019:

Yes. It is their jam.

Aurobindhan S from Chennai on October 21, 2019:

Gemini always play dual nature

Twyzted on January 16, 2018:

Im a gemini!! lmao