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Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thomson's Zodiac Compatibility

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They say that the best chemistry among all the zodiac signs, is the one between water signs. Pisces and Cancer make up for the most lovable, sensitive and romantic couple out there. They are what is called the dream couple. One such example is that of Khloe Kardashian and her partner, Tristan Thompson. Tristan, who happens to be a basketball player at the National Basketball Association (NBA) is the perfect match for Khloe Kardashian who had to go through a heartbreaking divorce few years back.

When Cancer (June 21- July 22) and Pisces (February 18 - March 20), try to make it work, it can be a tricky yet rewarding relationship. Both being the water signs, are quite different from each other as is depicted by their zodiac symbols. Crab, the symbol of Cancer is just like the Crab. Pisces has the ability to draw it out of its shell and if need be, Cancer can fight for Pisces but it can also bite the sensitive Pisces. Pisces, symbolizes two fishes and like two fishes in the sea, it is fluid and goes with the water current. While the Crab has the ability to live in water and land, Pisces like the fish can only reside in the water. This makes up for the deep, dark negative nature of the fish. The fish has no desire to come out in to the world and prefers living in its own space, while the crab can’t live in one fixed environment and needs a constant change.

A Perfect Match Of Water Signs

Pisces and Cancer, being the two water signs are quite compatible with each other. Both are famous for being highly emotional, tolerant, sympathetic and sensitive which makes for a perfect blend. The saying ‘opposites attracts opposite’ doesn’t fit well when it comes to these two. Their common traits not only make them soul mates, but it also makes them very sensitive to each other’s needs.

Pisces is the sensitive dreamer who is pretty much involved in a world of its own. The sympathetic, caring and loving nature of Pisces makes it prone to a lot of heartbreak when it comes to relationships. For a Pisces, another water sign, who is in sync with the ideas and desires of a Pisces is the best match and Cancer meets up that criteria.

Cancer is ruled by the Moon which causes it to be quite emotional, while Pisces is ruled by the Planet Jupiter which causes it to be philosophical as well as the Planet Neptune which results in Pisces being quite dreamy and illusionistic. The meetup of the Moon and Planet Neptune establishes a very beautiful spiritual connection between the two. The warmness and feminine nature that is possessed by these two signs gives birth to much of the common traits between the two. In addition to the Planet Neptune, Pisces is also ruled by the Planet Jupiter which is known as the Planet of Good fortune. This contributes to the philosophical side of a Pisces nature. Pisces and Cancer take each other into a world of their own which is a source of envy among the other zodiac signs.

This relationship between a Pisces Man and a Cancer woman hits off immediately as the fish and crab are naturally attracted to each other. The stability that a Pisces Man offers to a Cancer Woman results in her supporting his dreams and ambitions.


The Cancer Woman

A Cancer woman is not only practical but she is also the one who is quite materialistic. This can both be a good trait or a bad one on its own. This personality trait of a Cancer, especially in a Cancer woman, leads her to demand a comfortable and luxurious life style. And this trait is the one which can lead to clashes between the two water signs, Pisces, being the humble, simple and minimalist gentleman can have a hard time understanding the ambitious needs of a Cancer Woman. For a Pisces man, emotional needs are more important than the worldly acquisitions. However, with love and understanding, both of them can conquer these differences and make their match a perfect one.

The nurturing and care giving nature of the Cancer Woman makes her a hit in all sorts of relationships. She is an amazing friend and an incredible lover. She cares a lot about the feelings of her man and this can be her vulnerability too. Despite not being as expressive as the fish, the Cancer woman still needs validation.

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The Pisces Man

A Pisces man is every woman’s Prince Charming. He is full of love, care and warmth and the femininity added to his personality is every woman’s dream come true. With all of these perfect and endearing qualities, a Pisces Man can win the heart of any woman of the zodiac signs. His nature compliments that of a Cancer Woman’s and as he understands the emotional nature of a woman, a Pisces man can win the heart of any woman. When these two signs meet, they connect on a deeper level; emotionally, physically and mentally.

The best quality of a Pisces man is his romanticism. Pisces is the epitome of romance and this romantic, dreamy nature of a Pisces man woos the heart of his lady love in mere seconds. The Pisces Man finds it easier to commit quickly to a relationship and with his loving and dreamy nature delves deeper into the relationship right from the start.

Mutual Traits

The two being water signs, their fluid natures fits each other’s. The dreaminess of a Pisces Man and the emotional outbursts of a Cancer Woman go hand in hand. They understand each other’s mood swings and nature as both are quite intuitive. The intuitive nature of both the Cancer Woman and the Pisces Man gives rise to a romantic and loving relationship. This couple is one to be envied as their understanding and compatibility is unique. Since both of them are highly emotional, they can easily figure out each other's feelings and cater to them. A Pisces Man tends to tip towards a more sensitive nature and is prone to heart breaks. However, his meekness and willingness to adapt to his soul mate makes the tender and emotional Cancer Woman nurture his every desire.

A Pisces Man can not only understand the needs and demands of a Cancer Woman, but he can soothe her fluctuating mood swings and changing feelings. Pisces is famous for not only being dreamy but also living in a world of fantasies. While this is a good quality, it can sometimes annoy his lady love as it’s hard to keep up with his utopian world. A Cancer Woman can easily hold the hands of a Pisces Man and show him the real world and teach him how to make analytical decisions.


Intimacy Between The Two

Both are extremely loyal and devoted to each other. And it’s no brainer that so many emotions and love between the two would result in an exploding sexual intimacy. Their relationship soars to a higher intensity in the bedroom. The highly romantic and loving nature of these two water signs results in a harmonious union. The Cancer Woman is generous with her love and he is gentle and desperate to fulfill her every emotional need. Their emotional release causes fireworks in the bedroom.

The reserved defenses of the Cancer Woman are broken down by the unwavering affection and undying love of the Pisces Man and he provides her with the sense of protection and safety that makes her open up to him easily.

Compatibility Between The Two

The best aspect of their relationship is how expressive and vocal a Pisces Man is. He is the one to express his love not only in words but show them through his actions as well. Giving flowers, taking her to the movies, confessing his undying love and devotion to her a million times a day and then his loving touch are a few examples of his expressive nature. His initiative for a romantic date night or any love filled gesture provides stability to their relationship. She doesn’t need him to reassure her of his love as he does it without her asking him. With the Pisces Man by her side, a Cancer Woman feels safe, protected and loved.

Cancer, being the cardinal water sign and Pisces being the Mutable water sign are two sides of the same coin. Her reserved nature to withdraw in her shell gets really frustrating for the Pisces Man and his pensive nature can sometimes rile her up.

These two signs when paired together brings out the best in each other. With her loving and caring nature, the Cancer Woman is sure to win the heart of the Pisces Man and with his adaptable and eagerness to please his love, the Pisces Man is able to give her the validation and stability she desires. Both are two peas in a pod and if they love each other well, they will easily be able to put their differences aside and focus on their love for each other. If the Cancer Woman gives the Pisces Man what he wants, he will reciprocate her feelings. When the desires of a Pisces Man are satiated by the Cancer Woman, he will do everything in his power to keep her happy. Their union can last decades if both try to make the relationship work while concentrating on each other. When it comes to a love such as there’s no other zodiac sign can put up with them or even come close to theirs. Their emotions and intuitive nature can make their relationship go a long way and is a source of envy for all the zodiac signs.

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