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Kaal Bhairav, the Full Form of Lord Shankar


Lord Garun puran is the Holy Granth of HINDUISM. In this chapter you will know about lord krishna (Matsya Avatar).


Kaal Bhairav, the full form of Lord Shankar

Once, sitting on Mount Sumeru, going to Brahma, the gods requested him to tell him the indestructible element. Brahma, fascinated by Shiva's maya, not knowing that element, started saying like this - I am the self-born, unborn, the only God, eternal devotion, Brahmana Niranjan soul who created this world.

I am the foundation of the trend and retirement, the ultimate Brahman. Brahma ji did this but Vishnu, who was in the Muni circle, explained to him that by my command you have become the creator of the universe, how are you talking about your dominion by disrespecting me?

In this way Brahma and Vishnu began to establish their dominion and quoted scriptures in support of their favor. When finally it was decided to ask the Vedas, then the four Vedas who came in the form of the Vedas, respectively, expressed their opinion in this way.


Rigveda - within which all ghosts are contained and through which everything arises and what is called Paramatva, is a Rudra form.

Yajurveda - by which we also authenticate the Vedas and all the Yajnas and Yogas of God which are worshiped, everyone's vision is a Shiva.

Samaveda - One who misleads all the worldly people, whom the Yogi people seek and through whom the whole world is illuminated, they are a Trimbak Shivji.

Atharvaveda - One who is interviewed with devotion and all or happiness - sorrow is the eternal eternal brahma, he is only a Shankar


Vishnu refused to accept this statement of the Vedas as pratap, to be pleased with the perpetual Shiva, Digambara Pitavarna Dhuli Dhumrit Prem Nath, Kuveta Dhari, Sarva Veshit, Vrpan Vahi, Nisang, Shivji. Hearing the Brahma-Vishnu dispute, Onkar told Shiva's light, daily and eternal Parbrahma, but still Brahma Vishnu's intellect fascinated by Shiva's Maya did not change.

At that time, such a huge light without any initial end appeared between them that the fifth head of Brahma started burning. In the meantime, Trishuldhari Neel-Lohit Shiva appeared there, then Brahmha considered him as his son and asked him to come to his shelter.

On hearing all the things of Brahma, Shiva was extremely angry and immediately revealed Bhairava and ordered him to rule Brahma. In obeying the command, Bhairav ​​cut off the fifth head of Brahma from the left finger of his finger. Fearing Bramha reciting Shutra Rudri, Shiva took shelter. Both Bramha and Vishnu believed in the truth and they both started singing the glory of Shiva. Seeing this, Shiva became pacified and gave shelter to both of them.


After this, Lord Shiva named him Bhagarav and Kaal due to his horrific horrors, and being the immediate destroyer of sins of devotees Kaal Bhairav ​​and made him the ruler of Kashipuri. Then said that Bhairava, considering these Brahma Vishnu, wearing Brahma's skull and begging from this shelter, go to Varanasi. With the influence of that city there, you will be free from the sin of killing Brahma.

By Lord Shiva's orders, Bhairav ​​ji took the skull in his hand and as soon as he walked towards Kashi, the killing of Brahma followed him. Praising him, Vishnu asked him a boon to not be enamored of his illusion. Vishnu ji wanted to ask Maya to chase Bhairav ​​ji of Brahma murder, then Brahma murder told that she is following Bhairava to be pure and free herself.

As soon as Bhairav ​​reached Kashi, as soon as he left the tongs and skull from his hand, he fell on the earth and since then the name of that place became Kapalmochan Tirtha In this pilgrimage, a person gets rid of the sin of killing Brahman by performing ritualistic pindadan and deva-pita-tarpan.

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