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KARMA - What Is It And How Does It Work?


The theory to karma is that every soul is on a journey. Whilst on our journey we are accountable for our thoughts, words and actions, for they ALL have consequences. There are consequences for everything we do, and don’t do. Consequences are karma. Karma runs from lifetime to lifetime – so if you die with unresolved issues with people, or you’ve done more negative things than positive, your soul wants to come back and try to make amends.

Karma works in lots of different ways. If you’ve been unkind to someone, you will choose to meet them again in a later lifetime, to have the opportunity to be kind.

Different religions have slightly different beliefs – but basically all believe that there is a spiritual working out for everything over life times. Early Christians believed in reincarnation, and therefore, in karma. There is a body of evidence that Emperor Justinian wrote reincarnation out of the Bible at Constantinople in Ad553. Later it was declared heresy. The Church wanted their priests to have the power to tell people what to believe. When they deleted reincarnation from the Bible they stopped people from understanding that there is a spiritual working out to everything, so they took away people’s incentive to aim for noble, honourable and good. The half-truths they preached did not resonate with people and this in turn caused unrest. That is what prompted them to start to preach hell-fire and damnation, to keep their ‘flocks’ doing as they were told.

If you believe in reincarnation, you are in charge of your own destiny. You want to connect with your own soul to understand the purpose of your journey in life. You must then listen to your own voice of conscience (or Higher Self) to decide what is right for you.

‘Bad luck’ is negative karma, and ‘good luck’ is the return of karmic credit.

We often have karma to resolve with members of our family and this is one reason why our soul chooses them to play a role in this incarnation. They represent the lessons we are trying to learn. Our parents offer us the perfect opportunity we need to direct us towards what we came to the earth plane to accomplish. That is why one of our life lessons (or tasks) is to embrace the positive qualities of both of our parents and overcome their negative ones.

It is the soul that chooses – not the personality.

Your spirit enters a physical body to learn lessons about emotions, relationships, sexuality, money and many other things. Your lessons are orchestrated by the Universe and presented to you in the form of people and situations which come into your life. Testing times are like exams … you have to get through them to progress.

All is energy. A human is a dense vibration, a tree even denser. A thought is a slight vibration unless it carries a big emotional connection. All is floating in a sea of energy; all interacting. In this cosmic soup of interconnecting energy, everything is evolving in its own way.

Every vibration that a human sends out causes a reaction in the cosmic soup and affects everything else. Ultimately, every vibration a human chooses to transmit comes back to him or her. Thus, a human can measure their progress by what is happening in their life.

If a human is very negative, he will sink into the thick dregs of the cosmic soup. When he does evil actions, bad vibrations emit into the soup, and it may take many, many returns to come back to him through the heavy frequency of his (or her) personal world.

When a human being is very materially minded or negative, the vibrations which emanate from him come back to him in equal measure. When he becomes more spiritual and sends out a higher frequency, they return to him three-fold. When he becomes totally spiritual, they return ten-fold.

Humans have free choice and free will, so we have special opportunities to evolve or de-volve as the case may be. Free will offers responsibility about the use of thoughts and emotions. Because humans have free will on earth, people can move towards light or dark, and take others with them. Humans differ in this from the rest of creation, and this gives them great opportunity for evolution.

We are all spiritual beings experiencing human life-times and all that goes along with them. It is up to us as spiritual beings to work with and correct our own karma in order to evolve.



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