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Jyotish Vs Western Vs Sidereal? Why 13 Sign Astrology?

I have been initiatied into OAK tradition. I have been introduced to advanced Freemasonic empowering information through magical initiation


Sidereal astrology has been in practice for 1000’s of years. It is commonly most utilized in the eastern side of the world in Jyotish astrology. Sidereal timekeeping is a system to locate celestial objects in their exact position in space. In Sidereal astrology, astronomy coincides with astrology. In western culture, the argument is that the signs are not based off their constellations location along the ecliptic, but rather that signs are based off of the seasons. In controversy tho this, the seasons are slowly drifting throughout time and 1000’s of Years in the future, Leo season will be at around or after December. But western astrology has the seasons and signs set at a fixed date. As for now, Sidereal time has about a 23.5 degree difference from the currently stated western degree. Most people in the western side of the world are commonly most familiar with their Western Sun sign. There are still a lot of good western astrologers that use the western system. In Sidereal astrology, you will more and likely be the sign before. So who is right!? There is strong dissonance with many people who have claimed a sign for all their life. “I’m a Leo, not a cancer.” People are now being labeled a different sign and many are giving negative feedback. Most jyotish astrologers practice Sidereal astrology. There are also astrologers who cling onto their western beliefs and claim that Sidereal charts do not have charts that match the exact constellations. And this is true. All Vedic and most Sidereal astrologers use a 12 sign chart in which all signs equal 30 degrees. These astrologers use an approximate estimation to quickly make precise predictions. They use a estimated system because it is not until this very century did we not have the technology to map the exact sky in ordinance to the size ratio of every constellation. Within the sky, Scorpio is the smallest constellation within the sky taking up only under 2% of the ecliptic circle. Virgo is the biggest constellation taking up over 12% of the ecliptic or night sky. So why 13 signs? 13 sign astrology is not at all about the addition of a new zodiac sign. But rather it is an about bringing astrology back to its fundamentals. Ophiuchus is a constellation that lies within the ecliptic along with the other 12 signs. The Ecliptic is the plane and apparent path in the sky that sun traverses through over the course of one revolution. The reference is of course due to the Earth’s rotation around the Earth. In the more modern form of astrology, the chart is mapped in accordance to the actual sky. Things brings vastly different sign sizes affecting the placements and the house cusps in your chart. The chart above is from a software that maps the sky in sidereal terms. In Jyotish astrology, we are used to seeing charts that look like the one below.

This chart allows one to make more advance predictions, a quicker analysis, and offers a more refined way to observe a chart. The blind side to this, is that some planets and the house cusps or lords will be off. In Jyotish astrology, the language of the art is largely based off of the Vedas which is an ancient scripture. With the wisdom of the Vedas, one can predict just about anything. There are snapshot techniques and many hidden codes and secrets to uncovering the sacred wisdom in just about any chart. Now by any means am I not nor will I ever disrespect or claim any error to Jyotish astrology. An astrologer who doesn’t of hasn’t practiced jyotish for years has no right to call themselves an astrologer. The difference between a Western and Eastern Jyotish Astrologer is monumental. Only through Jyotish can we predict timing of death, marriage, occupation, destiny, and just about anything else with many different systems. Western astrology is simply the surface basics of astrology while Eastern is taking a look through a magnifying glass into every single detail of astrology. Jyotish takes the very best of the past. But what about the future? This is where Esoteric or soul astrology comes into play. In astrology and in specifically Jyotish, one will come to the realization that life is predestined. This is why events are predictable. In Esoteric astrology, we are able to understand the way consciousness upgrades itself. In Esoteric astrology we are able to work with our energies in a more deeply profound way through visualizing the vast symbolism of astrology itself.
In astrology we are used to seeing a sign ruling a specific planet. Ex... Mars for Aries, Jupiter for Sagittarius, Moon for Cancer. The truth is no sign rules a specific planet. But rather some signs like behaving in a specific planet. And some signs preform more efficiently and effectively in a certain planet. At an exoteric description, signs do a good job in describing the more basic characteristics to the planet. Such as Mars ruling Aries. Aries... being the flesh body and life force. Aries ruling blood and the color red. Mars is truly suppose to be worked with in becoming the bridge toward the spiritual planes by operating with the physical plane in a powerful manner. This is the conversion and transformation of energy in skillful and useful manner. Scorpio is the Esoteric Ruler of Mars and represents the uncovering of an individuals true nature by discovering that our actions, desires, and way of approaching all things is something that is extremely unconscious in nature. Through correct and disciplined use of one’s Mars energy, one is able to transmute one’s energy into higher/lower energy. Mars energy is the energy that becomes deposited into the astral plane thus influencing our direct line of power and our future. Change requires right action. Mars is tantric sexual knowledge giving an individual the ability to pierce through barriers (astral) with pure force allowing for deep rejuvenation and healing through the opening and closing of passageways between the invisible realms of experience.In esoteric astrology, the signs begin to describe multiple planets. Sagittarius would be the most powerful placement for Mars if one is able to work consciously at mastering the individual energy. By understanding which signs rules which planets, we are able to advance and make progress within our own individual energies. Every single sign has 3 different tiers of energy within them. As we raise the energetic frequency of that sign and planet it is in, you will see the the Esoteric and Hierarchical power within that sign.
Astrology is not just about understanding the self. In astrology we have the 13 archetypes of energies or astral lights that make up the totality of this universe. The “seven seals” connect to the 7 rays of light on the visible spectrum. Astrology can be used to understand the unconscious energies that take place outside ones unique consciousness. Everything within this world both in and out is cloaked internally with an astral form that is represented by the zodiac. Astral astrology will allow an individual to reach there highest of nature through the self unfolding of abstract realizations that are quite impossible to put into words. These abstract realizations that await hold the highest of awareness that are perceived through one's self evident truth.

Find out your real sign.

Find out your real sign.

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