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Joyce Meyer: Materialist or Evangelist?

The Meyer Family Compound

Photo by:  Robert Cohen / Post-Dispatch

Photo by: Robert Cohen / Post-Dispatch

As a Christian myself, I must say that tithing to the Joyce Meyer Ministries, or any of these mainstream TV evangelists is something believers ought to be careful about before writing a check. Yes, God wants us to give to Caesar what is Caesar's and give to Him what is His according to the Bible. However, what if you learned that a significant amount of those monetary gifts you have been sending to the Joyce Meyer Ministries is being pocketed and flaunted by Joyce Meyers herself, her husband, her children, her in-laws and friends? All under the banner of "Enjoying Everyday Life." Please.

Various sources on the web estimate her ministry income at near $100 million a year, if not more by now, given the recent disasters. Yes, you will say that she does use the money to spread the Gospel around the world, feed the hungry, bring them supplies, build schools, and rise churches around the globe. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Meyer was said to be worth $8 million as of 2014.

I am just bothered by a "servant of God" who lives a lavish life style at the expense of the average working American Christian. She uses her personal past sinful story to compel people to give because prosperity will be the result. She recycles and rewrites the Word of God into books, magazines, audio, and video material and sells them at ridiculous prices with promises of a better life. I mean, is that not what the Holy Bible is for? Why rewrite it? For profit.

There are stories of how she sets pledge goals in her conferences and conventions making the congregation meet the outrageous and expensive quotas with guilt-tripping statements. Of course, she misinterprets and abuses Bible quotes to make them sound as if the Lord wants His people to go broke with faith in it all.

Let's itemize just some of the earthly gifts bought and paid for by the Joyce Meyer Ministries congregation, or partners. The following is taken from a county assessor.

Joyce Meyer Ministries Headquarters

  • $20 million building
  • $23,000 marble toilet
  • $30,000 conference table
  • $11,219 French clock
  • $10 million corporate jet
  • $900,000 annual salary paid to Joyce Meyers herself, who is the head and president of the ministry board of trustees
  • $450,000 paid to her husband, Dave Meyers, who is the vice-president
  • It is estimated that about only 10% of her estimated $8 million monthly ministry income goes to actual charitable causes

Joyce Meyer and her family's private indulgences

  • $4 million for five homes for herself and her four children within a compound
  • 10,000 square feet for her house alone that flaunts an 8-car garage
  • Lexus and Mercedes-Benz cars ranging between $40,000 to $55,000 for her, her husband and son

The list goes on based on other articles on the web, but the bottom line is, it is disgusting to me that false prophets such as her, can get away with this scam by using God and people's suffering. She suckers folks to give what little they have in order help her maintain her greedy lifestyle. Save your money from her and instead give it to real churches and organizations that lead by Jesus' actual example.


The Logician from then to now on on February 25, 2020:

There is no question Joyce Meyers is a false teacher and this is only one website that clearly points out how.

But who is really to blame for her ability to spread false teachings? I submit it is Christians who don’t judge what Mrs. Meyer says against the word of God. Aren’t we supposed to do that? ”If the Bible says that even Paul was checked by scripture, and that we are not to exceed scripture's teaching, then aren't we obligated to judge what Mrs. Meyer says against the word of God? Of course we are. It is not enough to just believe what she says, no matter how good the words are or how well she presents them. Let's not be taken in by a public figure who is confident, assertive, and appears to be biblical. Our duties as Christians include biblical discernment - which can only be done by examining what she says and comparing it with Scripture.