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The Fear of the Lord + Friendship with the Lord


John the Beloved: someone I don’t hear the church talk much about, yet he is one who caught revelations of Jesus that no one else really did.

This is one of the core twelve disciples, one of the three disciples closest to and most intimate with Jesus.

This is one of the disciples who was present on the mount of transfiguration.

This is the disciple who leaned on Jesus’ chest and who called himself “the disciple whom Jesus loved”.

This is the only disciple who actually made it to the cross.


This is the disciple who caught the revelation of Jesus as the Word… the Word who was at the beginning… the Word who was with God and was God.

This is the disciple who got taken up into the heavenly realm and saw the throne room and received the word of the things to come and of the revealing of Christ at the end of the age.

He got the revelation of the wedding feast of the Lamb. His ability to identify as the beloved of Jesus allowed him to catch glimpses of the Bridegroom Judge and King who is coming back for His own.


The gospel of John, 1 John and Revelation have been some of the books & passages that have rocked me the most. I feel a sort of kindred spirit to John.

He was close to the heart of God and he saw and heard the secrets of the heavenly realm.

He was trusted with much.

He caught holy, holy revelations.

I believe he got them because he stayed so close to Jesus’ heart, leaning on His chest.

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It’s not the John was loved by God more than anyone else, but perhaps he understood Jesus’ love and the identity as Beloved more than anyone else.

Maybe that’s why he made it to the cross; he understood what love looks like.

He understood that love suffers all things. He understood Jesus’ ways were peculiar and radical.

Even if he didn’t understand these thing at all, he didn’t really care about the swirl everyone else was getting caught up in as Jesus began His journey to the cross;

He just had to be where Jesus was.

He had to see Him.

He had to follow Him.

He had to remain close.

He didn’t know who he was outside of Jesus heart.

He knew the answers couldn’t be found anywhere else.

He knew one thing; he had to stay near.

He had to go wherever Jesus went.

Where else would he go?

Where else could he go?

He had seen the Lord and encountered His love.


I want to be one of those closest to His heart.

I want to be one familiar with the rhythm, pattern, and vibrations of His heart.

I want to be one familiar with the warmth of His embrace.

I want to be one who goes with Him to the darkest, most difficult places.

I want to be one trusted with things other aren’t.

I want to be one to see the heavenly realm in living color.

I want to be one who hears his voice and sees His face.

I want to be one to see Jesus as He is.

I want to be one lost in His holiness and yet His tenderness.

I want to be one who is one of those closest in friendship to Jesus, yet one who falls as dead when they see Him in His glory.

Familiar but never over familiar.

Familiar but fascinated.

One who knows friendship with the Lord and the fear of the Lord.

One who knows only a life of intimacy.


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