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Jesus Christ the Other Adam

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Jesus the Other Adam

Dear reader, do you believe Jesus was God while on Earth or do you believe the scriptures that declare God was in Him without measure reconciling the world back unto himself? This blew me away when the Lord appeared to me in that lonely motel room and asked me to write this hub. Let me warn you ahead of time that this must be read with consecrated prayer and an open mind.

Like I said when this vision took place and I found myself face to face with the Lord himself, I found myself questioning what he was saying to me but the blessed Holy Spirit began to quote the scriptures to me which I will place here for you to view.

Some preach that Jesus was 100 percent man and 100 percent God when he was born on Earth but was he? We have read in other chapters that God was in Christ which should give us insight to who he was while here on Earth.

The revelation in three years of consecrated prayer is that Jesus was born of the Virgin Mary and became the other Adam having a human soul and spirit just like you and me.

Beloved, the scriptures speak of a special body prepared just for him that God’s Spirit may dwell in him without measure as told in Hebrews 10:5.

Beloved, In order to fulfill the plan and redemption purpose of God, he could not be anything that Adam wasn’t before the fall. We read in other chapters that God was in Christ reconciling the world back unto himself but who is Jesus and who is the God that was in him?

Beloved, my studies have brought me to the conclusion that there are not three Gods but one God deciding to reveal himself in three distinct persons. The scriptures teach that in the beginning was the word and the word was made flesh. The scriptures also teach in John 4:24 that God is Spirit and his worshippers must worship him in spirit and truth.

In the beginning was the Word

Beloved, if the word was in the beginning and the word was God, with all things being made by and for him then who is he? My revelation is that because we are created in his image and likeness including having the ability to create things, then our thoughts produce atoms and when we speak the atoms begin to move and create.

Beloved this is what we call operating by faith because God by faith and his spoken word created the universe. Our God is a creator therefore in the beginning the Spirit of God moved over the waters to bring this uninhabited Earth into one that would sustain life, therefore in the beginning was the thought (Jesus the logos word) in the mind of God.

The word or thought was made flesh and we beheld him as the only begotten of the Father, so who was Jesus?

Beloved, the pillar of fire by night protecting Israel from her enemies and the one that took on human form appearing to Joshua as the captain of the Lord’s host is the same one that indwelt Jesus in full measure as he lived on this Earth as a man.

That is why he loved to be called and often referred to himself in the scriptures as the Son of man.

Every moment of his time on Earth from his virgin birth to his death including the miracles God did through him was an interaction with man and creation to deliver fallen man and all creation from the curse brought on by sin.

Beloved, God left Jesus on the cross as he cried out in Matthew 27: 46 “MY God my God, why have you forsaken me fulfilling the scriptures in Psalms 22 of being forsaken by God.

Beloved, since we know God left Jesus on the cross and later we find in Romans 8: 11 stating that the same Spirit who raised Jesus shall be in us and quicken our mortal bodies then here we get a glimpse of the Blessed Holy Ghost the very one that baptized John in his mother’s womb. This blessed Holy Spirit is the one that indwelt and empowered Jesus while here on Earth. We receive his Spirit at conversion by measure and it is he a person that gives us the faith to be saved.

Jesus had a soul and spirit

Jesus the Son of God, had the blessed Holy Ghost, the one that was active during creation possess him without measure making him 100 % God and 100% man but on that cross the very God that was in him left him to die and become a curse for all mankind fulfilling the scriptures we studied before concerning he that knew no sin was made sin for us.

Jesus the man, the other Adam said the words “It is finished then he said Father into thine hands commend I my spirit.” Notice that he said my spirit here and not the Holy Spirit that had previously left him. He is now all alone to become a curse and sin for all mankind.

Beloved, I know this is deep and it is with trembling fingers, that I am careful to write only what I am inspired to write under his inspiration and guidance. Beloved, He that knew no sin (JESUS) was made sin in our place. He died a sinner’s death and we find that his soul was made an offering for sin.

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Beloved, God’s Son Jesus went to hell as a condemned criminal in your place and mine.

Remember that he was there three days and three nights preaching who he was as the promised messiah to the spirits that were held there even into the lowest realms of hell where spirits were confined for wicked crimes such as the Angels that had left their first estate or (holy place with God) and married the daughters of men attempting to pollute the blood line to prevent the plan of God and the coming deliverer from being born.

Beloved, the scriptures state that if the princes of this world had known who he was that they would not have had him crucified. The Lord was there preaching to the spirits held that had perished in Noah’s flood and in my mind the questions arise that if he preached to those up unto the flood of Noah which destroyed everything living except for Noah and his family being 8 persons then he actually preached to all that had lived since Adam giving every soul a chance to hear the gospel message.

The scriptures teach that the 3 days and nights in hell consisted of him preaching to spirits. The Lord himself made reference in Matthew 12:40 concerning Jonas being 3 days and nights in the whale’s belly so shall the Son of man be in the heart of the Earth. This is more than the Good Friday till Sunday we celebrate today.

We later discover that he was surrounded by principalities and powers of darkness which represent the various ranks of fallen spirits mentioned in earlier chapters as being some of the fallen Cherubs and Seraphim’s that had followed Satan in his revolt against God.

Beloved, the revelation God gave me on this is that these evil powers did not actually know who he was. The only thing they rejoiced about is that they thought they had stopped God’s man or maybe God’s foretold deliver but they still did not understand God’s plan of redemption for fallen man and a cursed creation.

The scriptures state in Isaiah 53: 11 “thou shall see the travail of his soul and shall be satisfied.” It speaks of the salvation of his people, his obedience unto death and his sorrows and sufferings. Beloved after the 3rd day the same Holy Spirit that was in him without measure that had left our Lord on the cross came again into hell itself and fully possessed him as the scriptures state that at this time and place in hell, God highly exalted him, the price for the redemption of man and creation was complete.

The spirits he had preached too were now about to see him lead a march out of hell. The scriptures teach in Colossians 2: 15 that Jesus having spoiled or disarmed principalities and powers, made a public spectacle of them, triumphing over them in it meaning his death on the cross. Ephesians the 1st chapter speaks of the work of God which he wrought or completed in Christ when he raised him from the dead.

Beloved the thought that comes to mind is on this fashion, Jesus asked God if there was any other way while praying in the garden but unlike the other Adam which gave into the temptation, said not my will but thine be done. (Glory, Glory, Glory)

Yes, beloved, these scriptures state that God raised him up far above all principalities, powers, might and dominion meaning thrones and kingdoms.

God gave him a name above every name that is named not only in this world but also in the world to come. Beloved, Jesus is the name that God recognizes even being referred to by Jesus as being the Authority in which we as his body are designated to use against the powers and dark rulers of this world.

God raised up the second Adam (Jesus) exalted and made him both Lord and Christ. Saints, God gave him to be head over all things to the church which is his body the fullness of him that filleth all in all.

Saints, I feel a powerful presence of God beside me infilling me as I make an attempt to finish this hub and I do it in the fear and admonition of who he is and I feel that he is pleased as I have waited three full years to even make an attempt to finish this hub on his virgin birth, life, death burial and resurrection.

Beloved, I can now find myself like the Apostle Paul when he stated that he wanted to know him in the power of his resurrection.

He also stated and I join him in saying that I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ for it is the power of God unto salvation.

After the fall what then?

Saints, at this time, I feel led of the Lord to reflect back a little on what we have learned in the life and ministry of our Lord.

Beloved, according to the law of God, the penalty placed on sin is the penalty of death both spiritually and physically. The scriptures teach that God told Adam and Eve, that in the day you eat of the forbidden fruit ye shall surely die. Beloved, Adam died spiritually that day and was driven by the Angels out of the garden where he enjoyed fellowship with his creator.

God then placed a time limit on the days and life expectancy of his creation. Fallen man could no longer enjoy fellowship with his creator but could only look out to find something to measure himself and I think that is part of our problem today. We have had teachers teaching our young children that there is no creator and man evolved from monkey’s or even a tadpole crawling out of the ocean or something like a protoplasm that had a thought one day and evolved into a person.

Saints, this study consisting on the plan and purpose of God wrought through the virgin birth, life and death of the Lord Jesus Christ is one that will cause us to realize why we mean so much to God and why he desires a family to be with him forever.

God's Secret Plan

Beloved, God had a brilliant plan that was kept secret in the Godhead. Our God executed a plan where he could retain his Holiness but also become man’s Savior putting to rest any future thought questioning his Holy Character as being a just God.

Saints, we get more revelation on this brilliant plan when we discover that man was sculpted from the dust of the earth but was sculpted with a cell structure holding his body together called Laminin which bore the shape of the cross. Yes, beloved, while Adam walked with God in the cool of the garden before the fall, God was looking at the cross that was holding him together.

Beloved, God was waiting on that day when he would indwell Jesus and become mans’ Savior. Beloved, are you beginning to get an understanding of the sacrifice the Lord endured to redeem fallen man from the sin of Adam in the garden. Just think about this as we continue (Adam fell into the trap of Satan and sold us out in the garden but we have hope because Jesus overcame Satan and won us back in the garden because as he prayed until his sweat became as great drops of blood, he was reminding God of his sacrifice and his plan.

Our Lord was praying that God would receive us in the same way he receives him. We can better understand this by studying the letter found in the book of Philemon that Paul had sent to the master of the runaway slave informing him of his conversion to Christ and asking him to not receive him as the man he was but receive him like he would receive him because he too had been converted under Paul’s ministry.

Beloved, this is what Jesus was doing in the garden suffering in great agony birthing the church because the scriptures state in many places that Christ was slain before the foundation of the world and that means before the creation and fall of Adam Jesus was already slain in the mind and plan of God.

Dear reader, Satan challenged God on his justice system which caused a third of the Angels to rebel and revolt against God. Other Angels might have had questions as they watched the others revolt but the all wise eternal God had a master plan. In the secret of the Godhead the decision was made to make this planet suitable to sustain life.

God spoke everything seen and unseen into existence out of nothing but got down personal with Adam as he formed him from the dust of the Earth.

God placed in Adam a glue like substance called Laminin that would hold his cells together and it was in the form of a cross the very tool that God would one day use to pay the price for the sin of all mankind. I am talking about the day when he would personally plan and orchestrate events which would place Jesus the other Adam on that old rugged Roman Cross hanging between the Heaven and the Earth becoming a curse while bearing the weight and sin for all mankind including fallen creation.

May I remind you that God is the one that set the death penalty as the price for sin not Satan and he put Adam together with a glue like cell structure called Laminin which resembled the form of a cross which brings many thoughts to my mind? Jesus was the other Adam with a human body and did he have the same cell structure?

Beloved, I often wonder that the many times I have messed up even once walking away, was God looking at my cell structure reminding him of the cross where his darling Son became my dying savior?

Yet it pleased the LORD to bruise him; he hath put him to grief: when thou shalt make his soul an offering for sin, he shall see his seed, he shall prolong his days, and the pleasure of the LORD shall prosper in his hand.

Beloved, can we stop right here and sing “Oh What a Savior, oh Hallelujah, His heart was broken on Calvary; his hands were nail scared; his side was riven, he gave his life’s blood for even me. Death’s chilling waters, one day I’m going to be crossing but his hand will lead me safely there.

Yes, beloved we have a blessed hope and assurance of a better life. Beloved, many in the church world today remind me of the wicked prophet Balaam that was warned of God not to curse Israel and even though he went with the King as a prophet for hire he could not curse what God had blessed.

Dear reader go with me and view what he must have saw as God had the tribes pitch their tents in a certain formation and if viewed from a distant hillside they would resemble the form of a cross. Yes what a God and as we go further in this study we are going to discover a lot more but just think about it, when Adam sinned in the garden it did not catch God off guard for he had a plan to become man’s savior.

Every time he walked with Adam in the garden he knew he would fall and every time he looked at him he could see the cross like cell structure holding his body together.

It is like the stern judge that never gave anyone a break but one day his own mother was brought before him. She was caught in the very act of committing a crime.

The judge found her guilty and sentenced her to the full extent that the law would allow then with tears, got up from his bench and removed his robe. He then stuck his wrists out to the bailiff and requested to be allowed to serve his mom’s sentence.

Dear reader this is what God did for you and for me as he placed Adam in the garden with the fallen Archangel Lucifer that had caused a revolt in heaven knowing that his greatest creation would soon fall to the tempter but God had a master plan in place to serve man’s sentence by becoming his Savior.

The Cell structure holding our body together



My Conclusion

This hub is an in-depth study of the atonement which is the work of redemption wrought in Christ to redeem fallen man back into fellowship with a Holy God.

Beloved the study of the Atonement is one of the most important doctrines in Christianity, because how we see (atonement) defines how we see God.

Do we see him bearing a clinched fist at Mt Sinai shouting the soul that sinneth shall surely die or do we see him in Jesus showing us the heart of the Father as one that desires for us to have life and have it more abundantly.

Beloved, how we see God will define the relationship and fellowship that we will experience with Him in our Christian walk. Beloved, do we view him as a stern man like a father we have or have known here that is short tempered and unapproachable or do we see him as the model Father Jesus referred to while reciting the Lord’s prayer?

Saints, God desires that we view and receive him as a Father with open arms of unconditional love for his children? The Lord’s most earnest desire is that we understand that we have a high priest that can be touched with the feelings of our infirmities becuase he was once one of us.

In closing let me say that people down through the ages have made frugal attempts to bring God down to their level and convince people that he has lowered his standard on sin but beloved we find through the scriptures of this study that Sin is the cause and Christ is the cure. He is the cure for broken troubled hearts, depression and anxiety which anxiety being defined is simply a fear of the unknown.

Let me tell you dear ones that Jesus is the cure for a world searching for answers.

Saints, we need to get our emotions under control because sometimes they can play tricks on us and get us thinking wrong. Beloved when we fall in this trap, we fall right into his hands. The attacks on our faith will make us into humble servants and cause us to apply the truths of God’s word in mightier ways. They will make us men and women of God that will appreciate and better understand spiritual truths including the real cosmic battle going on around us.

The enemy wants us to allow the intense pressure on the outside to get on the inside but we are more than conquerors through Christ who loves us and gave himself for us, his prized purchased possession.

The bottom line is, people are important to God and even the scriptures declare that God has our names engraved on the palm of his hands. Isaiah 49: 16.

© 2021 Jerry W Hulse

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