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Jesus in the World: The First 600 Years

James A. Watkins is an entrepreneur, musician, and a writer with four non-fiction books and hundreds of magazine articles read by millions.

HubPages Writer Publishes First Book

James A. Watkins is proud to announce the publication of his long-awaited first book, Jesus in the World: The First 600 Years. He is grateful for HubPages because during his years writing hundreds of Hubs he gained the experience, feedback, and confidence he needed to complete and publish his first non-fiction volume.

Jesus in the World separates what is true from what is false as to how the Good News was spread by those who love Jesus in spite of seemingly insurmountable obstacles and suffering severe hardships. We will first examine the life of Jesus, and the teachings of and about Him, which profoundly transformed countless individuals and communities.

This book traces the development of evangelism, missions, charity, doctrines, theology, councils, creeds, Saints, relics, monasticism, and the organization, hierarchy, and liturgy of the Church, from the birth of Christ to AD 600. We learn the truth about the Apostles and the Fathers of the Church; the writing of the New Testament and its canonization; the brutal persecutions and the throwing of Christians to the lions.

This exciting story shows how Christianity went from being outlawed to becoming the center of civic life; Constantine, what he did and did not do; the lives of Augustine, Ambrose, Popes Leo and Gregory the Great; the great heretics including the Gnostics, and the great heresy fighters; the veneration of Mary and the martyrs; the birth of the Roman Catholic Church, and the flowering of Byzantium. We will also take a good look at the Old Testament, and summarize the backstories of the Jews, Greeks, Romans, Celts, and Germans.

Let us lift away the dross so you can clearly see and comprehend the Truth about the founding of the Christian Faith and the Body of Christ.

Jesus in the World: The First 600 Years

Jesus in the World: The First 600 Years

The Life of Jesus

The documented history of Jesus and His followers is an amazing story. How could this man, a person who had lived in such obscurity throughout the majority of His life, become the most famous person of all time?

Today, there are two billion people who believe that Jesus was the Son of Father God, the Creator of the Universe and that he was, in fact, resurrected from the dead after his crucifixion.

Jesus said, “I will build my church.” Come meet the men and women who fulfilled His purpose; His chosen Apostles, their disciples, kings, queens, political leaders, and the ordinary men and women who faced persecution, torture and death for their unwavering belief in Him. The Body of Christ lived and preached the Gospel; Church Doctrine was established and taught, and places of worship were built throughout Christendom, all while the faithful were tested, revered, and often martyred.

'Behold the Man' by Antonio Ciseri (1871) is the cover art for James A. Watkins first book 'Jesus in the World: The First 600 Years'

'Behold the Man' by Antonio Ciseri (1871) is the cover art for James A. Watkins first book 'Jesus in the World: The First 600 Years'

History of Christianity

Jesus in the World: The First 600 Years will help men and women who have questions about the origins of the Christian Faith and the Church come to understand the astonishing true story. It will do your soul good to read this book. Along the way, we will answer life’s big questions: Who are we? Where did we come from? Why are we here in this Vale of Tears? Where are we going after this life is over and we go beyond the Great Divide? Who is Jesus? Who is God, and what does He want from us?

It will be well worth your time to read this amazing story. It reveals the lives of the Apostles, the first Christians, the Church Fathers, and how they miraculously spread the Good News far and wide in ancient days.

We explore the background of the Jews, Romans, Celts, and Germans. We delve into how the Bible came to be—were there any lost or banned books? What did Constantine really do—and not do? How was the Church—the Body of Christ—organized with its places of worship, rituals, and doctrines? Who are the Catholic Saints and what were their lives like? What was the deal with Relics? What is a heretic anyway and why should we care? Who were the Monks and what did they do?

We will also take a good look at the flowering of Byzantium before our story ends in about AD 600. For what happens after that you will have to wait for the sequel.

The Spread of Christianity and the Foundation of Christendom

The Spread of Christianity and the Foundation of Christendom

Author James A. Watkins

Explore the amazing story of Jesus coming into our world and how He changed it forever. We investigate the foundations of the Bible and the Church, as well as the background of the peoples involved. If you read Jesus in the World: The First 600 Years you will come to appreciate the fundamental truths that undergird the Christian Worldview.

My book is not written by or for an academic but written by and for a layman in plain language. I believe I have some unique insights into what the man on the street wants to know.

I have published hundreds of internet magazine articles. The over 60,000 comments I received have convinced me that most people in the West no longer know the foundational truths about how Christianity flowered, or even what it is, but instead repeat memes learned from postmodern anti-Christian fictions. They are defenseless against the wily darts of the Devil.

'Crucifixion of Christ' by Tintoretto (1568)

'Crucifixion of Christ' by Tintoretto (1568)

The Resurrected Christ

The Resurrected Christ

'The Ascension of Christ' by Benjamin West (1801)

'The Ascension of Christ' by Benjamin West (1801)

Jesus in the World: Chapter Summaries

Chapter One is about Jesus of Nazareth, what kind of person He was; the life He lived; His teaching, preaching and parables; the Kingdom of God; the miracle-working Messiah; spiritual warfare; His earthly opponents; His death, Resurrection and Ascension; the Great Commission.

Chapter Two explicates the lives, writings, and missionary travels of the Apostles. Also included are sections on Mary Magdalene, James the Just, Mark the Evangelist, Dr. Luke, and Judas Iscariot, as well as a thorough description of the Holy Land.

Chapter Three tells the story of the Jews. After we take a look at Babylon and its demonic religion, as well as the Tower of Babel, we will learn about Abraham, Isaac, Jacob Israel, Joseph, Moses, David, and Solomon; the loss of Israel; Isaiah and Jeremiah; the Fall of Jerusalem; the Second Temple; Alexander the Great and Greek Civilization; the Romans, Herod the Great, the Pharisees and Sadducees; the Great Revolts, the Destruction of Jerusalem, and the Diaspora.

Chapter Four explores the life and times of Paul the Apostle; his background and younger days, miraculous conversion experience, incredible missionary journeys, extraordinary letters, and lasting legacy.

Chapter Five examines how the Body of Christ persevered and even thrived during more than 200 years of brutal persecution, from the death of the Apostle John to the coronation of Constantine, led and inspired by Fathers of the Church. This section ends with the Apostle’s Creed.

Chapter Six investigates the truth about how the New Testament we read today came to be. We delve into the origins of the texts, as well as how and by whom they were collected and canonized.

Chapter Seven provides an overview of the Holy Bible, with an emphasis on the Old Testament. A summary of the biblical narratives is included, along with analysis of what it all means to us today.

Chapter Eight is about Rome. How did a small town become an enormous empire that stretched from Britain to Persia? What are its lasting accomplishments, why did it flourish, and what caused its demise?

Chapter Nine will scrutinize what is true and what are phony modern fictions concerning the deeds of Constantine the Great and his influence on the Church and its doctrines. Also we cover the Nicene Council, the Nicene Creed, and the period after the death of Constantine through the reign of Emperor Theodosius, who made Christianity the official religion of the Empire.

Chapter Ten considers why particular men and women became revered as the Saints of the Church. We probe what is known as the Cults of the Saints, Relics, and Martyrs. We look at the lives and deaths of the most famous of the Saints, especially the Patron Saints.

Chapter Eleven is a review of the heretics of the Church; what their heresies were about and why they were unacceptable to the vast majority of right-thinking believers. Also, we will check out the chief heresy fighters and their written objections to various heretical ideas.

Chapter Twelve explains the background and culture of the Celtic peoples, the ‘Fathers of Europe.’ Included are observations of how the Celts lived before they came to know Christ, and how their inner selves and behaviors changed after becoming Christians, both individually and communally.

Chapter Thirteen examines the Greek Fathers of the Church. Answers will be provided as to who these men were and why their concepts are still so important to the understanding of current Church doctrines.

Chapter Fourteen investigates the Latin Fathers of the Church; Ambrose, Augustine, and Jerome. Who were these men, what motivated them, what were their lives like, why are they the foundational figures of the Church in the West?

Chapter Fifteen tells the story of the development of the Roman Catholic Church. We will explain where it came from and what were its earliest incarnations, leaders, teachings, and rituals.

Chapter Sixteen is about the Germans, meaning all those tribes of Germanic peoples that shook up what is now Europe and changed its landscape forever. What was life like for them, what did they want, and how Christianity changed them, are among topics reviewed.

Chapter Seventeen tells the story of monks and monasteries. We will consider the tales of the hermit monks, as well as the origins of the various monastic movements. Special emphasis is given to the tremendous achievements of the monks and monasteries.

Chapter Eighteen is a short history of Byzantium (New Rome or the Eastern Roman Empire) up to AD 600. Side trips are taken to explore developments in the Church in Egypt, Ethiopia, Syria, Armenia, and the Holy Land.


James A Watkins (author) from Chicago on February 12, 2019:

Cynthia Taggart ~ First, I would like to apologize for not responding sooner to your comments. I was not aware they had been posted until today for some odd reason. Yes, you are right that since I created this Hub I have published TWO new books. I will have to make Hubs for them as well, and soon.

Thank you for your encouraging words, and for reminding me to be strong and of a good courage. I do indeed feel called to do what I am doing with my writing. If it only makes a difference in one soul it will be worth it.

God Bless You and thank you for your lovely laudations.


James A Watkins (author) from Chicago on February 12, 2019:

Richie Mogwai ~ Thank you so much for your gracious compliments!

Cynthia Taggart from New York, NY on June 01, 2018:

Great promotional hub for your book - and wonderful pic of you! I wish you all the success for this book as well as your other one coming out (?). [It is out already? May, right?]

I know they will both be a success because of your hard work, determination and passion for bringing understanding to who Jesus was and what Christianity is. You wrote: "I have published hundreds of internet magazine articles. The over 40,000 comments I received have convinced me that most people in the West no longer know the foundational truths about how Christianity flowered, or even what it is, but instead repeat memes learned from postmodern anti-Christian fictions. They are defenseless against the wily darts of the Devil." God has chosen one - you - to do just that on the Web. [Lord knows I would not have the stomach for it (as you know of me too :))]

God bless and take care. Be strong and of a good courage (which you are but when dealing with on-line challenges it's always a good verse to be reminded).


Richie Mogwai from Vancouver on April 11, 2017:

What an excellent Hub about Jesus Christ, my savior my best friend

James A Watkins (author) from Chicago on July 21, 2015:

rls8994~ Hello! Yes, it has been a while. I have not been very active on HP either. I appreciate your nice note of congratulations. If you do read my book I would love to know what you think of it. Thank you for complimenting my writings. Nice to hear from you. Take care. :-)

James A Watkins (author) from Chicago on July 21, 2015:

Hxprof---Thank you!! Thank you very much. Let me know if you get the book. I will be very interested to hear your thoughts on it.

James A Watkins (author) from Chicago on July 21, 2015:

B Dawg~ You were right all along. The gal who pretended to be black received the benefits you said she would. You, sir, are a genius!

rls8994 from Mississippi on July 14, 2015:

Hello James, it has been awhile! :) Because I have not been very active here on this site too much lately, I am just now seeing this hub. Congratulations on your book! You have always been a phenomenal writer here on hubpages so I know your book is awesome! I will be ordering a copy for myself soon :)

Hxprof on June 20, 2015:

I just recently saw that you published this hub back in 2014 announcing the release of your book. Congratulations! I'll be picking it up soon. Best to you in your continued writing.

B Dawg on June 15, 2015:

James Watkins,

The president of the naacp was a white lady disguised as a black lady! I could not get the comment to go through on white guilt hub. I guess that is good news. Unfortunately it was temporarily makeup. She used her blackness for affirmative action to get through college. She may get in trouble for lying about her race. Her parents snitched her out!

Wouldn't that be something if Obama was really white? Or Sharpton? They need something more permanent so they can always have black skin. Hope to hear from you peace.

James A Watkins (author) from Chicago on June 14, 2015:

cristina327~ Thank you ever much for the encouragement and best wishes. It is wonderful to hear from you again. God Bless You Sister!

James A Watkins (author) from Chicago on June 14, 2015:

skye2day---It is so nice to see you have left me this gracious note, Sister. I appreciate your prayers, blessings, and love. I too have been away from the hubs for a time. I am thrilled to hear that you might buy a copy of my book. Let me know what you think of it if you do. Your lovely laudations warm the cockles of my heart. God Bless You!


James A Watkins (author) from Chicago on June 14, 2015:

Easy Exercise~ Thank you for visiting my Hub. I appreciate your interest in my book. I hope you get a copy and I hope you enjoy reading it, especially Chapter Ten.

James A Watkins (author) from Chicago on June 14, 2015:

Silva Hayes---Thank you very much for stopping by to offer your encouragement! :-)

James A Watkins (author) from Chicago on June 14, 2015:

Bradmaster---Only 3 percent of the wars in history had anything to do with Christianity, and only 7 percent anything to do with religion period. If you want to end wars and killing, stop unreligous people from leading governments.

James A Watkins (author) from Chicago on June 14, 2015:

Bradmaster~ The world is told that Moses or Paul or Constantine or the Catholic Church just made up God to control others. But Moses and Paul gave up high levels of worldly power to work for God for nothing (nothing in the world’s eyes). Especially Moses, who was to become the most powerful man on earth, Pharaoh of Egypt, and could have ordered millions to do anything he wanted them to do but instead decided to cast his lot with despised Hebrew slaves.

James A Watkins (author) from Chicago on June 14, 2015:


You are welcome. Thank you for visiting my Hub and for your kind compliments. Of all the people who have written to me, you need to read my book the most. All your questions, which would take too long to answer here, are answered in my book. It was written just for someone such as yourself.

Now, back in the beginning of time, everyone knew the origin of man and the world. But over many centuries, myth was piled on myth—fictions invented by men who claimed to have ‘special insight.’ The Book of Genesis was revealed to Moses to set the record straight; to clear away the fog of pagan falsity.

The God of the Old Testament is the same God in the New Testament. He has never failed. Mankind failed—big difference. His wrath remains on all who reject the gift of grace offering through His Son. So, the wrath is still there.

You say, “The natural disposition of people worldwide is that they haven't changed for the better. So even if there was a God and a Jesus of the Bibles, they failed in changing human nature.” But this is far from true. As the Christian faith spread; man’s tendency to behave badly was constrained by the conviction in his soul that one day he would have to face his Creator and answer for how he had conducted himself and treated his fellow man. Finally, some virtue had somewhat restrained the wickedness of this world. The Gospel transformed millions of individual lives. Christianity gave individual men and women value and dignity they had not known before, and gave history meaning. It was only at the prompting of early Christians that laws were passed to protect widows, orphans, and the poor; to prohibit the separation of married slaves; outlaw the sale of children as slaves; to prohibit the killing of babies; to ban prostitution, as well as to stop sexual immorality in public. Unquestionably, the Christian Faith greatly elevated the status of women and children.

Besides providing a relationship with God and eternal life for individuals, it was definitely the Christian Faith that made Europe Europe—Christendom as it was, in fact, known for over a thousand years. The Church gave Europe history, literacy, law, prosperity, moral improvement, art, science, architecture, schools, universities, hospitals, and charities. There is no question that the Church made a positive fundamental contribution to the wellbeing of society. The Church saved Europe and millions of its people. Christianity stood for progress, safety, and public health. It alone cared for people and loved people. By the Sixth Century, we see Christian poorhouses and hospitals spring up all over Europe.

It proved to be an immense advantage to civilization to have authority and power over the affairs of men in the hands of moral authority that rested on moral convictions resting on a foundation of divine law; instead of the power of brute force unrestrained by a moral compass.

Christian intellectuals created ‘Europe’ by bringing writing skills to illiterate societies. Christian writers invented alphabets for tongues they encountered that had no written language; and codified barbarian customs and conventions in an attempt to bring societies into order and civilization under the authority of fixed principles. This was a good thing that had marvelous results.

The distinguishing feature of European Civilization was the Christian Religion. Outside of that Faith, the whole world showed very little progress for two thousand years. Founded on Christianity, Western Civilization astounded the rest of the world by leaving it in the dust. By 1900, the Civilization of the West was vastly superior to any that had ever been seen or dreamed of. It alone had penetrated the Providence of God and perceived Eternal Truth. People all over the earth wanted nothing more than to ‘westernize’ their countries.

These manifold blessings transferred to America after Europe lost its faith in God around the turn of the Twentieth Century—a loss of faith that led to two world wars and an unbelievable toll in suffering and death, as humankind tried out the concepts of Darwinism and Marxism with Man and the State substituting for God.

James A Watkins (author) from Chicago on June 14, 2015:

schoolgirlforreal---You are most welcome. I am so glad you enjoyed my book (the first half anyway). I cannot thank you enough for purchasing a copy in support of my work. God Bless You, my friend.

James A Watkins (author) from Chicago on June 14, 2015:

Bongani Sibeko---You are welcome. Thank you very much for your awesome accolades. I appreciate you reading my article and offering your kind encouragement about my book. I am sorry it took me so long to answer your question about research and studying. I have not been on HubPages very much lately due to time constraints created by other projects. My main thing is that I read a lot--a whole lot. I always have a few books going and I am constantly highlighting and taking notes. Most of my research for Hubs comes from my own books, of which I have thousands--all nonfiction. I do fill in some things by additional research utilizing the internet as well. God Bless You!


Cristina Santander from Manila on February 13, 2015:

Congratulations Brother James for your newly published book. Seemingly an excellent book to invest your time and money. Hope everything is just alright with you. I believe it will be a best seller. Regards.

skye2day from Rocky Mountains on January 24, 2015:

My brother James. I have been away from the hubs for a time. I hope to get back to the keyboard and reading very soon. I am grazing the neighbor hoods and thought to stop in and see what you are up to. As I thought up to your writing. All Glory to God. I knew you working on a book. I am excited to read it. You are my favorite author and I am honored to know you. Keep up the good works for our Lord. Blessed are the pure in heart. Love to you and yours. I pray your new year is blessed in abundance and good health. Shalom my brother. Love, Skye

Kelly A Burnett from United States on November 26, 2014:

Hi James,

Congratulations! This is wonderful! You are so dedicated. I must read your book - Chapter 10 the Cult of the Saints sounds intriguing!

Silva Hayes from Spicewood, Texas on September 05, 2014:

Congratulations on your achievement, James! Wishing you much success with this latest endeavor.

bradmaster on August 16, 2014:


You are a very talented writer, and you do your research, and pack into your writings.

However, we don't see things in the same light. I went to Catholic School to grade 7, and practiced as a Catholic until my mid thirties.

Every year, I grew further from Catholicism, and formal religion itself.

There are too many human factors in the bibles rather than those of a God.

The world of humans went without a bible for thousands of years, and then all of a sudden there was a bible written. Of course, that bible is now referred to as the Old Testament. It was not written by a God, and it was not written contemporaneously with the events that it depicts.

"he writings of the thirty or so other contributors to the Old Testament span a thousand years! They recount the times and messages from Moses' successor, Joshua, to the last of the Old Testament prophets, Malachi, who wrote his little tract around 450 BC.

Then there is a 500-year period when no writings were contributed to the Bible. This is the period between the testaments, when Alexander the Great conquered much of the world and when the Greek language was introduced to the Hebrew"

The we get the New Testament, and it is written during the last half of the first century. It is again not written contemporaneous with the events it depicts.

Here are my problems about the New Testament.

1. The God of the Old Testament was angry, and he was never seen by anyone, including Moses.

2. There was no mention of his Son or the Holy Ghost.

3. There is no record of his first twelve years, after which he started preaching.

4. The New Testament depicts a God, that is not angry, but he really doesn't want to deals with his creation.

5. He turns over the duties to his Son, who becomes human.

6. Jesus while he is human talks in circles, or you probably say parables.

God of the Old Testament failed, and these failures was recorded in it.

Jesus of the New Testament didn't really do that much to help the people.

The bottom line is that with both bibles, the natural disposition of people worldwide is that they haven't changed for the better.

So even if there was a God and a Jesus of the Bibles, they failed in changing human nature.

It is even more ironic today, when in the name of religion, and Jesus people are killing each other in the name of God.

Muslims, as you know also believe in Jesus, but Mohammed replaces Jesus.

So my conclusion is that both bibles were written by men to control men, and there was nothing in their writings that could be attributed to a non human deity.


schoolgirlforreal on July 17, 2014:

Half way through your book now James and it's great. Thank you. :)

Bongani Sibeko from Johannesburg on June 20, 2014:

Mr Watson,

Since I have joined here I have found your articles rich of useful information, I have no doubt the book is just the same.

It is great to see people such as yourself heed the call of advancing his kingdom in our world. In my studies of the Bible I see one and only message that runs through it and that is the message of the kingdom of God. I hope in your book you expand a bit on this message because in our western world we seem to have forgotten how a kingdom operates since we live in a democratic society.

On a personal note, I find your work here very educational and helpful. When you get some time I would like to hear how, where you actually do your research and studying because what you produce especially history wise is top notch. I am also very interested in research, reading and writing, so any tips would go a long way. Apologies if this is a wrong platform for such.

Thanks Sir and continue with your great work!

James A Watkins (author) from Chicago on June 09, 2014:

Thank you ever much Mr. Smith for the congratulations and encouragement. I appreciate you taking the time to read my Hub and post such a nice note.

James A Watkins (author) from Chicago on June 09, 2014:

big daddy oreo— Thank you for wishing me well with my book and for your fascinating remarks. For an easy to understand Bible I would recommend the New Living Translation. It is written in modern conversational English and it is quite easy to understand. Since you don't read much, I would start with the New Testament and just read one chapter a day, which shouldn't take more than 15 minutes. I am glad to hear you have a relationship with God and that you pray everyday. God Bless You!

Mr. Smith from Indiana on June 06, 2014:


Keep doing what you're led to do. Congratulations on the "icebreaking" completion.

big daddy oreo on June 04, 2014:

I have always found bibles hard to understand. I am not much of a reader either. I do have a relationship with god though. I pray everyday good day or bad.

James, on a side note I read one of your hubs and comments related to racial relations in america. I know you were talking about white people going undercover as black men. I think that would be a great idea if it is possible.

I would love to go undercover as a black man to help black and white people get along. I think god would like it too. I could even be a boss or a teacher and try to motivate black youth.

Ps hope the book does well

James A Watkins (author) from Chicago on May 27, 2014:

Brother Bob—I will let you know when the ebook comes out. probably in about ten days. James

Robert E Smith from Rochester, New York on May 24, 2014:

Sounds like everything I love about your articles. I look forward to reading it when I can. God bless you and your work for the Lord. Bob.

James A Watkins (author) from Chicago on May 24, 2014:

no body! Hey Robert, I appreciate you offering to check out my book. It is not yet on an ebook format but will be soon. It has no pictures except the cover. I am grateful for your friendship, blessings, and love, my brother. Thank you as well for this nice note of encouragement. God Bless You!


James A Watkins (author) from Chicago on May 22, 2014:

Thank you very much carter06! I really appreciate that you get exactly what I was after—"a layman's perspective on such an important subject, so that it's easily understood by anyone who picks it up." Well said!! Thanks for the best wishes, too. Good to hear from you.

Robert E Smith from Rochester, New York on May 21, 2014:

I am going to check out the book. May get on ebook. Does it have many pictures because if it does, I will have to have the book in my hands. If it doesn't that is just as good and in some ways better because I can get it on ebook and have it sooner.

At any rate James, you know I love you and I love this effort you have put into educating the country about Jesus. He will bless your work and He will make it prosper.

Mary from Cronulla NSW on May 19, 2014:

Wow James, congrats for accomplishing your first book..well done!! And so important to write from a layman's perspective on such an important subject, so that it's easily understood by anyone who picks it up..Should make for some pretty interesting reading about an amazing story!!

Wishing you all the best..Cheers

James A Watkins (author) from Chicago on May 17, 2014:

Thank you itakins. Yes, there will be a Kindle version after I fix a few things first. I appreciate your interest and affirmation. :D

itakins from Irl on May 16, 2014:

Delighted to hear there will be a kindle version.Well done James!

James A Watkins (author) from Chicago on May 13, 2014:

teaches12345— Thank you for your kind comments. I hope you are right that 'the book will help many to understand Jesus better.' Exactly what I wish for! I appreciate you taking the time to read my review and send me this nice note.

James A Watkins (author) from Chicago on May 13, 2014:

lone77star—Hello, my friend. For some odd reason your comments had found their way into the HubPages Spam Bucket. I retrieved them from there once I noticed what had happened.

I do intend to move forward with a Kindle Version—and an Audio Version, which I plan to narrate myself.

I surely appreciate your gracious compliments on my efforts thus far. It always helps to have other writers come alongside and provide some support and affirmation. Thank you!


Dianna Mendez on May 12, 2014:

Congratulations on your book! I enjoyed your review and believe the book will help many to understand Jesus better. You put a lot of hard work into it and I know you will be blessed by the returns.

Rod Martin Jr from Cebu, Philippines on May 10, 2014:

Howdy, James. I finally noticed your hub on your book. I should've suspected you'd have one. Very nice to read more about what the book is all about. I love your attention to detail.

Do you plan to come out with a Kindle version? If you do, you might avail yourself of the Kindle Select Free promotion option. This allows you to give away your Kindle version for even more feedback.

You may also consider the Kindle Match program, which allows you to link your Kindle version to your print version and to sell the Kindle (or even give it away) to those who buy the print.

Again, well done on the publication. Nicely designed, inside and out.

James A Watkins (author) from Chicago on May 08, 2014:—It is a pleasure to hear from you, old friend. I left 1/3 of the book of the cutting room floor but it is still around 368 pages. I appreciate the faith you expressed in my work and I only hope the actual book matches your expectations. I am honored that you would read it. And yes, there are some mild correctives of postmodern memes but only of the ones that are nonsensical. Thank you for visiting my Hub and for your excellent comments.

James from upstate, NY on May 08, 2014:

Wow, you actually wrote a book and a big one from the looks of it! My guess is that you've refuted a mountain of misinformation promoted by liberals and atheists. I could stand to brush up on Christian history, look forward to reading your book. I'm sure it will be brilliant!

James A Watkins (author) from Chicago on May 07, 2014:

Thanks again!!

Paula from The Midwest, USA on May 07, 2014:

I will let you know what I think after I read it, for sure. I am glad you put your efforts of writing into a book, on a most important topic. Will be back in touch.

James A Watkins (author) from Chicago on May 07, 2014:

oceansnsunsets—Thank you very much for your enthusiastic note! It is great to hear from you. Please let me know how you like the book after you read it. I am honored that you would. I appreciate you sharing in my joy. :D


Paula from The Midwest, USA on May 07, 2014:

Hi James, I am so happy for you and your book! That is very very exciting, and I look very forward to reading it. It is a part of history that I love to learn more about. I am glad you shared this here, so we all know. Congratulations to you, that is awesome! :)

James A Watkins (author) from Chicago on May 07, 2014:

Thank you Faith Reaper for the information and your blessings. :-)


James A Watkins (author) from Chicago on May 04, 2014:

Thank you so much, Peg Cole 17. I would be thrilled to hear your opinion of my work. I am excited that you would consider it worthy to purchase. And I appreciate your affirmation and encouragement. Thanks again!

James A Watkins (author) from Chicago on May 03, 2014:

starstream— You are most welcome. Thank you for reading my Hub and leaving your comment. I am praying for your friend Jean Paul right now that he is comforted by the Presence of God, healed of his illness, and set free to come home.

Faith Reaper from southern USA on May 03, 2014:

James, so sorry for the delay in responding to your inquiry about Pinterest ... my Internet has been down a couple of days. All I know about Pinterest is that I share hubs there. One can create "boards" to share certain things there, i.e., "My Favorite Writers on HubPages" board. However, it is important to note that those who are true photographers normally do not want to share their photos there, as Pinterest claims them as their own! So, in that instance, I can see why one would not want to share on Pinterest. Many seem to get a lot of traffic from Pinterest though.

Congrats again on your wonderful book. God bless you and your endeavors.

In His Love,

Faith Reaper

James A Watkins (author) from Chicago on May 03, 2014:

Dear Audrey — Your gracious note has warmed the cockles of my heart and made my day. It was indeed a long journey to the finish line for me. I am grateful to you in advance for purchasing and reading my book. I consider that high praise indeed. :D

I appreciate your blessings, as well as the 'voted up, useful, awesome, beautiful and interesting." And thank you ever much for sharing this Hub with your network of friends and contacts. God Bless You.


Peg Cole from North Dallas, Texas on May 03, 2014:

Congratulations on the impressive publication of this fascinating book, James. This represents such a tremendous amount of research and study on your part. I'm looking forward to reading my copy and learning from you.

Dreamer at heart from Northern California on May 03, 2014:

Thanks to you for sharing this article! I have an urgent prayer request.

My dear friend Jean Paul is being detained in Egypt. He is in the midst of chaos, danger, now sick and needs help to recover his passport and come home to California.

Audrey Hunt from Pahrump NV on May 03, 2014:

Dear James - I am both impressed and proud of this great achievement you have attained. I cannot even begin to imagine the hours upon hours of research and work you have put into this remarkable accomplishment.

I'm looking forward with great anticipation to purchasing your book and reading it. I will gladly share this hub with others - many others.

I voted up, useful, awesome, beautiful and interesting.

May God pour his richest blessings upon you.~


James A Watkins (author) from Chicago on May 02, 2014:

janshares—I appreciate you checking out my Hub and leaving me such an encouraging note. I never would have gotten here without HubPages. Thank you very much for the 'voted up' and hitting all those good buttons for me. I am grateful to you for sharing my good news too. God Bless You!!

James A Watkins (author) from Chicago on May 02, 2014:

Faith Reaper— Hello there. Thank you. I would be honored if you read my book. Yes, that's where I've been all right. I sure appreciate the 'up and more' and especially you helping spread the word far and wide. It is hard to promote a book yourself. But I am working on it. Please give me some feedback after you read it. I would love to know your impression of it. I am not familiar with Pinterest. How does that work?

God Bless You!


Janis Leslie Evans from Washington, DC on May 02, 2014:

Congratulations, James. What a magnificent accomplishment. This looks like a fantastic read, must check it out. It's so good to see a successful hubber make it to the top. May God bless you and expand your territory. Voted up, useful, awesome, and interesting. And sharing to spread your "Good News."

Faith Reaper from southern USA on May 02, 2014:

Hi James,

Congratulations on your new book. What a fascinating topic and I look forward to reading. Now we know where you have been ... working hard on your book. I just know your book will be a hit and that you will find much well-deserved success.

Up and more, tweeting and sharing to help spread the word far and wide. (Oh, I see you do not have a Pinterest button.)

God bless you. In His Love, Faith Repaer

James A Watkins (author) from Chicago on May 01, 2014:

Mr. Archer—Thank you ever much for your kind words. I feel we may be kindred spirits and I can only hope my book has the effect you wish for it—to help a few folks find their way home. Kind of reminds me of a Blind Faith song. But I digress. I have been truly blessed. Let me know what you think of my work after you read it. I appreciate the encouragement.

James A Watkins (author) from Chicago on May 01, 2014:

Jg555—Thank you for reading my Hub and for your excellent correspondence. You are the perfect candidate for my book—a seeker on the edge. Well, you may know what C. S. Lewis postulated, if Jesus was not who he said he was then he had to have been a liar or a lunatic. But he is the one thing a lunatic never is: Wise. AND, it makes no sense to praise him as many non-believers do as a ‘great moral teacher’ because how can a liar be a great moral teacher?

I am not aware of any other figure from history who claimed to be the Incarnation of God. Nor do followers of other systems even think so. Muslims do not think Mohammed is Allah; Jews do not think Moses is YHWH, Buddha didn’t even believe in God. No other religious founder is claiming Jesus’s crown. Other religions are about the Teachings of someone; the Christian Faith is about the Person of someone. None of the Christian Creeds even mention the teachings of Jesus; they tell us who He is. It is simply not true that ‘all religions lead to the same place,’ a widespread meme these days. Other religion themselves do not even claim to lead to the same place as The Way.

Jesus did walk the Earth in only one small part of the planet because that is God’s Plan. An important part of the planet, though, where East meets West; where Africa, Asia, and Europe come together—the cradle of humanity. What God does he does through men and women.

The Holy Crusades were not an attack; they were a counterattack. Christians had set out to conquer lands that had been seized from them a few hundred years earlier by Muslims from Arabia, and the Muslim offensive was continuing. Rome had come under their assault three times; half of Spain had been taken; France, Greece, Sicily and Italy had been repeatedly attacked. Modern readers who are not history buffs may not realize that all of Northern Africa, including Egypt; as well as modern Turkey, Syria, Armenia, and the Holy Land were Christian lands until the Arabian swarms attacked and established Islam by force. The Holy Crusades were a response to Muslim aggression.

The Spanish Inquisition is way overblown to discredit the Christian Faith. It was mostly a political tool and the number killed might have been 10,000—terrible enough but I see it compared to the Atheist/Socialist regimes of Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Hitler, and Pol Pt and I think, “You’ve got to be killing me!” Killing 10,000 people over 500 years cannot be compared to killing 100,000,000 in 50 years.

The work of missionaries is unfairly criticized by the enemies of Jesus. I wrote about them in a Hub I think you would enjoy. I also wrote about the Crusades. I will give you links. Would Jesus approve? Jesus would never approve of any Sin.

Mr Archer from Missouri on May 01, 2014:

James, this is a must read for me. I agree that a large percentage of the population has drifted from Christ; perhaps you will help some in finding their way home with this work. Congratulations on its publication and may you continue to enjoy a fascinating and rich life. Well done, Sir.

jg555 from New York on April 30, 2014:

It is amazing to me that so many books can be published about a man who may not even be who he says he was. Of course he may have been the son of God, but so many people have claimed to be son of one God or another throughout our history on Earth that it is hard to know. Even under the assumption that he was the son of God, which many people do believe and of course have the right to believe, there are so many things that have reason to be questioned. And you ask the question, “How could this man, a person who had lived in such obscurity throughout the majority of His life, become the most famous person of all time?” I ask just the opposite question, why are there so many people to this day who do not believe in his story? If he was the son of God and God in the flesh why it that he was only was brought to one small part of this planet? Why was he not able to prove who and what he was to more people in his lifetime? Of course, this may have been the plan. I am very open minded and find that entirely possible as I do not believe Jesus to be nonexistent or a liar, I simply do not know what he was. I suppose this would be classified under the agnostic viewpoint. Ultimately, my biggest question is would Jesus have known or been accepting of the death and destruction done in the name of Christianity after his death? Of course I’m referring not only to the crusades, but the Reconquista, the Spanish Inquisition, the rampant Papal corruption, and the devastation caused by missionary work in so many parts of the world over the next 2,000 years. And congrats on getting the book published.

James A Watkins (author) from Chicago on April 30, 2014:

Hello parrster! It has been a while since we've interacted. Nice to hear from you. Yes, I've been hard at it. My book proved easier to start than to finish. :-)

I sincerely appreciate your gracious words and penny-gathering to buy my book. I consider that high praise indeed, my friend. Thank you.

James A Watkins (author) from Chicago on April 30, 2014:

Alastar Packer—Hello! Long time no 'see', old friend. There is a lot to learn about the History of the Christian Faith up to AD 600. I studied it for several years and made notes from 52 books as part of my research. Thank you for the correspondence and especially offering your congratulations. I wondered if any of the Hubbers would remember me. My book will be a success if it makes some folks think and others come to comprehend the Truth.

Richard Parr from Australia on April 30, 2014:

Long time no hear from. Now I know why. Amazing achievement James. I'll put my pennies together and get this book. You have my admiration, as I know the tremendous effort that goes into making any book, but especially one of such depth of historicity and meaning.

Alastar Packer from North Carolina on April 30, 2014:

After reading this earlier today it got me to thinking about all the historical things I'd like to know about the first 600years of Christianity. And I know some others who would too. Hello my friend and a hearty congratulations! Your hard work and dedication has borne fruit and without question will be a big success. It's great to see you again, James.

James A Watkins (author) from Chicago on April 30, 2014:

tirelesstraveler—Thank you for the voted up and awesome, as well as your congratulations. Please do look it up and let me know what you think of my Author Page or Book Description. I could use some feedback. I appreciate your warm words.

James A Watkins (author) from Chicago on April 30, 2014:

Hey Trish_M! It's great to hear from you. I think it is interesting; I hope so. Thank you for congratulating me. :D

Judy Specht from California on April 30, 2014:

Congratulations. I will have to look it up. Love how your excitement for a topic shows through your writing. Voted up and awesome.

James A Watkins (author) from Chicago on April 30, 2014:

liftandsoar—You are most welcome. I appreciate your enthusiastic response. Thank you in advance for buying a copy of my book.

Tricia Mason from The English Midlands on April 30, 2014:

Congratulations on your book James. :)

I'm sure that it will be very interesting.

James A Watkins (author) from Chicago on April 30, 2014:

Hello there Michael-Milec! Thank you very much for offering your congratulations and for your wonderful words of affirmation and encouragement. I love how you got right to the crux of the matter—of what my book should do if it is successful,which is leave people feeling: 'Did not our hearts burn within us, while he talked with us by the way…' Yes. Amen. It's nice to hear from you. I appreciate the voted up and interesting, too.

Dominus vobiscum

James A Watkins (author) from Chicago on April 30, 2014:

Thank you ever much Tom Whitworth. I am grateful that you would use your gift card to buy my book. I just knew some Hubbers would come through! God Bless You Brother!!

James A Watkins (author) from Chicago on April 30, 2014:

someonewhoknows—It has been a long time since we've interacted. I am well pleased to hear from you. As far as the two popes go, I am not Catholic personally but they seem like good choices. In 2011, the International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation submitted a massive file (the Roncalli Dossier) to Yad Vashem, with a strong petition and recommendation to bestow upon Pope John the title of Righteous among the Nations for his work to save Jews during the Holocaust. And Vatican II, which he launched, was a good step forward I think. I have no doubts about Pope John Paul II. His work helping to bring down the Iron Curtain, thereby helping to free hundreds of millions of people from slavery to socialism should be lauded by all human beings. As for why I wrote this book, as I explained above: "The over 40,000 comments I received [on my articles] have convinced me that most people in the West no longer know the foundational truths about how Christianity flowered, or even what it is, but instead repeat memes learned from postmodern anti-Christian fictions. They are defenseless against the wily darts of the Devil."

James A Watkins (author) from Chicago on April 30, 2014:

suzettenaples—I cannot thank you enough for ordering my book. We both know the struggles writers go through; the hard, lonely work and rework. The reward is usually not monetary. It is in being appreciated by readers and especially by fine writers such as yourself. I owe a lot to HubPages for allowing me the opportunity to 'practice' on their wonderful platform. Let me know what you think of my book when you are done. It is a staggering story, as you noted so well.

James A Watkins (author) from Chicago on April 30, 2014:

DGMischSr—It meant a lot to me to receive your heartwarming and gracious note this morning. We go way back and I love you as my Brother from another Mother. Yes, I invested much time in this project. And it is a relief to have it done finally. I do hope it helps people come to grips with the truth—and not the History Channel version. I appreciate your endorsement of my writings. And your ongoing friendship. God Bless You Danny!

Frank P. Crane from Richmond, VA on April 30, 2014:

Thanks, James. Can't wait to get my hands on your book!

Michael-Milec on April 29, 2014:

Hello James A. Watkins.

Congratulations on publishing your first none-fiction volume. Would anyone expect less ( not me) from the renown author of countless articles concerning christianity . An appetite grows for a treat- after reviewing " "Jesus in the world…" the hub article. While reading the book implicating Jesus, hope to have similar experience of two disciple in conversation with resurrected Jesus on the road to Emmaus, who said to each other " Did not our hearts burn within us, while he talked with us by the way…'Amen.

Voted up and interesting.

Pax vobiscum.

Tom Whitworth from Moundsville, WV on April 29, 2014:

Congratulations James on completing what for you had to be a labor of love. I just found out what to do with a $5 Amazon gift card I won this week.

Bless you brother.

someonewhoknows from south and west of canada,north of ohio on April 29, 2014:

It's been a while James since I last saw you here on Hub pages.

I'm curious as to what led you to write your book and what you expect to accomplish with it.Also,what is your view of the recent sainthood of pope John the 23rd as well as the other pope John.

Suzette Walker from Taos, NM on April 29, 2014:

I will be ordering this book. It sounds all encompassing in what you have covered. Over the years I have studied and learned of some of this through coursework and Catholic catechism, but your book seems to bring it all together in one book and one place. It is amazing that Jesus Christ, one man, who really only taught for three years before he was crucified, had latex down south a strong foundation, that those all over the world would follow. The story is staggering.

I have read many of your hubs in the two years I have been on HP and I can attest to your excellent writing and research for them. I highly recommend this book to anyone to read-they will find your writing riviting. I am looking forward to reading this book!

DGMischSr from Maricopa, AZ on April 29, 2014:

James you've done it again!! I've known you since we were "kids". We played music together for many years. I know that when you "dig" in & research any topic you are relentless in finding the truth. I haven't read your book yet (I'm expecting a signed copy LOL) but I know this book which you have dedicated many, many hours, days, months & years to will be just as accurate as all your other writings.

I want to tell others, you won't be disappointed in this book (and I haven't even read it). I just know the author so well I know it will be the "real deal". Sell many millions of copies James. You are helping to get people to open their Bibles & become better Christians. Love you Brother.

James A Watkins (author) from Chicago on April 29, 2014:

Thank you Cynthia ever much for being my first visitor to this Hub. I sincerely appreciate your warm words, wise insights, and gracious congratulations. I hope at least some folks are touched by the message. God Bless You!!

Cynthia Taggart from New York, NY on April 29, 2014:

You wrote that comments you received on Hubpages "convinced me that most people in the West no longer know the foundational truths about how Christianity flowered, or even what it is, but instead repeat memes learned from postmodern anti-Christian fictions." It is incredible but true and it is why I know your book will be a success. Once again, congratulations.

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