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Jesus Was Married - Facts That Point To The Truth

Nell is fascinated by ancient history, archaeology, and ancestry. Where do we come from? And what makes us who we are today?

Jesus was married says ancient script public domain

Jesus was married says ancient script public domain

This week, the words 'Jesus said to them, My wife..' And reference to her becoming one of His followers, 'She will be my disciple' And the other point that Jesus made was ' I dwell with her' sounds pretty straight forward to me.

So has the 4th Century Coptic Script found really stating that Jesus was married, and if so what does that mean for Christians. And why is it so bizarre that Jesus would have been married anyhow?

I found the whole thing rather amusing as I watched the Dance of the Critics, especially the Church start to waltz around each other, desperately clinging on to their old beliefs that have played like Chinese Whispers down through the ages.

Jesus was married. So what? Well you would have thought that wouldn't you? But I doubt if his Holiness the Pope is particularly happy about it. I bet he's squirming like a worm on a hook. Let's face it, he already knew didn't he?

The Church authorities are already getting their spin doctors to say in a very loud voice 'No this is fake, no this has been written over three hundred years later therefore they were talking about Jesus and marriage purely by guess work'.

That's a good statement, only one thing wrong with it. The papyrus actually states the facts in the 'first person' For example: She will be my.. And so on.

Facts. You want facts?

The fact is, the Church has been manipulating the way we see Jesus for the last two thousand years. The manipulation started at the time when the Bible was first put together. There are many different versions of when the Bible was actually written. Some scholars say 70 years after Jesus, and others claim it was over 200 years later. The point being that there were many more gospels out there that were in fact left out of the final draft.

Karen King with the New Gospel

New Gospel Jesus Wife

New Gospel Jesus Wife


According to Harvard divinity professor, Karen King, an ancient scrap of papyrus makes reference to Jesus being married. Karen unveiled the 4th century coptic script at a conference in Rome.

The papyrus was believed to belong to a private collector. A few people have stated that it 'must' be a fake, but at this time experts have claimed it as real.

The Catholic Church has long based their beliefs on celibacy, hence the non marriage of their Priests.

From The Gospel Of Philip

The Missing Gospels were buried in the desert for centuries, and when they were found certain parts were missing, some scholars believed that they had been eaten by insects. There is a part of one of the Scrolls that is missing. A very crucial part, causing suspicion that someone had in fact deliberately torn the most important word from the parchment.

The Quote Reads:

And the companion of the ...Mary Magdalene..Loved her more than all the other disciples and used to kiss her often on her ()... The rest of the disciples ..said to him. ' Why do you lover her more than all of us? The Saviour then answered and said to them 'Why do I not love you like her? When a blind man and one who sees are both together in darkness they are no different from one another. When the light comes then he who sees will see the light and he who is blind will remain in the darkness'

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The Mary Magdalene Gospels Pope Gregory and The 'Apology'

According to various sources, the Bible was edited down from many gospels to make it easier and shorter to read. The reason stated is that much of it was in fact repeated over and over, and therefore the main points were placed in the Bible.

The point is, what was left out that was of real importance? The recent discovery of the Mary Magdalene Gospel in 1945 near Nag Hammadi, southern Egypt, along with The Gospel of Thomas, The Gospel of Philip, and the Acts of Peter shows that much was left out of the Bible after the Catholic Church decided that it didn't fit in with Christian Doctrine.

Small snippets in the Bible are in fact explained in much more detail in the Nag Hammadi finds.

But back to Mary Magdalene and her Gospels. This is the fiirst time that we get to know Mary as a real person. She appears in the Gospel of Philip, and across the pages of the other Gospels too. She was a very powerful and prominent member of Jesus's disciples.

When others do not understand what Jesus is saying, Mary answers him first and gives her opinion. As time goes on Mary becomes very high up in the leadership of the disciples. It would take too long here to explain the role Mary had at the side of Jesus. If you haven't read the Gospels found in 1945 then I suggest you go and take a look. It will astound you.

Suffice to say that after Jesus, Mary Magdalene was believed to have become the leader of the disciples. Jesus wanted her to be the interpreter of his teachings, and to go on to lead the group.This is where Peter steps in, and out of jealousy steals the leadership and dismisses Mary.

Peter didn't need to worry though. The Catholic Church did a good job of dismissing women from the top of any job, so Mary was pushed into legend. And what a legend. Not only did the Catholic Church deride her and call her a prostitute, they virtually pushed her out of the Bible story altogether.

Pope Gregory the first in 597 C.E, took three Mary's, Mary of Bethany,and another Mary who he called the Sinner, and combined them with Mary Magdalene, and hence the derogatory name was stuck.

In 1969 the Vatican finally overruled this so called error, and quietly, without an apology or written statement, suddenly decided to alter the reading on the Feast days concerning the Saints. Mary had never been a fallen woman. But its amazing how many people still do not know this fact. Yell it from the rafters? Er no.

A quick scuffling of papers? Yes. The Catholic Mass was changed from the 'Sinner' To Mary Magdalene. At last her name was shown in the right way.

The Roman book of readings for the Catholic Mass, and the Roman calendar, now changed from Luke 7, to the Gospel of John chapter 10 verses 1,2 and 11 to 18.

Amazing Revelation! Read about the hidden history of Jesus Father!

Was Jesus Married?

Any historian will tell you that back in the days of Jesus every man and woman were 'engaged' to each other by or around the age of fifteen. At this time Jesus would have been only a young man, many years away from his teaching and disciples. He would not have brought shame on his family by dismissing a major part of local life.

He would have married a couple of years later, and as we now know, taken his wife with him on his teachings. There are many references to Mary Magdalene just in the watered down Bible. Why else would she have been there with him all the way? Why was she the first one to see him after he was Risen? Why was she there when he was Crucified? If she was just an ordinary woman not related to the family at all, why would she have been at His side?

We can't be sure that the Coptic Papyrus is actually talking about Mary Magdalene being His wife, it could very well have been someone else. But I doubt it. After reading the Magdalene Gospels its seems to me the evidence is there staring us straight in the face.

Yes Jesus was married. Yes it probably was Mary Magdalene. Yes, the Catholic Church have manipulated us all the way through the last 2,000 years. And last but not least, what to do about it?

I would like to see the Catholic Church hold their hands up and say, Yes we knew, sorry about that. Now lets just incorporate the Marriage into our teachings. But guess what? That is not going to happen. They have a very large broom that sweeps things under a very large carpet.

This will be hushed up, derided, laughed at and made to look stupid. Why? Because that's what they do. And people will go on believing just part of the Story of Jesus. Okay I may well be wrong.

But placing this papyrus alongside the Gospel Of Mary Magdalene and Philip, we must see what is in front of our faces. But we won't. Nobody likes change, even something as simple as this. So It will disappear just like any other proof that's found.

It's a shame really, because at the end of the day, Jesus was a very kind man, a Healer and most likely the Son of God. I like the idea of him having a bit of comfort from a fussing wife. It makes him much more real in my eyes.

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Cheryl E Preston from Roanoke on April 14, 2020:

Jesus did not come to marry and have physical descendants. He came to die and give us eternal life. Great article but I don’t agree. His purpose was spiritual and not physical.

Nell Rose (author) from England on October 03, 2019:

Thanks Perce.

Consuelo De Bilbao Luzarraga aka Bibi from Doral, FL (Greater Miami) on January 05, 2018:

Thank you-BibiLuzarraga.

Nell Rose (author) from England on July 17, 2015:

Hi Thelma, that's a very good thought! and yes I bet he has! thanks so much for reading, nell

Thelma Alberts from Germany on July 16, 2015:

Another thought provoking and interesting hub Nell. I agree to what you have written here. I wonder if Jesus has descendants up to date. Thanks for sharing.

Nell Rose (author) from England on July 13, 2015:

Thanks DabbleYou, yep you are right there! lol! thanks for reading, nell

DabbleYou on July 13, 2015:

Interesting story. Whether it's true or not, I guess it doesn't really change anything. :)

Nell Rose (author) from England on February 04, 2013:

Thanks busillis, I don't think it contradicts other manuscripts, I believe it just adds to them, but I appreciate your opinion and thanks for reading, nell

Kyson Parks from San Diego, CA on February 04, 2013:

One parchment which contradicts every other manuscript (and we have numerous very early-dated manuscripts of the gospels. See: The Dead Sea Scrolls) and account we have about Jesus is far from something worth changing all the history books over. Time will have to test it.

Nell Rose (author) from England on December 30, 2012:

Thanks again Wiccan, yes it was on tv and in the news lately, amazing, thanks!

Mackenzie Sage Wright on December 30, 2012:

Wow, I didn't know there was any documentation on that possibility. Awesome research!

Nell Rose (author) from England on October 18, 2012:

Thanks again larry, great points.

Nell Rose (author) from England on October 18, 2012:

Thanks baygirl, yes it was the proverbial chinese whispers over the ages, I think it really doesn't matter whether he was or not, he was who he was, thanks so much, nell

Larry Fields from Northern California on October 17, 2012:

Hi baygirl. You wrote:

"I believe that Paul created the early church,putting words in the mouth of Jesus and including only those concepts that fitted the mold for the church the inner circle was building."

Agreed. I also think that this is part of the more general phenomenon of 'inversion of belief at the top' of most bureaucratic food chains.

The various rascals claw, stab, and schmooze their way to the highest levels. Although they pay lip service to the stated ideals of their respective organizations, they are motivated primarily by power, by ego, by old-boy-ism, and sometimes by greed.

victoria from Hamilton On. on October 17, 2012:

Wow Nell! I could hardly get down to the bottom!

But let me get my two cents worth in.

I believe that Paul created the early church,putting words in the mouth of Jesus and including only those concepts that fitted the mold for the church the inner circle was building. Also some interpretations that were made through the years were not often correct.This was often due to different meanings in different languages.

I know that not so long ago in very rural areas where people were simple and trusting,the priest was god.It didn't matter what thoughts went through your mind,you cowtowed to the community church.

Thanks for the great hub and all your research.

Nell Rose (author) from England on October 10, 2012:

Hi acaetnna, nice to see you, and thanks so much! nell

acaetnna from Guildford on October 10, 2012:

Wow what a brilliant hub and such an interesting read. Thank you Nell.

Nell Rose (author) from England on October 04, 2012:

Hi Cogs, lol! I am definitely on the fence with this too, I don't really think it matters whether Jesus was married or not, but I do appreciate that other people would find it offensive, I just tried to point out the facts or lack of them, thanks so much for reading, nell

UltimateMovieRankings from Virginia on October 04, 2012:

A very interesting hub with some very thought provoking ideas. I appreciate all the history you have included in the hub as well as all the efforts to cover up the truth or fix errors(depending on which side of the argument you fall on). I kept thinking about the book/movie The DaVinci Code....these facts seem to fit very nicely into that fiction. Voted up and interesting...job well....I liked the hub although I am sure some will not like the hub at all.

Nikko on September 30, 2012:

Ephesians 4:11 -16,and read past that too.

Nikko on September 30, 2012:

11And he gave some as apostles, some as prophets, some as evangelizers, some as shepherds and teachers,12with a view to the readjustment of the holy ones, for ministerial work, for the building up of the body of the Christ,13until we all attain to the oneness in the faith and in the accurate knowledge of the Son of God, to a full‐grown man, to the measure of stature that belongs to the fullness of the Christ;14in order that we should no longer be babes, tossed about as by waves and carried hither and thither by every wind of teaching by means of the trickery of men, by means of cunning in contriving error.15But speaking the truth, let us by love grow up in all things into him who is the head, Christ.16From him all the body, by being harmoniously joined together and being made to cooperate through every joint that gives what is needed, according to the functioning of each respective member in due measure, makes for the growth of the body for the building up of itself in love.

G. Diane Nelson Trotter from Fontana on September 30, 2012:

I'm working on a hub about the debunk of this theory. Harvard professors have concerns. King said she is just putting it out there for discussion!

Nikko on September 30, 2012:

People,its not true,nor will it ever be.Quit being blow away by the wind of lies and miss leading teachings.

Nell Rose (author) from England on September 28, 2012:

Thanks kimberlie, its fascinating isn't it? glad you liked it, nell

Kimberlie Kacan from Brooklyn, NY on September 27, 2012:

Wow, this is really powerful! I've heard this theory before and I had been wanting to read the Gospels of Mary Magdalene years now and it just hasn't happened. I did read the Gospels of Thomas though where it does state Jesus was married. Such fascinating stuff! Thanks for summing it up so perfectly!

Nell Rose (author) from England on September 25, 2012:

Hi Jackie, this is just something that has come out recently, but it may well be a fake, it just got my attention, and yes it doesn't matter if Jesus was married, it doesn't take anything away from who He was, thanks as always, nell

Jackie Lynnley from the beautiful south on September 25, 2012:

I am Christian and it would not hurt my faith at all to learn Jesus was married. That was not a sin. If someone said He sinned then I would not believe it. Some must say He did not drink wine because they think that was a sin. I think the bible teaches they all drank wine and if Jesus made it I would not doubt He drank it, but He said all things in moderation, so He was not a drunkard.

The Catholic Church has idols and we all know who can read for ourselves the bible teaches against that.

Thanks for the info, Nell, I will look into it more.

Nell Rose (author) from England on September 25, 2012:

Thanks Jewels, yes that's so true, thanks for coming back, nell

Jewels from Australia on September 25, 2012:

Thanks Nell, yes there is a lot of reference to man and woman and their union being 'Godly' We are all an emanation of God, we are all God in essence - no argument, no nonsense.

Nell Rose (author) from England on September 25, 2012:

Thanks again Ceegan, I will watch it tomorrow, bit late now, and thanks for coming back, nell

Nell Rose (author) from England on September 25, 2012:

Jesus was a leader and a teacher. What he taught was how he lived, he would not have said one thing and done another. I think I will let Him tell you the truth.

Genesis. 2:18 21-24

The Lord God said it is not good for the man to be alone, I will make a

helper that is suitable for him, --- and while he was sleeping he took one of the mans ribs, aand closed up the place with flesh, then the Lord God made a woman from the rib that he had taken out of the rib of the man and he brough her to the man, then the man said, this is now the bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh, she shall be called woman, for she was taken out of the man. For this reason, a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife and they will become one flesh,:

Malachi 2.14